SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Mel Bond, has a gift called discernment where he can see evil spirits on people, command the evil spirit to leave, and then they get better. I love that gift. When did this start happening in your life?

MEL: That happened, it began with in October 1973, and Jesus, in a vision, said, “Mel, I want to take you some place.” He took me to this like a large cave, and it looked like it was probably a half a mile wide and I couldn’t see the end of it. It was just filled with horrible, hideous demons making all kinds of hideous noises. And without God’s help, if anybody from a natural standpoint was there it would destroy them. They would die a horror just hearing or just seeing, either one. And so–

SID: I’ve talked to people that have experiences like that, that unless you had God with you I totally understand.

MEL: That’s right. And so one particular demon came up to me and he was probably about seven foot tall and he had fingers that were like eight or ten inches long and then he had fingernails, probably three to four inches long that curved, and he was trying to slash and tear me apart and slash, and he was only getting just a fraction of an inch from my face, and it was very horrifying. And at that time I looked up at Jesus, and he was at my right hand side and he had a hold of my hand, and he squeezed it, and I looked up at him. He was a little bit taller than I am. And he says, “Mel, the rest of your life you’re gonna go down corridors like this.” But he says, “Always know I’ll never leave you. I’ll never forsake you. I’ll be with you and that you have power in my name.” And from that time on, an unprecedented amount of encounters have I encountered.

SID: But the thing that’s so exciting to me is after that encounter with the Lord, all of his senses, spiritually, where activated. And when you teach on this, what happens to the people that listen to the teaching?

MEL: Well I’ve done conferences, ministers’ conferences all over the world with the gifts of the spirit, and the gift of discerning of spirits that I would very extremely conservatively say that 80 percent of all people that are born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, they speak in tongues, immediately they begin to see in the spirit.

SID: Speaking of seeing in the spirit, in the late ‘70s two demons came into your bedroom. Tell me about that.

MEL: Yeah. In the late ‘70s I was awakened in the middle of the night because I heard some footsteps in my house and they started walking down the hallway, and they walked into the bedroom, and immediately that I jumped up and started swinging at them with my fist because to, you know, to protect my household, and they just began to laugh. And then immediately, of course, it was pretty obvious that these were spirits, even though it was in living color and they looked like they were physical. And so immediately faster than machine gun bullets the Lord spoke to me and he says, “Mel, this person that you’ve praying for that has a problem with adultery, has a problem with alcohol that,” and I had been working with them for a long time trying to share the scriptures and things weren’t getting any better, he says, “This is the root of the problem. The one the right is the spirit of adultery and the one on the left is a spirit of alcohol. Deal with the root of the problem, not the person.” And I did. And ever since that they’ve broken off of that person.

SID: That’s such a wonderful gift to have. Tell me about the woman that you saw a demon on her throat.

MEL: Okay. This happened down in Taylor, Texas. I was a pastor for an Assembly of God Church in Taylor, Texas, 707 Lizzie Street, and it was either the first or second service. So I didn’t know the people. My wife and I had just started pasturing there, so we didn’t know the people. And while I was preaching then I looked and I see this lady, probably about 85 years of age and on her left shoulder right in this area here I see, and I could talk about it for a long time, but basically it was a demonic force and it had arms and legs. It stretched all over into her neck region and her body like this. And so I just stopped preaching and I says, “I’m gonna take care of the situation in your life right now.” And I commanded that force to leave that was in that particular area on her body and I watched that spirit. It dropped off and it crawled out the back door, and then out the door and down the street to the left. By the time that it got to the back door, all of a sudden this lady started raising her voice, sort of not a real loud shout, but shouting and saying, “Praise God! Halleluiah” and that sort of thing. And all the church started getting real excited, and I’m thinking, well I don’t think this is such a big deal. Why is everybody so excited? And then when things calmed down the lady spoke and she says, “I had a stroke six months ago and I’ve not been able to talk for six months, and this portion of my body had been affected.” And all of that was totally gone.

SID: So like you normally can see this demon. You command it to leave and you see it leave.

MEL: Absolutely.

SID: And you told me over dinner last night, that when you’re ministering to people in a congregation you just look over the whole congregation and God shows you things about people.

MEL: Absolutely. Every time I preach I kind of walk around to the crowds and I’m looking for problems. Really, I’m looking for demons because I’m absolutely thoroughly convinced, according to the teachings of Jesus and the Word of God, that every problem there’s a demon. Jesus said, “If you’re not for me you’re against me.” And so we don’t have three choices. It’s either of God or of the devil. So if there’s a problem there’s a demon, and if you were to get to the root of the problem then the problem can be fixed.

SID: Okay. This is in a congregation. Just out of curiosity when you’re going out to the barber shop or wherever you’re going–

MEL: Same thing.

SID: You see it. Do you ever do something about it?

MEL: Oh absolutely. I was in a place of business just a few months ago and all of a sudden I looked and there was a demon on the top of this lady’s head right there. And so I just walked over and I says, “You know, I see a problem that you have in your head. Can I pray for you?” And she looked at me and kind of puzzled and shocked in a place of business, and people all around and everything, and what a wonderful place for God to give glory. And some of the people, they don’t go to church, so we got to bring church to them.

SID: Just out of curiosity, did know what happened when that demon left?

MEL: Absolutely. It totally left and then she began to smile and tears just flooding down her face. This happened in St. Charles Boonslick Medical Center in St. Charles, Missouri. And I was there getting my annual physical. And so immediately she cried and she says, “It’s totally gone.” And she says, “I’ve had an excruciating migraine headache,” for I think she said three days. And she says, “Nothing works. Nothing gets rid of it.” But she said, “It’s totally gone.”

SID: I’ll tell you. To me, it’s not scary. Scary is having these critters and not being able to see them.

MEL: Absolutely.

SID: Once you see the authority that you have to command these to go it’s the most wonderful gift in the world. Don’t go away. I’m gonna be back after this word and you’re going to find out how every area of your life can be affected when you understand Mel’s teaching on discernment. Be right back.

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