Sid:  We want everyone to understand the promises of God and how they operate and better yet how they’re going to operate for you in your life.  And I’ve been listening to teaching by Sandra Kennedy and she’s the Director of Whole Life Ministries. And they have and she corrected me I said they had a healing center and she said no no, it’s a teaching center and a church.  This is “Whole Life Ministries” in Augusta, Georgia.  They have a café that their having some amazing things happen as people just go there, they think for what they think for lunch.  And they have a deliverance center where people get free from addictions of all kinds.  And on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that the most wonderful miracles are happening there.  Peoples’ body parts are being restored, I mean fingers are growing out from people with perhaps diabetes their toes are growing out.  People are being raised from the dead; people with hysterectomies are now having children.  People on dialysis are getting off dialysis.  People on the list for heart transplants, they have no need for a heart transplant they have been given new hearts.  Oh my goodness this is so outrageous, Sandra Kennedy I have to ask you about this person that had a transplant of their eye and it died.

Sandra:  Yeah.

Sid:  And then they could see out of it.  Tell me about that.  Ha ha.

Sandra:  Ha ha, well let me say this to you, it is a healing center but it’s a teaching center.  Because people get it confused thinking that it’s a prayer room something and it isn’t and it’s trying to get the word of God in you.  Well, that particular miracle that you’re talking about I still put it up near the top of my list.  There’s this lady that had a eye transplant it died.  It became disconnected from the socket of her eye and she began to see out of that dead transplanted disconnected eye.  She began to see colors I didn’t even know what was wrong with the lady.  She began to yell out colors she saw on the stage or something and I went back to her and said what is this? And then she told me what it was she and her daughter told me and I mean it was amazing, absolutely amazing.

Sid:  I want to go back to when you were just a young child, age six.  How in the world at age six did you start praying for animals to be healed?  Where did that come from Sandra?

Sandra:  Well you know, I was raised on a farm and I just always had in me that, put it this way, if God is God then God’s God and if God’s God He’s God.  You know He has to be different than anything around and I heard this, I don’t know if it was audible or not Sid, I just heard I remember hearing “One day that I will use you in healing.” And I had such compassion, I mean I’d go pray for dead rats or dead anything you know, on the farm.  I have to admit that I never saw any of them raised from the dead but never the less.

Sid:  But where did you get this from.  Did your parents teach you about healing or?

Sandra:  Well, Baptist, just a little Baptist church.  I grew up in a town with 600 people. 

Sid:   So where did this come from that’s not a normal thing?

Sandra:  I do not know but it just seemed like the thing for me to do, it was so easy, I remember when I went to seminary and they taught that signs and wonders had passed away in classes that we were in and dada dada and I just like to turn the little switch in my brain and thought you all say what you want to I know God’s bigger than that.

Sid:  You were going, actually in ’73 you were going to a Baptist Seminary but you were praying for the sick in the seminary. Tell me about that.

Sandra: Yes, well that was it and listen, I wasn’t Spirit filled at the moment.  I just came back to the seminary and I had had an experience with God and every time I had an experience with God I would go back to the seminary.  And I had gone and it was a sincere search for God, I went back to the seminary and I would see somebody and they would need prayer and they say they were hurting in their stomach or there tooth was hurting or they had this and that wrong with them and I would just pray for you and healing started happening.  I mean I was as shocked as they were.  But they just started happening.

Sid:  But what did the higher ups from the seminary think about all of these healings?  I guess they were pretty excited.

Sandra:  Well, not really, no.  Ha-ha, not at that particular time.

Sid:  Not at the Baptist seminary?  Ha Ha Ha

Sandra:  Not at that particular time, they were not, no sir.

Sid:  What did they say to you?

Sandra:  Well, I actually end up being moved out of the dormitory to be honest, but I mean, just I remember because then I got excited, you have to understand I’m in my early twenties or so I got excited and so I wanted to just pray for anybody and everybody.  But, I mean we were seeing tremendous healings that were taking place and I guess I was causing confusion or something, who knows.  But again I was so excited.

Sid: Now you had to be, you’re not Spirit filled; you’re in a Baptist seminary; their preaching healing has cease it doesn’t exist anymore, you’re praying for the sick and actually, according to my notes you had some amazing miracles happen with people’s teeth.  Tell me about that.

Sandra:  I did, there was this lady that was from Brazil or somewhere and I prayed for her in her mouth and she really needs some dental work done.  Her teeth were totally healed.  I don’t know if you call healed teeth but totally transformed.  And Sid, a really quick little incident about this, I actually forgot about that, later moved and came back to Augusta make a long story very short, I got a call from this woman one day years later and she said are you Sandra Kennedy?  And I said yes I am. She said, you prayed for me for my mouth you prayed for a tumor and it fell off and God told me to find you and for you to pray for me again and I would be healed.  I hadn’t seen this lady in for fifteen years and how she found me I do not know and someway God literally gave her my telephone number.  I prayed for her over the phone and she was instantly healed. 

Sid:  Well, that isn’t unusual people are getting healed once they go through your teaching.  But you had a wonderful experience happen when your mother was sick.  She had cancer in ’73.  Explain that.

Sandra:  Absolutely, that was of all stories the most fascinating in once sense of the word outside of that eye problem but I was called home.  I was in Baltimore, I was a Baptist, not Spirit filled, called home came home.  Came home on Friday, they said that she would be dead by Sunday.  She was in a coma on the bed and they said that she had cancer and when I came in,  as I was flying in I heard what I thought was an audible voice and I’m sure it was and I don’t know.  But I heard but tell your mother the Lord ’s Prayer and this is the part right here that can transform anybody’s life who’s listening.  It says “Our Father which art in Heaven.  Hallow it be Thy name, Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Tell your mother that there is no sickness in Heaven.

Sid:  Now, was this a kind of like an inner thought or was this actually an audible voice?

Sandra:  Well, I’m sure that it must have been an inner, it scared me half to death to be honest, but the bottom line of it I heard it three times.  And I had just led my older sister to the Lord and so I said “Lord tell somebody else.”  So I get home. My mother is practically dead.  Its Friday night, she is in this coma, she doesn’t even know I’m there.  The next morning my sister calls and says to me, “I don’t know if I had a dream or what happened but I heard tell Momma “Our Father which art in Heaven Hallow it be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven tell Momma there is no sickness in Heaven.”  So we came and Momma was laid out on the bed because at that time they would bring people home to die.  She was laid out on the bed and we for hours, Sid said over and over and over and over “Our Father which art in Heaven Hallow it be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven; Momma there is no sickness in Heaven.”  We never changed it, we never did anything but said that for hours. Of course when Mother gradually waked up after five or six hours she waked up and then I asked that fundamental question, which is fundamental to all your listeners   I said Mother said that maybe it’s the Lord’s you know, wants me – it’s His will for me to die.  I said well if it is His will for you to die Momma throw away all this medicine and go on and die.  Why do you want to go against the Lord’s will?  I was a little smart relic you know. Then I threw all her medicine in the trash can if you think that is its God’s will then throw it away and die.  I said what if it is not God’s will?  What if you play a part in it?  What if He gives you a choice to believe His word?  And she said back to me, she said “Well I would choose to live.  And when she made that choice, to choose to live and take the word of God she was instantly healed and written across her record at the Medical College of Georgia was Miracle.

Sid:  She had cancer, the record proved it and they wrote across it Miracle.  Boy, I would have like to have seen that.  Now we’ve asked you of all the things that you’ve done to put a kit together because, although you’ve had, and will talk about it this week, major, I mean unbelievable miracles in your personal life I think you have such a great satisfaction in showing people what you can do, everyone else can do.

Sandra:  Absolutely anybody, that’s what I do. I teach people how to do this; how to take the word of God and make it work in somebody’s life.

Sid: And the fundamental question that most people ask is “Can God be trusted for me?”  You know it’s good, yes you can say a cliché, God can be trusted but what if you have cancer?  What if you have diabetes?  What if you have a tumor on the brain and your foundational book you make everyone read “Preparations for a Move of God” which is not just healing it’s every realm of moving in the supernatural promises of God. 

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