SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. And this is Thanksgiving, and there is one couple that is so excited because they had a miracle on Thanksgiving. Her husband was trying to get home to her and the little plane went down in the ocean. People didn’t know where it was. He was in the freezing water for 40 hours, literally passed out, sharks swimming all around. Everyone should have given up. But his wife didn’t give up. She knew about the wonderful promises in the 91st Psalm and began praying them. And her husband knew about those promises. He didn’t lose his cool. He just stood on those promises. And we call it a Thanksgiving miracle, and I believe as you see this, you too, are going to have a Thanksgiving miracle. But Peggy Joyce Ruth, you know, it says, “To much is given there’s more responsibility.” You were given your life back as far as I can see. You wanted to share the Good News with a Buddhist housewife. You go there. What happened?

PEGGY: I was a little Baptist girl and I didn’t know about spiritual warfare. But I just didn’t want her going to hell. And so I went over and I started sharing with her and she said, “If you’ll give me equal time.” Well that sounded reasonable. And so she said, “I just want you to keep an open mind.” Well I’ve often said that I kept such an open mind that my brain fell out. I didn’t find it for another eight years. But I left her house that day absolutely terrified.

SID: And in a state of confusion.

PEGGY: Complete confusion.

SID: And you know, this shouldn’t have happened, but it happened. And for eight years she went through hell. She had electric shock treatments. But just as it happened, suddenly she started reading books about people that found such joy that were filled with the spirit of God and began speaking in supernatural languages. So she got prayer for that and what happened?

PEGGY: I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. My husband and we were actually in New Orleans at a Pepsi Cola meeting and we both received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And for the next two years, now keep in mind I had been tormented for eight years. I can’t even begin to describe the torment. For two years I was in the most peace. It was just wonderful. It was like a honeymoon with the Lord.

SID: But then that spirit of fear, as he often does, tried to come back and she wasn’t prepared, and that came back. But you had a vision in which you were really instructed, “It’s time to become a true follower in the Messiah. It’s time to meditate on his promises.” And this was all new for you. And then you went through what is known as deliverance. But the thing that really did it was you had a question for God.

PEGGY: Yes. And I had asked the Lord, is there any way to be delivered and protected from all the things that we see coming on the earth? Because I was just hearing about Christians dying of cancer, having car wrecks. And so I said, is there any way to be protected? And I really wasn’t expecting an answer. But I lay down and went to sleep. I was only asleep like five minutes, but in that five minutes I had the most unusual spiritual dream.

SID: Tell me about it.

PEGGY: It was wonderful. I was out in this open field and I was asking the same question, Lord is there any way to be protected from all the things I see coming on the earth? And in the dream out of Heaven I heard the voice of God say, “In your day of trouble call on me and I will answer.” Well in the dream I just remembered that I got so excited I just thought I was just going to explode, I was so excited. And all of a sudden the field was full of people, just filled up. And we were all rejoicing and praising God, and singing, and so excited we could hardly stand it. Well I came away. I knew it was a spiritual dream.

SID: It was an answer to your question.

PEGGY: It was an answer to my question and God had spoken to me. But I didn’t even know that was a scripture. I had no idea what it meant, but I knew that God had spoken to me. The next day I heard the pastor’s wife just make a comment on a tape about Psalm 91. She said nothing else about Psalm 91, but I knew in my heart it was like it exploded on the inside of me. And I knew that whatever was in that psalm was my answer. And I almost tore up my Bible turning to Psalm 91. And when I got there, there was the exact statement that God had made in the dream.

SID: Wait a second. Yeah, the statement was there, but isn’t this a little obsessive, for 35 years you have been studying Psalm 91?

PEGGY: After I found out about Psalm 91, yes. I’ve studied it for 35 years.

SID: Why? I mean, you just read it, you know it.

PEGGY: Well there’s a lot more to it then just reading through it. And as I studied the psalm I found out that every evil known to man is covered in that psalm. It is a covenant. And in 1 Peter, I found out later that in 1 Peter 1:3-5, it tells us that we’re to thank God for the fact that we’re born again. We’re to thank Him for the fact that there’s an inheritance light up in Heaven, and then to thank Him for a protection covenant ready to be revealed in the end days, and that’s in the New American Standard. And I thought, that’s what it is. God has revealed this covenant and it was ready to be revealed in these end days, because we have so much coming against us. And if we don’t take God’s promises we’re going to go down just like everybody else, you know, just like the non-believer. But if we’ll take God’s promises it works.

SID: She has been studying Psalm 91 and she’s got it in every fiber of her being, and you heard what she said. It’s a covenant for protection against anything. Anything means sickness.

Anything means robbery. Anything means family problems. Anything means mental, emotional problems. Anything, anything. It’s so wonderful, Peggy Joyce Ruth, and you’ve investigated stories of people, especially, you know what excites me?

PEGGY: What is that?

SID: All of the people that you’ve talked with in military that have used Psalm 91 and it saved their life. One that comes to mind.

PEGGY: Well I loved going to Pagosa Springs and speaking to John Walker. He was in World War II. He had been sent to the Philippines. This is before the war actually started. And he was lying on his cot and his buddy was digging a foxhole, and the buddy called to him and he thought, oh I don’t want to go do that. And so he waited and the buddy called three times, and he finally got up, and as soon as he left his spot a bomb fell right where he had been lying. [explosion] And he got up there and the buddy had never called his name.

Man: I didn’t say anything.

John Walker: You didn’t call me?

Man: I didn’t say anything.

John Walker: Then who did?

PEGGY: And he knew then that God had a call on his life and it was his brother, who was a preacher back home, who was standing on Psalm 91, and everyday he was quoting Psalm 91 protection over that brother who was in the Philippines.

SID: You see what I mean. Wait ‘til you find out a woman that’s attacked by a rapist, another person that gets a dread disease. All of that is healed in Psalm 91. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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