Sid: Shalom Mishpochah, shalom family.  Mishpochah is a Hebrew word and it means family and we’re the Mishpochah.  The family with a Jewish heart made up of Jewish and non-Jewish people where the middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile it’s has finally come down to form what Paul, he’s literally besides himself and he says in Ephesians the second chapter the reason Jesus came was to break down this separation between Jew and Gentile.  Not to have an ecumenical bless Israel meeting, although that’s good but to form what he calls the full dwelling place for God, the One New Man.  We need the Jew in the Body and the Jew needs the Gentile in the Body and that’s why Jesus prayed;  I pray that they, Jew and Gentile, the only two people groups alive at that time, might be one so the world will believe.

My guest, Dave Hess had a death sentence from a doctor. He thinks he just has the flu or something.  He takes a simple blood test and they say you have one of the most aggressive forms of leukemia, you’ll probably be dead in a month.  They put him in a hospital.  He has an aggressive form of chemotherapy , they don’t think it’s is going to work.  They are doing the best they can.  But, of course Dave has a secret weapon, he knows the Lord and he has his friends that know the Lord and they are praying for him and some very supernatural things start happening.  I mean, he started out with all his healthy blood cells.  They are called white blood cells, not one of them was normal.  Not one.  So he has this aggressive chemotherapy that they’re doing because there is nothing else they know to do.  They don’t give it much hope, but one of your main doctors, a female doctor.  Tell me about her.

Dave: She is a wonderful woman.  She herself had been a survivor of cancer and when she shared with me the diagnosis she had such great compassion for me.  She was from a very staunch religious home, a wonderful religious home but, her own confession will be that although she knew of the things of the Lord, she did not encounter and experience the heart of the Lord.  And through watching the Lord minister to me, not only to my body but, she watched the peace that He spoke to me.  She watched the joy that He gave me, the honey in the rock, the sweetness of His presence in the hardest of times.  She was just stirred and it’s like chords of love were drawing her closer and closer to His heart and in the course  of my time in the hospital and my interaction with her and other believers it’s like the Lord did a love ambush on her life.  And He sent all kind of people into her life who loved and knew Jesus and her sons are being drawn to the Lord.  Threw it all she came to this place of knowing Him and experiencing His love and His forgiveness and developing an amazing…

Sid: But, what about your cancer?  What did she write on your medical report?

Dave: Well, when the whole thing came down, when I’d been through the burst appendix, the high fever and the days of real uncertainty where my body would rise and fall, and it looked  like it might be the end.  When it came to the very end of it all, when every ounce of leukemia was gone from my system, on the last page of the report she wrote: chemotherapy deterred the spread of leukemia in this patient’s body but, God brought the healing.  So I’m finding that doctors are not our enemies.  They are really out to see healing, but, more and more and more doctors are encountering the power of the Lord, the power of the Lord, the power of His compassion and the of His great healing anointing.

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