SID: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter Here with Dr. Pat Holliday and I have to tell you I feel like the presence of God is all over us. And you know what that means? It’s about ready to be poured out through your television sets right now. Now Pat, you told me some amazing miracles took place in Trinidad. What happened?

PAT: Yes, I was ministering in a church that had about a thousand people in there. God was working miracles and all of a sudden, it was finished, but I looked out at this woman and I said “Don’t you want a miracle too?” She said “Yes” and she came up, but before she said “Every time I hear the name of Jesus I get scared and  I don’t know what that is.” I said “Oh I know what that is.”

SID: I’m sure you do.

PAT: So come on up, so she came up and Sid, her face was like this twisted – about that far sideways. The whole face -it looked like somebody had just punched her in the jaw right. So I laid my hands on her. I felt the Lord’s hands come upon my hand. And then supernaturally it felt like clay being molded.

SID: You could feel this under your hand?

PAT: Yeah it just felt like, you know, clay. And her eyes were like this, straight ahead you know. And then all of a sudden she blinked at me like this. And she started running around the church. She said “I’m healed! I can see! I can see!” And I didn’t really even know that she could not see.

SID: You were just praying for the disfigurement in her face.

PAT: Yeah and so what happened was she came back up. And I took her and I said “Let’s get rid of the fear of Jesus.” And so I called the witchcraft power out of her. And when I did she got deliverance instantly. But her little nephew came up to me and “He said that’s my grandma.” He said I live right underneath her. And he said at nighttime I can hear her growling like some kind of an animal. And I said “Son, tell your grandma never to go back to the witch doctor.” Now the word that the Lord gave me when I called the spirit out was obeda. And so I asked the pastor I said “What does the word obeda mean?” He said “That means witch doctor down here.” So she had been going to the witch doctor.

SID: Now how did you know that word? How did you know, in their language, the name of that spirit?

PAT: God gave it to me through a word of knowledge.

SID: You operate that way a lot; in other words you know what the spirits are inside of people.

PAT: Sometimes you can see them. Sometimes it comes through a word of knowledge. And other times you just walk up and cast it out. You see them sometimes. You hear the Lord’s voice sometimes. And other times – you’ve done it so long; I’ve done this for 30 years. That you just know God doesn’t have to do anything. You just see it and know it.

SID: There is such a presence of God right now. What does God want you to do?

PAT: What does he want me to do? I want to tell you what God told me. He said America is filled with people infiltrating the church. The pastors can’t see them, but there’s an army that God has trained in the deliverance ministry as he has me. And I’m telling you pastor, if you want revival to come to this land, you’re going to have to pull in the other third of the Bible where Jesus was casting out devils. And you might say “Oh I can’t do that; it’s undignified. Let me tell you it’s a crime to see people demon possessed and send them to psychiatrists and psychologists. And they never get free. A lot of them just walk out of the church because they find no power there. You need to get on your knees and pray and ask God to reveal to you the power of God. You’ll never walk without it once you’ve have it.

SID: You know Pat, I am feeling such a presence of God right now. I believe there are people that pains in their fingers. It’s arthritis but I command in Yeshua; that’s Hebrew, in Yeshua’s name, that that spirit causing the arthritis be bound. And in Yeshua’s name come out. And there are other people that your back is just bothering you. You know who you are. If you will, this is a gift from God for you right now. And yes, the people with the neck problem move your head. Actually any sort of pain; if you’ll bend your back or move your head. But you know what? I believe that any pain in your body is being lifted. Right now in Yeshua’s name. And I believe that. Very quickly Pat, would you break curses over people right now?

PAT: Yes, in the name of Jesus. Father, I take authority over every person that’s looking at this program; every Christian. I say that the Bible says that Jesus Christ took the curses when he hung on the tree according to Galatians. And I break those curses that are shown in the word over every single person and at the same time I release you from your bondages; all kinds of bondages. Those healings that just took place; a lot of times it’s just a devil. And we command those tormenting spirits to come out of you in Jesus’ name. And release God’s people. You no longer can have hold of God’s people in America. We’re breaking it all over the world. And I say in the name of Jesus, I release the blessings to come into you right now.

SID: And the greatest blessing that can come into you. Right now is for you to know God for yourself. Don’t because Dr. Pat does or I do; it’s up to you to. Tell God you’re sorry for what you’ve…tell him you believe Jesus died in your place and by his blood you are forgiven; in your own words. And then your sins will be washed away. And as you’re clean you can open yourself up. And say Jesus, live inside of me, be real to me. I want to know you. I want real peace, real shalom. I’m tired with the junk. I want the real thing.

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