Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah.  She’s a Jewish Believer in the Messiah like myself, and she is the Co Producer of “Its Supernatural” television and “Messianic Vision” radio, Janie DuVall.  And were talking this week about the gift that’s been hijacked and it’s called in the Bible, in the Greek Literal in  Acts 6:4 it’s called “the prayer”.  Not prayer but “the prayer” in the Greek.  And what was “the prayer?”   “The prayer” was something that we could do continually and what was the results of doing “the prayer” continually?  I mean 24-7; the results were there was revival in the land.  Rabbis, Jewish Rabbis became believers in Jesus.  People were full of faith and power and they were doing wonderful signs.  When?  When they were able to pray in “the prayer” and “the prayer” is supernatural languages or tongues.   And I was reminiscing with Janie as a new believer in the Messiah I use to pray in tongues at least an hour every day.  And I didn’t realize what I was doing but I was praying my future.  And I like to say that I heard from God and I started radio when I heard from God;  I started one of the first Messianic  Jewish Synagogues in modern times the United States of America and I heard from God and I started television show and I heard from God and actually this one I did. I did have a dream and we published “They Thought For Themselves” which we have over a million in print.  We are about ready to send two million evangelistic books to two million Jewish households in America.  But I can’t say that because I literally was pushed into all of these wonderful things.  The only one that I heard from God on was I had a dream to write the book “They Thought For Themselves.”  And God told me that I would reach more Jewish people with that than I have ever done, and it has turned to be a dream from God.  But Janie some of the things, I mean it’s so funny it’s ridiculous.  Like when I go into starting one of the first Messianic Jewish Synagogues in America I wanted nothing to do with it.  I was a brand new believer, and we had a group called the Hebrew Christian Alliance, which is now called the Messianic Jewish Alliance.  I was the head of it, and we had a picnic.   One of the members, Paul Lieberman,  said “my wife will never to a church she is too Jewish, and the church is too gentile for her.  So what are going to do?  Let’s start a Messianic Jewish Synagogue.”  Well I never heard of such a thing.  I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, but we knew nothing.  So what do I know, in a synagogue you have a vote. So I had a vote of the members and they voted let’s have one service.  So I said let’s have one, and that is how I got pushed, and I mean pushed into being involved in pioneering Messianic Judaism in America.  I believe because I prayed in supernatural languages that’s why that happened. Now then with radio it was even worse, what do I say by worse?  God put me in the oil business and I didn’t have to work much and God was blessing it beyond my wildest imagination and we needed a Rabbi for a Messianic Synagogue I was senior man and I was less than a year old in the Lord.  And I hadn’t even read the entire Bible so we got a wonderful Messianic Jewish Rabbi by the name of Manny Brotman.  And I volunteered my services with him and one day he started a radio show.  He asked me to be the announcer I said no Manny I’ll do anything you ask but I will not be behind a microphone, he insisted.  I proved to him that I was awful he still insisted that I keep doing it.  I mean I was an awful announcer.

Janie:  I can’t imagine.

 Sid:  I was awful.  And then horror of all horrors, Janie, every interview something would happen and he couldn’t do the interview and if I didn’t do the interview there would be no show.  So I was forced to do it and being forced to do it I realized that this was a gift that God had given me.  I mean you could imagine my thoughts Janie, I’ll run out of things to say.  Will just have silence.  I mean the devil was having a field day with me I wanted to be on the business side of ministry but I was forced to do a radio show.  And then the TV show is just as supernatural, “It’s Supernatural.”  Now Janie was with me for the birth of the TV show and she knows that one day I got a phone call from a friend of mine and she said I’ve deposited $25,000 into Crossroads Communication, that’s a Christian television network in Canada. I wanted to bless them and I want to bless you.  Start your TV show before I could tell her that we don’t have a TV show she hung up, and so we went up to Toronto, Canada and we started a television show.  That’s the birth.  So you can see I was pushed literally pushed into these things but the question that I ask you is why was I pushed into these things?  I now know, because of all of those years of praying.  All of those hours in supernatural languages, it was the Bible calls it a mystery.  I was prophesying my future.  I was putting it out in the atmosphere, I couldn’t help but do it even though my mind didn’t want to do it.  Is that amazing Janie or is that amazing!  It’s amazing to me!

Janie:  But you know sometimes we get those thoughts in our head “Oh what is this doing  I’m just praying in the Spirit and what is this doing?”  And I also want to mention this, you know a lot of people who you have interviewed and who have had amazing things happen to them.  And this past year so many even said, the key in my life of seeing Angels, the key of seeing supernatural provision and miracles and healing have been that I’ve been praying in the Spirit.  But I want to say this, you know there are some people who pray in the Spirit and they feel like this really sounds really fake.  I mean one of your guests I won’t mentioned their names but I have heard them praying in the Spirit and it sounds like they only have a few words.  But I have to tell you the miracles that is in their life it doesn’t matter what their prayer language sounds like.

Sid:  Janie there are people listening to us that were like us.  Years ago they prayed a lot in supernatural languages, now it is the leftover.  It’s the backroom and I believe they are going to get started again but there are many who have never prayed in supernatural languages and many of those listening to us have friends that they want to help move into this gift.  So that’s why I’m so excited to release this week our brand new DVD called “Supernatural Languages Supernatural Power” and two CDS’s in which I do teaching and which I interviewed some people that were leaders in the Charismatic Movement of their experiences in the early days of speaking in tongues and between these two CDS’s and this DVD.  And explain to the people about the DVD.

Janie:  Well, the DVD we had a meeting at our home congregation.  We invited people who were hungry who want to pray in the Spirit and to invite people who have never done it.  So some people invited people who were not even interested in doing it at all and even kind of thought  this is crazy.  But when we had the meeting people’s eyes were opened spiritually.  All of the sudden they saw why I need it.  They were hungry for it and from children to older people all these people started praying in the Spirit who had never done it before.

Sid:  You know it was like the old days when we first became believers in the Messiah and you know something that we haven’t even talked about yet.  One of the most wonderful things that I saw as a new believer in Messiah was singing in the Spirit it was so orchestrated it was hard to believe that these people didn’t  know each other when they came in.  They didn’t have any words and it sounded like a perfect symphony and we did that that night and it got caught on this DVD.   What was it like Janie?

Janie:  It sounded like singing like angels and I want you to hear it now.  (recorded excerpt)

Sid:  Okay, I want to get this kit in your hands, it’s called “Supernatural Languages Supernatural Power”.  It’s a DVD of that special meeting that I had, what an anointing on it and it’s two CDS’s that were done something like twenty years ago with people that were Leaders in the Charismatic Movement telling their secrets.

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