SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. But this, it’s ridiculous. Dean and Marilyn Braxton, Dean, you are saying that your heart stopped beating for one hour and 45 minutes, and you’re talking to me like a sane man right now.

DEAN: Yes I am. Yes I am.

SID: Okay. Let’s kind of take you back a bit. May 4, 2006, you’re minding your own business. What type of work do you do?

DEAN: Well at that time I was what they call a supervisor for the Juvenile Justice Department up there near Seattle, King County, and I supervised two specialty courts. One was called drug court and one was called treatment court, and I worked in the juvenile justice system. So that’s what I was doing at the time.

SID: Okay. What happened to you that day?

DEAN: Well that day I woke up early in the morning and I had a pain on my right side. I already knew it was kidney stones because I had them in the past, about four years earlier, and I went on to work anyway because I figured when I get to work I could work through it. It would pass. I’ve had that happen before. But going to work I found out this time it was not getting any better. It seemed to get really worse. I decided to let the people know at work that I needed to go home. I figured I would go ahead and pass them at home when I got home. But it seemed to get worse. I finally decided to go to the emergency room or the local hospital. Went there, told the people there that I believe kidney stones. That day, for some reason, can’t tell you why, there was no one else in that emergency room. I looked at that as a miracle in itself. They rushed me back in the back room, gave me some medication and then called my wife.

SID: Now Marilyn, you’ve been in the health field. You’re a health professional for some 34 years.

MARILYN: Correct.

SID: So you understand what’s happening. You get out to the hospital and they make a decision to, what did they do, blast the kidney stones.

MARILYN: Yes. They take a machine and just blast those kidney stones, break them up so he can pass them.

SID: So he has the procedure. They’re blasted. But then you find out he has an infection. What does that mean?

MARILYN: That means that along with the kidney stones that infection is really bad and it’s built up around the kidney stones too, and thereby he had to be on several different antibiotics and things.

SID: Did you realize how serious this was, that it was life threatening?

MARILYN: I didn’t know how serious it was, not at all, because he ended up with the procedure being done and spent 13 days in the hospital, and nine of those days was in the intensive care unit.

SID: Tell me about the time that you walked out and the doctor, the surgeon calls you on the cell phone. What did he say?

MARILYN: Well I walked out and I then decided I was gonna go home and bring some things and stay overnight with him. And when I was no longer more than two blocks down the street in my car, the doctor calls me on the phone and he says, “Marilyn, your husband’s heart stopped and right now as we speak they’re doing CPR on him, cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

SID: I’m gonna take you back to that moment.


SID: He hangs up. What do you do? Now you know how serious it is.

MARILYN: Yes. Now I know how serious it is. And you know what, Sid? I believe it just was an act of God and I just had faith. I continued to go home. I didn’t turn the car around and go back home. But I called my son and daughter, both of them were away in college, and I called up friends and just started asking everyone to pray. Just pray. And when I got to my house a young lady came over and picked me up, a real good friend of ours, and we got back to the hospital. I wasn’t able to see Dean for a long while because they were still working on him.

SID: Now when he came back, by the way, you know what all of this is right here.

MARILYN: Oh yes. Those are medical records and transcripts.

SID: How many conditions did he have when he came back to life? Something like 29, it says on my notes.

MARILYN: Twenty-nine, yes.

SID: And here is the medical verification of this. What I want to know is what happened to you when you died? We all want to know that. What happened?

DEAN: Well Sid, because you know I accepted Jesus Christ the Messiah into my life, I’m born again I went to be where the Father and Jesus is.

SID: No, no, no. You’re there, dead, dead. They’re trying to get you back to life. What is your first memory?

DEAN: My first memory is moving as fast as I can to be where Jesus and the Father is. People ask me sometimes how fast that is, and I always bring them back to what the Bible says. “To be out of the body is to be in the presence of the Father” or be in the presence of Christ. I was moving so fast that before you could blink I was there. That’s how fast. That’s my first memory. Also what was passing me by as I was moving was the prayers that people were praying for me and others. I say this, if you were praying that day your prayers passed me by at that moment.

SID: Just out of curiosity, do you have a greater appreciation for prayer having seen, could you picture looking at people’s prayers just zoom, going right up like that?

DEAN: Oh yes. And you got to remember how fast I was moving.

SID: That’s pretty fast.

DEAN: As you were just blinking right there I was in the presence of the Lord and yet the prayers that people were praying for me and others, and I always put that in there because I want people to know that it was just not prayers that were for me, but I saw prayers that were coming from this planet from other people pass me by like I was standing still.

SID: Just out of curiosity, obviously your wife and your family were praying for you, did you know it at the time? Did you see it at the time?

DEAN: Well I knew they were praying for me because those prayers that were going by me, I literally knew what those prayers were. You know, I literally knew what they were praying. You know, my wife was praying that I would not only be healed, but that I would come back and be alive, that I wouldn’t die. That was her prayers. You know, that was my children’s prayers. That was the prayers of the family members, you know. But there were also prayers that were going pass me for people that were praying for their loved ones and they were praying that their loved ones, the same thing, that healing take place or a situation would change. But the prayers that really got me that were going by me was the ones that were praying for the loved ones to come to know Jesus as the Messiah, as the Lord and Savior.

SID: You know, one of the things that his book did for me is I understand how things operate from Heaven to Earth and what God expects us to be doing here so much better as a result of reading the book. Don’t go away. We’re gonna find out some amazing experiences. For instance, he was shocked who was not in Heaven and who was in Heaven. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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