Sid:  I want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah.  See the problem is not all of us were created equal.  We didn’t all start at the same point.  Some of us need more help than others to be normal believers in the Messiah.  And until our heart is healed we can’t receive everything that God wants to have.  Let’s go to this excerpt from Michael Hinson who over a three day period God showed him his own heart.  He thought he was a pretty good Christian till God Revealed the most deceitful of all things is your heat; and then when his heart was repaired he helps repair other people in that area.  Let’s go.

Michael Hinson excerpt.

Sid:  Michael Hinson tell me, you were praying for a encounter with God that He would show you your heart.  Why were you praying that He would show you your heart?

Michael:  Well, I heard in the word to that to ask God to come and show you your heart.  So I was faithfully praying for years that He would show me my heart.

Sid:  Did you really think that He would do that?

Michael:  Oh yeah, but I figured He would come and show me you know, this little thing needs some polishing here and maybe we’ll pluck that out and buff this up here and essentially He would pat me on the back and already say, well good …well done good and faithful servant you’re on the right track. 

Sid:  That’s the way I would have written the script but that’s not what happened.  What happened?

Michael:  That wasn’t it at all.  The Lord showed up.

Sid:  Tell me first of all what time of the day it was, where were you?

Michael:  I’d been praying and couldn’t tell you exactly the time of day but I remember being out on the farm.  We had a large horse farm my wife was raising horses at the time and I remember being out on the farm working and all of a sudden the presence of God just filled my heart and it was a great encounter.  I could sense that it was the presence of the Lord but then it became overwhelming; and when I mean overwhelming He started bit by bit showing me the pieces of my heart.  He showed me the parts that I thought were those times in God when He came and just flooded me with His presence that I knew was His touch.  What He was showing me was my own self centerness.  He was showing me my own parts of my heart that weren’t in alignment with the will and plan that He had for my life.

Sid:  Well, now if some prophet had walked up to you before this experience and pointed his bony finger at you and said “Your selfish, your self-centered you would have said to that prophet?

Michael:  I would have probably smiled at him but inside knowing inside knowing what he said wasn’t accurate, that I really believed that my own motives were pure.  I really believed that I knew that I was not perfected but that there wasn’t really anything basically wrong with me that God couldn’t just touch.

Sid:  You know, Jeremiah says that the heart is the most deceitful of all things.  I guess he knew what he was talking about.  You were deceived.

Michael:  Oh, I was definitely deceived.  I really believed that I was an ideal Christian.  Not perfected but knowing that everyday God was going to touch a little more and change some things here.  What He did when He same and showed up, it wasn’t that He necessarily took me down some road that showed me my heart from the beginning of my days until that moment.  His glory was so overwhelming that in the presence of His glory everything and that did not reflect purity.  Everything that did not reflect His essence; everything that I did that wasn’t born from Him that came out of my own selfishness or came out of my own need or to fill my own satisfaction it was like a big black sign in a bright light blocking the light from flowing where it was suppose to go.  He didn’t go look at this and look at this and look at this area of your life.  Those areas of my life that were born out of my own self centeredness, out of my own will or my own desires they shown in the presence of His glory in an overwhelming way like a dark cloud in a clear day.  They were a giant sign for anyone to see.  I understand that when we are in His presence He’s not going to condemn us with a list of all the things that we did wrong, in his glory all those things that were not born out of Him will shine up as darkness and everyone around us will be able to see them.  There was no place I could run, there was no place I could hide and He didn’t reveal all His glory at once.  If He had done that it would have consumed me.  I would have dropped dead.

Sid:  How has this changed you, the man, the husband, the father, the teacher?

Michael:  Well, I’m a different person because of the encounter, I’ve never been the same ever since.  Before I tried to do things so that I could produce God’s goodness in different areas of my life and of the people around me.  I see God in everything.  There isn’t a day that I don’t see Him in everything.  I actually understood right after that encounter what it meant when Jesus said, rocks would have cried out if the people of Israel had not have cried out because God is even in them.  He is the very force that hold them together; He is in everything.

Sid:  How has this changed your understanding of the Word as a teacher?

Michael:  It was like day and night.  I saw things from a way that it would affect us and the things that we need to do.  When I read the Word before I read it in a way that we needed to clean our act up; Here’s what the Word says so this is what we are doing that is contrary to the Word and all we have to do now is clean up our act and then we’d line up with the Word.

Sid:  You were more like a fighting fundie rather than walking in love.

Michael:  Absolutely, a completely different thing.  Now when I read the Word I see the power of His truth, the power of who He is and then I don’t have to worry about the things that don’t line up with that.  I need to even forget about those things, repent of those things I’m taking with me and just step into what He’s called me to be.  I had this attitude before that I needed to clean up and become a better Christian instead of just walking in the fullness of what He’s already given me.  It the completely different mindset, a completely different thinking.

Sid:  Michael Hinson, what do you mean by live life to the fullest?

Michael:  There’s so many people that are accepting life as it is.  They think that living in the survival mode or going through all the struggles’ and the worries and the things that we have to do are part of God’s plan for our life.  And yes we’ll go through trials but we’ll never be alone and we shouldn’t have to deal with depression or anxieties or fears or the things that people consider to be common place.  So many people have a lack of intimacy in their own life either in their marriage or with their family.  And some people have a lack of intimacy with God and they believe that is part of the Christian walk.  Jesus came to give us these things and if we don’t have these things then there’s something missing.  Heal the Heart is more than healing the heart.  It’s is bringing somebody into a position of wholeness with God, the wholeness with Christ, living the life that Jesus promised.  Wouldn’t it be sad to get to Heaven and see that our life could be so much fuller than what we’ve been living it?  If we had just applied some simple truths that God, and there so simple that God originally gave us.  And somehow it seems that in many of the churches that these truths are glossed over or there missing or people are teaching them in such a way that they don’t get the fullness of it and because of that the quality of our life isn’t what it should be.

Sid:  Okay, we’ve been trying to get this out all week, Michael.  You have such a revolutionary truth on forgiveness.  You started out and we covered that that God does not forgive sin, sin is evil.  God forgives the sinner and separates the sin from the sinner.  Explain.

Michael:  Well some people think, well this is just semantics, we’re just talking words.  But we run across in the church are so many people trying to forgive what someone else did to them and God doesn’t even forgive the sin we commit, He forgives us and then separates the sin.  So the reason we bring this out is that people, when we are directing to forgive others, what they did was wrong.  We can’t forgive what they did.  What we can do is forgive them and then separate what they did from them.  Take it from them; release the debt they owe us for what they did to us.  Sue, had a bad back and she had been in tremendous amount of pain, had had surgeries and many good Christian men leaders and men and women of the church had prayed for her and she would feel better and it would never go away.  When I went to pray for her I asked her when this started.  She said about three years ago.  So the next question’s really simple, what happened in your life three years ago?  And then she started talking about her divorce she went through.  It was a bitter and ugly divorce, a separation between her and her husband ended up causing a separation between her and her children.  She was totally annihilated.  He got the money, he got the million dollar attorney, he ended up with everything and she ended up with nothing.  And it turned out that she went to sleep on her anger more than once.  The unforgiveness and all turned into bitterness which ended up showing up in her back and eventually crippling her.  We lead her through a very similar prayer which she released him, not of what he did, what he did was wrong but she chose to forgive him and separate what he did and let it go to the cross of Jesus Christ and at that point you could just see her entire countenance change.  She literally looked ten years younger.

Sid:  What about the backache?

Michael:  She jumped up out of that chair, started jumping up and down and she was not the same person at all.  I was crying, she was crying, joy filled the church.  Everyone who knew her was just in shock or were rejoicing with her because she literally was a different person.  And since that time God has restored her life in every way.  Her children are close back to her, her finances have returned.  She is entirely a different person, God has blessed her.

Sid:  Okay, let’s go to this whole…your understanding of forgiveness but I have to ask you a question.  What about someone that did not understand this and they’ve got so many emotions and hurts inside of them from having stewed over this problem for years, if they say this prayer will they get rid of all of that baggage?

Michael:  When they have an understanding of the separation of sins yes.  With the measure we forgive God returns that back to us.  He said, with the measure you choose to forgive others I will choose you, I will forgive you.  Another way of saying it is if you do not choose to forgive others, He cannot forgive you.

Sid:  What happens to us when we take that attitude?

Michael:  Then unforgiveness starts to infiltrate our entire being and we become poisoned by it.  We say this, unforgiveness is the poison we drink in hopes that the other person will get sick but it never happens, and we become poisoned over a period of time.  Our nature takes on a different countenance, we’re not the same.

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