SID:  Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dale and Pearl Raatz you know your wife is pronounced brain dead she is in a comma the doctor’s don’t expect her to ever come out of this comma or if she does she will be a vegetable, and you sing over her explain that.

DALE:  Well I heard the spirit say sing over her, and I said what song, and he said well the song that I gave you.  And so God gave Pearl a song and as I opened my mouth and started singing immediately I was taken into the spirit realm; and for 45 minutes that room was filled with a choir of angles.  And they sang the same chorus that I did.  And Pastor John for Green Bay was there with me to verify for 45 minutes I thought it was more than 45 minutes the angles sang the same chorus I sang, it came out of Philippians Two 9 through 11 it talks about at the name of Jesus every knee does bow.

SID:  Dale then she comes out of the comma and as I understand it you begin to speak Gods word over each area of her body, she didn’t have the ability she was paralyzed…

DALE:  Yes,

SID:  So she didn’t have the ability to swallow, so what did you do?

DALE:  The first thing that came out and I sensed the Holy Spirit said you speak over these organs on her body, so I spoke over stroke I spoke over paralyzation; and over every area that I felt that the Holy Spirit lead me, to speak over her.  But the one thing that I did not do I did not allow people with unbelief to come lay hands on her.  I guarded her with that because I believe that only those with faith could speak over her so in a way I kept speaking on those and next thing I knew the throat muscles started to jump.  And they took her up to a place for swallow test and there is where a great miracle happened.  Because she did not have any water in her throat I believe it was for almost over two weeks, and the nurse said to me, sir don’t you know that when food gets in her throat she will choke to death and die.

SID:  Obviously

DALE:  She said she has no saliva in her throat, in her mouth, I walked up to my wife and I said Pearl when that food gets in your mouth you will swallow in the name if Jesus and she agreed.  And they had that camera to her throat and we had a monitor there and as that doctor put that first food to her mouth and we said you have got to chew good, chew good don’t swallow and immediately when that food got in her throat those saliva glands activated and her mouth just exploded with saliva and the nurse stood behind me and said oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

SID:  She got it right.

DALE:  Yeah she got it right.  And I said yes ma’am that is my God.    And that was the beginning of another miracle.   Because see it takes step by step by step. But from the day until it ended was 6 weeks, from total paralyzation to a vegetable to walking out took 6 weeks. So this miracle happened step by step. As we walk with the Word, it will manifest.

SID: Well 6 weeks is not a long time to recover from being paralyzed and brain dead. I think that’s phenomenal. But Dale, while you were in the hospital, there was a 16 year old that was in a head-on auto accident, and what happened to her?  DALE: Well she was a miracle. That morning…

SID: Wait… “It was a miracle”. The way you talk about it, this is normal.

DALE: Yes. But we realize God has to use people to bring it to pass. That morning as I sat in the intensive care room waiting, the Holy Spirit told me to speak, to teach somebody on the 5th chapter of Mark about the woman with the issue of blood and Jairus’ daughter. As I was sharing that, the man sat in the corner with his head buried in his hands and he said “Any hope then for my daughter sir?” I said “Yes sir, where is she?” He pointed across the hall. I said “Take me to her.” And I walked over and I got into that room and I looked at her and I said oh my God, what did I tell him that for? Because her head didn’t look like a head; it was so swelled. They had hoses in her head trying to drain the blood out of her head. Because she had a head-on car collision her spinal cord was probably severed.  I did not know. And I heard the Holy Spirit say to me again “Take dominion over death and call life into her.” So I took dominion over death and called life into her and I walked out and didn’t notice any difference. But the second day, already, when her dad came in that morning, and they told her dad she was blind and would be deaf;  she would never see or hear again, if she lived. And the second morning he came in and her dad said “Tracy dear!”  She said “Daddy? Is that you?” Her mind already was coming together.

SID: Bottom line: Was she totally healed?

DALE: Totally healed. The day that we walked out, she walked out with us, totally healed.

SID: Pearl, you walked out. This is, what, 8 or so years later now?


SID: What is your health now?

PEARL: My health is perfect. I can walk through the jungles of the Philippines and I can walk through Zimbabwe Africa.

SID: How do doctors handle what happened to you? How could a doctor handle what happened to you?

PEARL: Well, the main doctor believed it was a miracle, which it was. And I believe that this was not God’s plan for my life, this was from the enemy. But He used it to show that doctor that miracles do happen.  In fact, that doctor was so impressed, and when this happened we did not have insurance. He cancelled his part of the bill within three months. And within three years every one of our bills had been paid supernaturally.

SID: Let me ask you something: Do you need a miracle? I’m going to ask Dale right now to look into the camera and sing a song to you, the same song he sang to Pearl with the choir of angels, and I believe that the angels will sing along with him. And that’ll be your point of contact in the name of Jesus, for a miracle. Would you sing that song now?

DALE: This is your day. The chorus goes like this: (singing) Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have at the name of Jesus every knee does bow Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have Jesus… That is a chorus the angels sang with me.

SID: And when you hear him sing that song, what goes on inside you Pearl? Briefly

PEARL: Well you know what happens many times, my leg starts to jiggle and to dance around.

SID: You wanted to dance. I tell you what, why not? Pearl wants to dance. I think if you start dancing right now, you’ll dance into your healing.

PEARL: Amen.

SID: In Jesus’ name I plead the blood, the Passover blood upon you.

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