Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Sandra Kennedy. And Sandra had a horrible thing happen. Her dog just playing around bites a chunk of her lip off. The doctors say the best we can do is give you a half a dozen or so surgeries and you’ll still have your mouth here. You won’t talk properly. Sandra says, “No, my God is going to heal me.” She takes that stance. She speaks to her lip. She refuses to look at pictures of people with clef lips that they had surgery to heal. She just looks at a picture of herself smiling. She speaks to her lip constantly and she yells at the devil when you have these bad thoughts.

Sandra: Right.

Sid: So what happened?

Sandra: Well of course, the more I spoke the Word of God, you know, because the Word of God is so powerful and so mighty. And of course, what I did—

Sid: Did you speak it or just read it?

Sandra: No, I spoke it. And I would say, “By the stripes of Jesus you are healed and I demand you in the name of Jesus to move yourself and reform yourself. I command you to do it in the name of the Lord.” Because the Bible says by the stripes of Jesus I am healed. And that’s what I said earlier. People are trying to get God to do something that God has already done. What God has done for me He will do for anybody. He will do for anybody because the healing power of God if you’re born again is already inside of you. All you have to do is release it. Sid, a lot of people die hoping it’s gonna work. You can die and hope. You gotta get out of hope and into faith. And that’s what we teach how to do, how to get out of hope, how to get in faith. You get in faith it’s gonna work, and naturally you can see it worked.

Sid: Obviously, it worked. Now this is an outrageous miracle. But outrageous is, I mean, what I’m about ready to tell you is off the charts. Tell me about the woman that had Crohn’s disease and she prayed to be healed, but she put her Bible on the X-ray. Explain.

Sandra: She did. On the X-ray it showed the horrible condition of her Crohn’s disease, because she wanted a child and couldn’t get pregnant, which, by the way, we prayed for a lot of people who’ve had hysterectomies and they have gotten children. I just threw that in.

Sid: You do know that’s medically impossible.

Sandra: I do.

Sid: Okay. But I just thought I’d remind you.

Sandra: So we taught the lady, her X-rays that showed all of this horrible Crohn’s disease, we taught her to take the Word of God and lay the Word on the X-ray. Sid, the X-ray changed, not a new X-ray.

Sid: I don’t think we realize how much power there is in the Word of God.

Sandra: Oh man.

Sid: As a matter of fact, someone right now, you have a pain in your neck, you have just been healed. What do you believe when things get tough and we in a America can’t go to our doctor or can’t get our medicine because that day will be coming and we’ll be forced to rely on God or die.

Sandra: Absolutely. Right.

Sid: That’s why it’s so important to be prepared.

Sandr And that’s why, Sid, you know, I tell people if you go into a church and they don’t believe in healing, I mean, they’re a part of the Gospel. I mean, Jesus went around teaching, preaching and healing. You’ve got to understand that what Jesus did for you with healing is just as active as his forgiveness of sins. And you have to know it because in the days ahead you can learn to stand on the Word of God. God’s not a man that He should lie and you can hold onto that thing. We see more cancer cures than anything.

Sid: Sandra, there are people watching us right now with cancer and other conditions. I believe if you pray at this moment they’re going to be healed.

Sandra: Amen.

Sid: Pray for them.

Sandra: I promise you in the name of the Lord, God already loves you. He has already put his healing power inside of you and I command now in the name of Jesus that that healing power be released in your body. We curse to the root lying symptoms in the name of Jesus and we command the power of God to rise up in your life in Jesus’ name. We call you how Jesus calls you. He calls you healed so we call you healed in the name of the Lord. And remember Sid, a symptom is not a sickness.

Sid: I know that. And it says in the 103rd Psalm, “Bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all His benefits.” He has forgiven all of my sins. You believe that, how about the next part. And he has healed all of my diseases. You’re not sure? Step one, is to make sure your sins are forgiven. You do that by telling God you’re sorry for the mistakes you’ve made and you want His power to not walk in sin areas, and you ask Him to remove all of your sins because of his shed blood and to live inside of you, and then you start looking at God’s promises and His Word, and you start teaching it. It is so strong by people that know, not people that are speaking theory, but know in Jesus’ name. I tell you that cancer is gone and that hip is healed. You get up and start walking right now. New hip. New hip.

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