SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is Grace Williams and she’s been a guest before, and I have to tell you something. My favorite music to just worship God with was Grace’s first CD. But then all of a sudden she sent me a second CD and my experience, Grace, I have to tell you is when there’s a great CD the next one kind of lets me down usually. Well this one did not let me down. This one is called “Take Me Away”. Where did that title come from?

GRACE: You know what? The Lord really named this CD, and I believe it is a musical revelation and a prophetic impartation of Psalm 91, “Being hidden in the secret place.” Being taken to the secret place.

SID: You know, I was recently in Israel and I talked to parents of people in the Israeli army and they said to me that when they meditate on Psalm 91 it gives them such supernatural protection. This one young man’s entire unit had no injuries whatsoever during a time of war. It’s the most supernatural psalm in the Bible. It’s like a musical impartation. I’ll tell you something else I found, Grace. Is that when someone has a prophetic destiny on their life, such as you have, that it’s like the devil tries to snuff out their life before they even get started. That happened to you.

GRACE: Absolutely. It did, Sid. You know, he tried to take me out as just an infant. And I was born premature, had water on my lungs. I was in ICU for over 10 days. The doctors had given up all hope. They told my parents make arrangements. Your daughter is not gonna pull throw. I had gotten so tiny. I was hooked up to all kinds of breathing machines. And they said all hope is gone. And my parents actually cried out to the Lord at that point not even knowing if the Lord was real. And it was a last stitch effort saying, “I don’t know if you’re up there, God, but we’re gonna give it one last shot and pray because our daughter is losing her life.” And God did a miracle and even the doctors said, “We cannot explain this sudden turnaround.” And it was such really a sign and a wonder to my parents that God was real and they ended up finding Jesus soon after that because of that amazing miracle that God did in my life and the Holy Spirit’s touch on my life as a little baby.

SID: Now you can answer my question, but I don’t get this. At age three you started speaking supernatural languages?

GRACE: Yes. It’s amazing because it’s my very first memory, you know, and they say that all your formative years from like zero to four are where all your memories are stored, and really how you’re formed, and those things that are very important are really secured in your mind. So it was interesting that that happened to me at three years of age, because it really is the first memory I had. And I literally remember as if it were yesterday the room upstairs in our house and my mom was in the rocking chair with my older sister, and they had been talking about the Holy Spirit. And all of a sudden she tells the story. I just began to pray in tongues and actually sing in tongues. And she looked over at me and thought, “How does she know what’s going on?” And it was literally like a heavenly language. My spirit was just resounding with the heavenly song, you know, and resounding and singing. And she said it was the most precious thing. And I remember my little heart being so happy and so fulfilled knowing this is what I was called to do, to sing that new song like it says in the psalm, “sing that new song”.

SID: And then at four she just walks up to a piano and starts playing like a little child. What caused you to go to that piano?

GRACE: I just think it was the Holy Spirit unction, because I had never seen a piano before. We were at neighbor’s house and I literally was just so drawn to it. I gravitated toward it. I just went over and I put my little hands up there, and I looked at my mom and I said, “Mom, I want one of these.” So she knew it was something very special because it wasn’t just clunking around like a little toddler. It was a real desire to learn to play the piano.

SID: And then at seven you have an angelic visitation.

GRACE: That was amazing. Still, like I was saying about the other story, so fresh. It was as if it were yesterday. You know, when the Spirit of God speaks to you and gives you what I like to say a destiny dreamer or destiny vision, it’s something that is imprinted on your heart and your spirit forever, and nothing can take that away. Nothing. Nothing can take that away.

SID: And that’s the way I feel. You know, it’s so many years ago that I as a Jewish person had an encounter with the Messiah. But the peace that came into my room at that moment, no one can ever take away. But what’s even better than that, I have that peace right now, you know. It’s not just something that happened 30-plus years ago. I have it now.


SID: But tell me what that angel said to you.

GRACE: So I was caught up in a vision really and I saw music notes encircling the earth and this beautiful like ribbon going around and around, and singing and circling the earth, and piano keys also, and I knew at that moment it was destiny. God was saying, “I’ve called you to sing my song”, His song over the earth. And that’s a song of comfort and peace, and like you said, that undeniable peace, peace that nobody can take away from you. Joy, unspeakable and full of glory, you know. That’s a good thing.

SID: I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling that peace now. I’m feeling that glory now. Wait ‘til you hear her sing. Be right back after this word.

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