SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Glenn Arekion. Glenn, your life, my life and your life if you pray in supernatural languages has probably been spared so many times because the devil is planning an attack against you. God knows about it. You’re praying against the devil. The devil doesn’t even know you’re praying against him because he can’t understand the supernatural language. You’re praying in perfect faith because, praise God, you can’t understand it. So there’s nothing in as perfect a pray as you can pray. Tell me about the time you had a supernatural intervention of God in Ghana.

GLENN: Well this was my first, I was 21 years old. It was my missionary trip on mainland Africa. I went to Ivory Coast and I was preaching in Abidjan. And on my way back I had to be in transit in Ghana. And so I took the plane from Abidjan to Accra. When I got to Accra the immigration officer who met us at the bottom of stair said, “Everybody on that plane is not going to London. You’re all going back to Abidjan because you are all illegal immigrants.” And I said, “Now hold it, hold it.”

SID: You weren’t illegal.

GLENN: No. I said, “First of all, I’m not Ivorian. I’m a British citizen. I’m going back to London.” He said, “No. Everybody on that plane is going back to Ivory Coast.” I said, “Where do I go? I don’t know anybody over there.” He said, “We’ll take you to jail.” When I heard the word “jail” I was all excited. I mean, I was like, no, I’m not going to jail.

SID: I’m sure.

GLENN: And this man was rude, and this man was like, “No, you’re not going to London.” And by that time he said, “Beside, the plane, your connection to London has already left. Your plane is already gone.” Now I knew in my mind if something supernatural didn’t happen I’m going to jail somewhere in Africa, and I don’t want to be in jail in Africa. So I didn’t care and I began to pray in supernatural language. I can pray. And I prayed out loud and I didn’t care because I wanted to get out of Accra to go back London. And as I prayed I heard the voice of the Lord. He said, “See that man over there? I want you to go and talk to that man.” As I was heading towards that man that other immigration officer said, “Where are you going?” I said, “I’m not talking to you. I want to see that man.” He said, “No. Where are you going?” I said, “I’m not talking to you. I want to see that man.” And I saw that man. I said, “Sir, I supposed to be going to London and they want to deport me back to Ivory Coast.” He came back a half hour later with a brand new ticket on a different airline, which I didn’t pay for, and took me back home to London.

SID: Could that have ever happened if you didn’t pray mysteries of the Spirit?

GLENN: First of all, if I didn’t pray in that supernatural language I would not know what to do. I would have panicked and be afraid, and find myself in a jail. But the Scriptures says, “With an unknown tongue He will speak to His people.” So when I prayed in unknown language, supernatural language, I heard the voice of the Lord to tell me what to do. Supernatural language will get you out of any problem that you may find yourself in.

SID: Do you know what’s been hidden because it’s not emphasized? If you study the various moves of God’s spirit throughout history you’ll find the secret of these great men and women’s power was speaking in supernatural languages. Tell me about some pillars of the church.

GLENN: John G. Lake, who had a great healing ministry, he said the making of his ministry is praying in supernatural language, speaking the language that God has given to him. Smith Wigglesworth, who was from the United Kingdom, who was an uneducated plumber, shy, timid was transformed into the apostle of faith, into the apostle of miracles and healings simply by praying in supernatural language. People like William J. Seymour, who brought about revival, the Azusa Street Revival, they all prayed in supernatural language. Our churches will be changed. Our cities will be changed. Our nation will change if the churches and believers begin to pray in supernatural language.

SID: Tell me about this Indiana pastor’s wife. This pastor had been sitting under your teaching and just so motivated to pray in supernatural languages, and she dies. Was it in a service?

GLENN: No, she died at home. And she wasn’t feeling well during the day. She knew it was a demonic attack. She wasn’t feeling well. Well she got up and as she was heading towards the bathroom she said she felt something hit her, and when that thing hit her she fell down and collapsed. And her husband, who’s a pastor who only speaks in supernatural language, was put on the spot to teach to pray even more, saw her collapse on the floor and all the color drained out of her and gurgled her last breath.

Pastor: She’s not breathing. My wife’s not breathing.

GLENN: The faith of God rose on the inside of him and he already understood by the teaching of God’s word that he could pray supernatural language. So he began to pray and blast in supernatural language and she came back life. She was resurrected.

SID: Resurrection of the dead, I mean, if that’s not a reason to pray in supernatural language. When we come back Glenn is going to show you the secret from Scripture of why the first believers in the Messiah had such awesome power and it’s such an amazing revelation. In the English translations of the Bible, most have missed it. But in the Greek translation of this verse he’s going to show you, light bulbs are going to go on. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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