Sid:  My guest David Martin is read hot for the Messiah, and I have to tell you I’ve been so looking forward to this interview because I found out about a move of God in the 1930’s in Africa. And this move of God was called the Shining Light Movement because the people literally glowed with the presence of God.  David, I had never heard of this before.  Tell me about this.

David:  Well, in the 1930’s I think it was about 1936 as I remember but, there was a move of God that came upon a small little chapel in northern Rwanda.  And everyone that was involved in that movement felt a tremendous conviction of the Holy Spirit, and what happened is that every day people were coming to the alter because they felt uncomfortable with sin.  And what happened over the course of time is that people began to shine.  They literally began to radiate the glory of God like unto the transfiguration, and everybody around there was in awe with this movement.  And this movement literally spread from this little chapel all the way through east central Africa and the friend of mine’s father literally twenty years after the movement was still shining from that movement. 

Sid:  Do you know what the fruit of that movement was, where entire cities swept into the kingdom of God?  Were people healed?  Do you know anything about that?

David:  Well the primary fruit of it was people’s lives that were changed to real right relationship with God and if there’s any one real fruit that I think is really phenomenal is life span.  Because the average African lives to sixties maybe seventy and peoples tribes that were affected by this revival even yet today live over a hundred years old.

Sid: I would imagine because the Glory of God is so strong on them that non-believers could recognize the shining light that was on them, but that shining light would prevent any evil from touching them.  Could you picture if there was a generation of Christians in say America that walked in that type of shining light with all the horrific things that many of my prophetic friends are all saying is about to happen to America. Can you picture that David?

David:  Absolutely, I not only can picture it, I know that it’s going to happen, I know that I know that God is raising up a remnant of people that are going to walk in this very thing Sid.  And I believe that not only are they going to shine, but they’re going to have an incredible peace, they’re going to have an ability to hear, clearly hear God’s voice.  And you know talking about God’s voice of revival.  I met prophetic people from what use to be Zaire prophets that were over a hundred years old and one of the things that’s interesting is that these people do nothing except what God says.  They literally will not even go across the road unless they got a voice of the Lord telling them to do that.

Sid:  And that reminds me of about William Seymour at the Azusa street revival he would put a box over his head during the service and not take it off until God told him what to say. 

David:  Amen.  I hope he doesn’t tell me to that.

Sid:  Ha, ha.  But, tell me about this supernatural peace that’s imparted to people.

David:  Well, it’s kind of a two part story and a long story, but literally God directed me in the supernatural move of God that was happening in the pastor’s conference that we were doing.  He said go to this particular town where this friend of mine that had died a couple months earlier in a plane crash.  To go there and I didn’t even know at the time but when I went there his birth place was actually the birthplace of this Shining One Movement.  And while we were in the chapel where this revival broke out in the ‘30s one of the founders or leaders of that movement who was my friend’s father’s partner, if you will, he walked into the chapel.  And interestingly his name was Enoch and not a supernatural Enoch just that was his name.  But he again, one of the of founders of this revival explained to me; showed me about this revival and what was so interesting to me Sid, is one of the very first things that God said to me when I gave my heart to him in 1979 is that he’d studied the miracles of Jesus.  And the one miracle of all the miracles that God led me to was the transfiguration.  Now here I have a man that walked in the transfiguration anointing.  I was so full of the questions, I said Enoch tell me about this.  And he said, well it wasn’t something about the transfiguration it wasn’t about the shining; it was the holiness that caused people to shine.  And I said, Enoch would you pray for me?  I want that.  Sid, he prayed for me and the impartation that came to me that we pray for people in our meetings and on the CD that you’re offering.  But when he prayed for me, it was so incredible I can’t even explain it.  I literally wept a pile of tears because the presence of God was so incredible and I just had this overwhelmingness in my heart to draw nigh unto God and to be like those early people with nothing to do with sin.  But it was six or actually nine months later that the peace anointing hit me on the mountain top in Zaire.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

David:  Well, again it was kind of a long story would take about an hour to hour to explain on these CDs.  But in the ‘60s there was these Shining One people affected the tribal people in Zaire, about 400,000 people.  About 90% are spirit filled prophetic but they would meet on this mountain top.  And in the 60’s they prophesied that four last day words, if you will, that one, there would be a great war in Zaire followed by great men of God going to Heaven but in planes; followed by more war, followed by great revival.  And Zaire never had a war until about 1997 and these tribal people were involved with the overthrow of the Zaire government.  And now it is called the Democratic Congo.  To celebrate the victory they called in twenty three of Africa’s greatest leaders.  My friend David who was again, the son of the father of the Shining One Movement, Ed.  He as one of the twenty three people on a plane that was landing on the mountain top to celebrate the victory of the overthrow of the government.  And right where the word was given, but thirty years earlier the plane crashed to fulfill the second prophetic word.  Great men of God went to Heaven in a plane.

Sid:  So first was war.  Second great men of God would die in a plane crash.  What was the third?

David:  No, the second one that great men of God would go to Heaven in planes.  So the plane crash facilitated the great men going to Heaven in planes; and then they were all buried in a common grave right on that mountain top.  The third prophetic word was more war and that prophetic word happened two weeks later after the plane crash and they went back to war and still are in war.  And the fourth prophetic word is great revival.

Sid:  Now do you think that was for the Congo area or for the world?

David: I know for a fact that it’s for the world, Sid.  And what’s interesting is that seven months after the Enoch anointing that Shining One impartation that God gave me that we now share with people.  I was is another African pastor’s conference, and one of the spouses who died, her husband died in the plane crash said to me, “David you know that your friend isn’t buried?  He’s planted.  What do you mean by that?  And she said that I talked to every spouse and every spouse tells me the same thing.  That their spouse knew that they were going to die when they got on that plan.  They knew that they were going to die, including your friend who threw his coat on to his successor, his nephew.  He it was told him, don’t get on the plane, it was going to crash.  And what’s interesting Sid is this man, David is his name, Nairootse was on Idi Amin torture tables.  And Idi Amin couldn’t kill him to the point of putting him on a firing squad, filling up with bullets and he crawled out of that heap of dead bodies.  And he started to work, we worked over there in Rwanda, but here’s this man, you know how he died in that plane crash?

Sid:  I read about that, he was actually shot a number of times.

David:   Well, he was part of a firing squad.  First Idi Amin tried different tortures on him, horrible tortures; I saw the scars on his body.  But then when Adi Amin couldn’t get him to renounce his faith, he put him in a firing squad and left him for dead and he crawled out of that heap of dead bodies.

Sid:  Humph.

David:  And it’s baffling how he could die in this plane crash.  But, literally what…

Sid:  But he knew he was going to die, because he put his coat, as representing the mantle over his successor.

David:  And he was told prophetically don’t get on the plane, it’s going to crash.  And he said I have to do what I have to do.

Sid:  Humph.

David:  So anyway, when I heard this, I went to bed that night and I woke up with a vision in the morning, a dream.  I call it dreams because young men have visions.  But I woke up with this startling dream where I saw a picture of what I believe was Elijah bones in a cave and they threw a dead man on him and the dead man came alive and I woke up to that.  And then God said to me, “Those twenty three people that were buried on that mountain top, there is a resurrection anointing there and I’m sending you to go get it.”  And the next day, well that day I’m talking to people about what happened because I didn’t know the surroundings of this event.  But they arranged for me to meet these prophets and I when I met with the prophets.  I said I’m here to meet you; they had me speak to the about 500 people in chapel.  But I said,” I really want to learn from you.”  And then, God said to me specifically, “I’m bringing you back in September, now this is May, I’m bringing you back in September to receive that resurrection impartation.”  And I’m thinking God, how can that be it’s a war zone and they’re still at war? And it’s a mountaintop, it’s a military post there.  But, to make a long story short, in August God opened up a twelve week window, which was called the Elusa Peace Accord by the UN.  In that twelve week window the prophets called me and said, would you come and commemorate the dead?  And what was interesting is that a prophet friend of mine had a prophecy just a week before I got the call and she said, David, I had this out of body experience.  I saw two enmities that were fighting and God showed me that these two enmities were self and spirit fighting since the beginning of time.  And he said to her, call David Martin and tell him I’m sending him to that mountaintop to get that resurrection anointing.  Well…

Sid:  Do you mean that this resurrection anointing will give you the victory of your spirit over your flesh?  Is that what you are saying?

David:  Absolutely.

Sid:  And you know what, I feel that resurrection anointing coming out of you right now, David as we’re talking.  It’s such a peace; you need this course because he prays for you to have the resurrection anointing.  The course on the “Spiritual Preparation for the End Times.”  It’s nine CDs.  There’s such an anointing; such wisdom on this.  And then the bonus “Five Keyes to the Supernatural” will give you breakthroughs in the supernatural like you never thought possible. 

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