Sid: When that wall comes down, that’s why Jesus was so excited about the wall coming down between Jew and Gentile.  When that wall comes down it will form, according to Paul a full dwelling place of God by His Spirit.  So you see the magnitude of it, but in the meantime, as this is beginning to happen and you just look at Israel, and you can see the pressure on Jewish people today.  And I believe that we’re about ready to see the spiritual scales come off the eyes of Jewish people, especially in Israel and the rest of the world like no generation has ever seen.  You know I think that Jewish people are the most love starved people on the face of this earth.  And when a Christian has A Revelation Of Father God and God’s love begins to flow through them, they begin to live in God’s love; their walking in joy, their walking in His love 24-7.  I don’t see how anyone can resist the love of God the Father and my guest has experienced this love. And I believe that she was raised up by God to demonstrate and teach His love; the revelation of His love; how to walk in His love; how to have intimacy with God the Father.  On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that AJ Jones was raised in a dysfunctional, may not be the right word; it’s a worse word but I don’t know what it is it is a dysfunctional family.  Both of her parents drank, her father was a raging alcoholic and she was so afraid of him that her mother literally put a lock on the closet door so that AJ could go into the closet and put a lock on so to protect her from her father.  And she was thrown, at three years of age she was thrown down a flight of stairs by her father when he was a drunken stupor.  And she had severe asthma to the point that she spent many months in an oxygen tent to the point where she had to live with her grandparents and there was a time though, I asked her about if she knew God.  She really didn’t, if she was born again, she really wasn’t.  And she was upset with her sister, there was not only problems with her mother and father but with her siblings and she wanted to hurt her sister.  Her sister was having a Birthday party, she figured if she could do something else that would really hurt her sister.  So of all things AJ you go to a youth Bible camp meeting, tell me about that.

AJ: Well, it was kind of funny, because my cousin had invited me to about forty-eight of them before this point, but I wasn’t really motivated to go until you know, this moment when I wanted to hurt my sister.  So I remember packing my bags and leaving in the front hall so that when my sister got home she would see that I was leaving and as I left the house I felt like okay my goal has now been accomplished, I don’t even care what happens the rest of the weekend.  But apparently God had a bigger plan than that and so we drove up to this Baptist Retreat Center.  And I’m pretty sure I was the only person there that didn’t know Jesus, you know.  They all knew the songs and they all you know knew when to sit and stand and clap and that kind of stuff and I was just sort of completely out of my depth.  But I remember sitting in this service and the preacher you know was talking and he said, “What am I, and he started asking these questions,”  So he said, “What am I, I have four legs and I stand in a family and I have a soft back and I’m a soft back and I’m a cherished possession.  And I was thinking to myself, dude you’re a dog and we’re not kids here, can we move on; I want to get out of this service and I want to go play in the snow; and I just really wasn’t connecting.  And then he put up this overhead of a chair and I remember looking at this chair, this picture of a chair and I was totally confused and he said, “You know you can know everything about something and still miss what it is.  You can know how to describe it, you can explain the story of Christmas you know, but you can still miss what the message was.  And he went on to talk about the love of God.  And I remember the first time in my life, thinking to myself, “If what this man is saying is true, then somebody loves me, not my bother more or my sister more, but somebody actually loves me.  And if that’s true, then just tell me where to sign, you know.  So it was it was a huge moment for me to think, I’m now the age of fifteen and I’m thinking somebody actually loves me, maybe this is going to change everything.

Sid: So, you really had an experience with the love of God, but you go home, you still have your asthma you’re dealing with, you still have the anorexic condition; you still are suicidal; and you’re in school.  How old were you when your mother came and interrupted everything and you’re in class and you’re embarrassed and you want her out!

AJ: Yeah, I was just shortly after I got saved actually, it was actually about six months after I got saved and God had been knocking on my heart about forgiving my Dad.  And with me the way God did that was that everywhere I went I would hear a message on forgiveness and I was just like, “What!”  But every time I heard a message on forgiveness, my answer was, No, he doesn’t deserve it.  And so in the midst of all of that I’m writing this exam in high school and my mom comes in while I’m writing the exam and says to the teacher, “You know Allison needs to come with me right now and she’ll finish her exam later.”  And I had a lot of attitude as a teenager and so I said to my mom in front of all these students, “You know, clearly I’m writing an exam and I’ll see you in the hallway when I’m done.”  And so my mom said, in front of all these students your father’s in the hospital; he’s not going to make it; you need to come and say goodbye right now.  And so you know, I just looked at her and said, “I said goodbye a year and a half ago, let him die” and just went back to writing my exam.  I had really long hair at the time and my mom actually used my hair to get me out of the classroom which wasn’t a great moment for me in high school.  And we went to the hospital to go and say goodbye to my Dad.

Sid: He wanted to see only one member of the family, and of all the members of your family, I would have thought you would have been the least likely, but he could only see one member and he said, “I want to see AJ,” what did you think when you heard that?

AJ: Yeah, well I freaked out, I mean I didn’t know why he was there, you know I didn’t know what had happened to get him in the hospital and basically this was on a Monday, on a Friday my Dad and my sister had been talking and my Dad had said, “I want to have a relationship with Allison again.”  And so my sister had said to him, “You need to stop drinking” and so he did, but he ended up having a massive seizure because he didn’t get any help and he had been drinking a lot for a number of years.  And so he fell down a bunch of stairs and was found unconscious.

Sid: And you didn’t know the reason that he was dying; that he fell down those stairs, was to have a relationship with you.

AJ: Yeah, yeah, and I mean so yeah I had no idea so he had split his head open and he’d split his tongue in half and there was a bunch of internal bleeding and there was broken ribs and just craziness, but I standing in the hospital having no idea that him being there had anything to do with me.  And then the doctor comes out and says “We’re going to let one of you go and see him” and I didn’t want to go so my brother and sister that were actually his favorite kids out of the four of us started fighting over who was going to go in and see him.  And I was sitting there reading cheesy romance novel pretending that this wasn’t my family and this wasn’t my life and…

Sid: And just out of curiosity was that your escape in life?

AJ: That was my escape; I mean I read… I’m talking about those 4 to 600 page romance novels.  I would read one…

Sid: My mother use to do that, but I never could understand but now I do understand why she use to read those things all the time, she was escaping reality.

AJ: Yeah, yeah so that’s what I was doing, trying to escape the emergency room.  So anyway yeah, so the doctor came back out, he went in and said to my Dad that “Here’s the kids that are here,” my one brother wasn’t there.  He came back out and he said that, “He wants to see Allison.”  And I didn’t want to go, but my mother started yelling at me in the emergency room so I went to escape my mom, I went with the doctor and I was terrified.  I hadn’t seen my Dad in over a year and half and I was just really scared and I guess I must have been shaking because the doctor, when we got to you know the emergency room’s was just like a bed with a little curtain around it, it wasn’t like a separate little room per person or anything.  And so when we got to the end of his bed, he said, “He’s in there and I’ll stand right here.”  And I was like, “Okay,” and so he must had realized I was afraid, I don’t know why he would have said that.  But I remember going around the curtain and my Dad was lying there and I had never seen him look weak, and they had sewed his head back up and sewed his tongue back together and stuff but he looked really rough.  So when I came in he…

Sid: When he had a seizure and fell down the stairs, how many stairs was it?

AJ: I think it was ninety-two.

Sid: My goodness, that’s quite a fall!

AJ: Yeah, and their straight down so it was in a like a townhouse development that was kind of raised up so it was several floors worth of stairs, but they just went straight down into the parking garage.

Sid: Now, what was the doctor’s prognosis on your father?

AJ: Well, the doctor said that they basically they had you know managed to sew up a bunch of things, but they couldn’t get the bleeding internally to stop and so they didn’t believe that he was going to make it through the night.

Sid: Oops were out of time again, I’m sorry; we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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