SID: Hello. Sid Roth here and welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I was just talking to Nic and Rachael Billman, and they travel all over the world with people like Randy Clark, who have just awesome miracle meetings. And as far as I’m concerned, you guys as psalmists set the stage for miracles. I mean, what is, and by the way, this is gonna be hard for you to believe, they’ve known each other forever. Is that true?

NIC: Yeah.


SID: They started leading worship at 13 together. They’re both PK’s, pastor’s kids. What is your heart? What do you want to see accomplished when people worship the most high God?

NIC: Well I think the think about worship and being a worship leader is my job to hear what God is singing over the people, like Zephaniah says, “God sings over us” and then to release over the people in psalm, and get the people to sing back to their Father. So it’s a connection of the Father and His children in worship, more than just singing songs because the words are on a screen.

SID: But how did that intimacy, I think all things are possible.

NIC: Yes.

RACHAEL: Yes, that’s right.

SID: And just before we went on the air I told them I had been listening to this new CD called “The Least of These” and there’s one song that I love. I absolutely love. It’s called, and you’ll love, just by, and a little later on we’ll have a montage of some of their songs and you’ll hear this. It’s called “Come Find Me”. Tell me about that song.

NIC: When we were leading worship–

SID: And by the way, they write their music while they’re leading worship. I mean, it’s not like you’re home at night and you write out every note.


NIC: Right. It’s all spontaneous to begin with. And this was one of those songs. We were leading worship at our church with just a few friends one night and we were actually singing like Halleluiah, holy, just high praise. And then all of a sudden I was in an open vision and I saw all these alive churches and they were saying, “God we want to see you. We want to hear your voice. We want to know you.” And God responded, and I was taken to the streets, and I saw all the poor and the homeless, and the sick. And I heard His voice say, “Then come find me.” And we began to sing the words in Matthew:25 because it’s about the least of these. And so the song, “Come Find Me” is about if you want to see God, if you want to have an encounter with God, then go the least of these and you’ll find Him there. Jesus identified himself as the least of these. The passage in scripture, it said, “When I’m hungry you gave me food. When I’m thirsty you gave me a drink.” And Jesus said that identifies himself as these people.

SID: It’s not difficult to find Jesus, is it?

NIC: No, it’s not. It’s not.

SID: Now when they worship God the way they’re doing it in their own unique fashion, the heavens open. More healings than you can count occur at their meetings and people hear angels. They hear supernatural instruments. Tell me about the time you heard the piano when you were just late at night worshiping God yourself.

NIC: Yeah. It actually kind of scared me because I was leading worship, just me, just my guitar at our church at maybe midnight. And all of a sudden I hear a piano playing, and I thought surely there’s nobody here in the building. And so just because I was curious, I walked out the hall and looked down to the sanctuary and nobody was in there. So I thought, okay, I go back and play, and I hear it again. And this time it’s louder and there is nobody in the building at all. Nobody was playing the piano. And because of that, we wrote a psalm, “I’ll Join the Angels” because we realized, you know, there’s worship in Heaven 24-7, non-stop. And so when we worship we’re just synchronizing Heaven and Earth and we’re joining in with what’s already taking place in the spirit.

SID: You know what I believe? I believe that when you guys and others that love God lead worship there’s a whole band of angels that are worshiping. If you’re dancing, they’re dancing just like you do.

NIC: Yeah.

SID: If you’re singing they’re singing just like you are. In fact, tell me about the time you did this home recording and found a voice on there.

RACHAEL: Nic and I have a worship room. And it’s just a room that we just sanctify as our time that we’re gonna spend with the Lord in this room. And so we do. We have, we’re able to record in there. And so one day we just decided to see what would happen. And so we just spontaneously started singing “Alleluia”. And Nic’s just singing, and so I joined in with him and I’m singing, too, and we’re just kind of echoing over each other. And that was it. And so we got into the car after this and we were headed to a ministry event, and we were driving in the car playing the CD, just a home recording type thing. And so we were driving in the car and my son says, “Mommy, who’s that other man singing with you and Daddy?” And we’re saying, “What do you mean?” We didn’t hear anything, you know, when we had first listened to it. We didn’t hear anything. But, you know, what happened was Nic was singing and then over top of it we just started singing in the spirit, and then you can hear this shouting. After a while it was like, “Ho, ho, ho!”

SID: Those angels must have been excited about you worshiping God. That’s what I think.

NIC: Yeah.

SID: And how do you know it wasn’t just a fluke in the recording?

NIC: Well we went back and listened to all the tracks and it’s not there. It’s not on any of the tracks in the recorder.

SID: So how do you explain that?

NIC: It’s supernatural.

SID: And by the way, if you have never heard angels singing we’re gonna include that with “The Least of These”. But people have reports of hearing instruments like my favorite instrument, the shofar, do you hear many reports of people hearing shofar blasts?

NIC: Yeah. In fact, we had a lady that emailed us and she said, “I love that you incorporated the shofar into your CD.” And I looked at Rachael and said, “There’s no shofar in the CD.” And she had a place where she had heard it in this song at this time But it’s not there. But we have it a lot where people say, I heard a shofar. I heard a tambourine.

SID: I think the angels are worshiping with you two. That’s what I believe is going on.

NIC: Yeah.

SID: I believe all of Heaven is worshiping, and when they worship miracles take place. Don’t go away. Be right back after this word.

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