Sid:  I am so pleased to announce that after thirty-five years of investigating the finest representatives God has had on earth to demonstrate the supernatural.  I have put together in a book the ten best and it’s called “Supernatural Experiences.”  I want you to hear and excerpt of my friend Earthquake Kelley, at age four he started drugs.  He was beaten daily; he was literally groomed to be a voodoo priest for Poppa Doc in Haiti.  Let’s go to that excerpt now.

Sid:  At fifteen, I mean you have lived life at fifteen the same voice that you heard when you were just four years of age that showed you step by step how to get high speaks to you again and it talks about getting supper high, explain.

Earthquake:  Right, my brothers and I were getting high and we were at this little party like thing and I heard this voice again, he said you know how like everybody likes to brag about how much drugs they took, right?  And I said yea, and this voice is asking me that question and I said sure.  He said, but you want people to respect you in the streets to be a man, I said yea.  He said, “I’m going to show you how to get really, really, really high,” and I said, okay show me, I want to be respected as a man who can hold his dope.  And like a fool, I listened and he said, take some cocaine, okay which was no problem because we were dealers and there was plenty of cocaine around there.  And he said take some marijuana, some weed, we did that, same thing, plenty of weed around; and he said to take some pills which was the strongest pills, Sid that if you take one tab and cut it in half and cut that half in half you will stay high for eight days off the half of the half.  And I took about two or three of them and he said now, now drop all of it and so I did.  Dropped all of it and overdose hit me.  All of a sudden I looked around where I was, I sitting in this place where we were having a party; this little bar type place and where I was it got pitch black and everybody else was light and I knew I was in trouble.  I was facing the window looking out this window and the sun’s light was coming in and the sun rays was hitting me on the head at first but the sun rays would come right to my forehead, would turn to the left and go behind me.  It wouldn’t even touch me and all of the sudden all of a sudden out of the floor comes all these evil spirits, they grab me they start tormenting me and I start screaming and yelling but nobody can hear me. The person that was serving the drinks in front of us, he couldn’t hear me and I knew that I was going to the same place where those guys with the yellow light was and their face was glowing.  And sure enough they pulled me out of my body, Sid and down through the earth I went and they were tormenting me and tormenting me with ways that I can’t even tell you all the things that they were hitting me with.  And they told me, you are a fool you listened to us, you did our voodoo and our black magic for us and you sold our dope and now you are lost forever.  And while they was tormenting me down there in the pits of hell, I mean hell.  Hell is real; in the pits of Hell a hands of life hallelujah came down to the horrible pit and grabbed me by my shoulders Sid, and was pulling me out of the hands of those evil spirits and they were screaming and yelling he’s mine he’s ours he belongs to us and I felt their nails and their teeth being loosen as the hands was pulling me, put me back in my body.  I sat up and then a voice said the same voice that met me when I was thirteen at that altar it says because of your mothers’ prayers, hallelujah because of your mothers’ prayers you are chosen you were spared.

Sid:  Is there really a Hell?

Earthquake:  Oh, there’s a Hell just as sure as there is a God in Heaven, there is a Hell.  This place is real, this place is miserable, it is tormenting, it’s lonely.   You even got all the thoughts that you had when you walked on this planet on the top side of here.  You take all of those thoughts down there every time you heard the Word and you refused to have it.  Every time you know God was trying to get you to turn around.  When He told you, don’t take that drink; don’t get in the bed with that person.  Don’t shoot that Heroin.  Don’t smoke, don’t curse God, don’t get in this false religion, all those different things will haunt you on top of the torment there in Hell.  Yes, it’s real, oh gosh it’s real.

Sid:  You’re doing another drug deal, but one of your sisters invites you to revival meeting; what happened?

Earthquake:  Yes, Sid man she was like “You’re going to church.”  And I said, “No, I don’t do the church thing, you know that.”  And she said, “You’re going to church and she said, got so close in to my face everyday like that every fifteen minutes she would be back oh, you’re going to church God wants to save you.  Yea, I said no I can’t go to church I got a deal, I’ve got a big deal going on, I’m going to be back on my feet, I’m not going to be dragging on this floor.  I’m going to be back up and as soon as I’m back on my feet I’ve got to run now,  we’ve got to finish this deal in Chicago.  And she said no, you’ll never see that deal and she did in my face; okay go to church with me tonight.  Go to church with me tonight and if you don’t like it you don’t go back.  And I said that’s cool that’s a deal.  So I went to church with her, I said sit me in the back.   I said, wait a minute, I said you know I can’t walk.  So her and my other sister got under me and one got on one arm and one got on the other and they helped me into the car cause my legs were like wet noodles.  And I sat there and they put me in the back and the preacher was preaching and I mean Sid, he was preaching you know those good old Holy Ghost revival kind of preaching.  I’ve got fire kind of preaching, he was preaching and after the service I told my sister, I said that that was good, great great show, I’ve got to go back.  She said oh no, you’re going back tomorrow.  I said, I’m not going back to church tomorrow, I told you I gave you my word.  Because I had a thing about giving your word we were growing up if two of you give your word you keep it.  And so she talked me into going the next night and I went, and the same thing, and the next night.  Then the Pastor saw me sitting in the back and he said, young man you back there in the back.  And Sid, you know any church, especially in a lot of the black churches when you point to somebody everybody turns around and looks, right.

Sid:  Right.

Earthquake:  So, when everybody turns around and looks I went along with the crowd, I turned around and looked too.  But there was nothing back there but me and the wall.  So, I said oh God, he’s talking about me.  Oh man, now I can’t walk, I got no control of my bowels.  I didn’t have on a diaper at that time, you know and I hear the same voice that tried to get me to die off them drugs Sid, if you go up there you are going have your bowels are going to break loose in front of all these strangers.  Don’t go up there.  Yea, but I heard another voice says I love you, I want to do something with your life, I brought you through so much.  And it was so strong and loving it was just so compelling for me to get out of the seat.  I stood up Sid, on my feet and miraculously was healed from that condition from what those drugs did that caused me not to be able to learn that my optic nerve was burned.  And I walked from the back of the church by myself all the way to the front.  But it wasn’t the end of it.  There was also, my girl friend was a factor at the time.  She came to church forbidding me to get saved and said I can’t leave her on the streets.  And she said, if you get saved, you will never be with me again.  I’m listening to her, I’m listening to the enemy, but the Holy Spirit was talking to me and I went down there to the Pastor and he start telling me everything I’d been through, the drugs, the witchcraft, all the seeing people killed and all those different t things and he said God wants to use you son, he wants to use you to do a great work for Him.  Then I saw a vision of me preaching around the world.  Then the Holy Spirit was talking to me Sid, and He said accept me now, I will restore you, use you and fill you with My Spirit.  And I felt like I had a dump truck of stuff on me and I threw my hands up in the air in front of all those strangers and the girl friend was looking in from the outside and I said Lord, if You want me, you know what kind of person I am.  You got to make one deal.  We got to make one deal between you and I you have to use me more than the devil did.  If you can do that for me, you got me forever.

Sid:  God’s given you quite a deliverance ministry.  In addition to a deliverance ministry I’m very impressed with the ministry you have for people that are on the streets.  Tell me about that.

Earthquake:  Yes, my wife Selena and I, my lovely wife,  and I thank God for her; and the main thing about that real quick is that Sid, I use to be a guy on the streets and my wife was working with the Department of Defense, now how could…only God could put two people together like that.

Sid:  But, you open your house to these street people and you’re doing what you bargained with the Lord to do and that is you wanted him to use you more than the devil used you.

Earthquake:  That’s right, my wife and I we’ve taken in over fifty people in the twenty year period to get on their feet.  We’ve had them from Hollywood, we’ve had them from WATTS, we’ve had them from the entertainment industry, very well known people who were dealing with situations that needed a place to come in and get restored.  If I say their names you would know them, right off the bat.  I mean we have helpful for the skid row people, the down and outers to the up and outers.  And I promised God, I promised Him at that altar if you save me and you really want me, I don’t know what you can do with a person like me, but if you really have a need for me, I’m coming in whole hog.  I’m giving you all, from snout from tip to tail, all of it.  And there’s people that’s come in and they’ve been delivered their families been delivered, their children are going to college and God has really used us.  I mean it’s taken a toll on us, one of my oldest children was shot and killed by some of the same people that we were ministering to and that was very hard.  But we haven’t stopped still helping people.

Sid:  When the first disciples walked with Jesus they caught something, they watched what He did.  I wish as a new believer in the Messiah I had had these ten people to mentor me in the supernatural.  Come to think of it I think most believers even after twenty or thirty years need mentorship in this supernatural; the most usual book “Supernatural Experiences.”

Sid:  Let me tell you one other person that is in this book, Jonathan Welton.   God opened his eyes for thirty days and he could see into the invisible world and see spirits on people and get them healed by just commanding those spirits to leave.  And he says this gift is available for everyone.  There’s a prayer of impartation at the back of each one of these stories.

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