SID:  Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Isaiah Reed. Isaiah, what’s going on in your life – how long did it take them to just fix your face with all the stab wounds and bullet wounds? 

ISAIAH:  Well my total recovery took about two years of therapy, first the plastic surgery then because the gunshot was so close, this was powder burn and my eyes were full of you know the gunpowder I suffered from the explosion. And so I had a lot of trauma in my eye, and then my hearing, and you know my spine and just the whole thing. But my mother said when my God heals He made whole. If I could just take a moment for any parent, any family member once again, you must be tenacious about your home and your family and hold on to a promise that is found in the holy scripture and you have to receive it, you have to go further than your belief, but actually receive that it is done, receive that you have a promise, and I feel as though right now not only in America, but across this land and across the world that if families come together and begin to intercede for their family we would have a revival that would join in a revival of nations, of cities, and of communities. So never stop praying and never stop seeking the truth that is found in the word. And I just feel like the Holy Spirit is touching someone right now that has a son or daughter in drugs, or even murdered or have some kind of crippling disease, believe me, prayer works. 

SID:  Isaiah three years, we fast forward three years, you are at a long, three day Christmas party and all of a sudden one of your prostitutes, this is a Christmas party by the way, with his prostitutes, one of the prostitutes is having a problem.   What happened? 

ISAIAH:  One of the prostitutes was tired of the lifestyle, and so she wanted basically to commit suicide. Now here we are using drugs, smoking crack, heroin, the syringes, you know the full blown atmosphere of our sin, and all of a sudden she is tired, she’s finished, and the only way that she can see to end this madness is to end her life. And so she wants to jump off the balcony. I didn’t care basically, I wanted to continue, she was just interrupting… 

SID:  The party. 

ISAIAH:  The party.  And I had already stuck a syringe in my throat to shoot the heroin in my system. And Paul, the other drug dealer that was there says you know what, you need to deal with this situation because if she jumps off of the balcony naturally the police is going to come and we’re all going to go to jail so to speak.   So I offered Lisa some money.   She didn’t want the money, she said money doesn’t answer everything, you don’t love me and I’m tired of being a piece of meat. And she slapped the money out of my hand. That was a clue, because normally no prostitute will slap money out of your hand, so I asked Sheila, the other prostitute that was there to take Lisa into the bathroom to kind of, maybe two women could talk, or whatever. Sheila didn’t want to have nothing to do with her. So then I said what I’ll do maybe she wants some more drugs, so I gave her a whole thing of crack cocaine, just for herself, she could indulge in, you know, do whatever she wanted with it. She slapped the drugs out of my hand. By this time, rage came on me and I wanted to just knock her unconscious. And as I drew back to punch her in her face, I drew back my fist, and I was getting ready to punch her, all of a sudden out of my, out of me, the crook, the pimp, the drug addict came, let me pray for you. And Paul says pray, who you gonna pray to? He said it must be the drugs, give me some of what you’re using, because I want some drugs that make you pray.  And so anyway, Lisa calmed down. And of course I didn’t know anything supernatural at that particular time. 

SID:  I mean that is the last thing you should have been doing. 

ISAIAH:  At all.  I mean it so… 

SID:  It’s crazy. 

ISAIAH:  Yeah, it’s out of the… 

SID:  But you’re crazy anyway. 

ISAIAH:  Yeah.  And so when I said prayer, the Holy Spirit intervened, and I didn’t know, touched the heart of Lisa, submerged her in His presence, and she was at peace. So I went back, it didn’t even touch me, it didn’t even move me, I went back to what I was doing. And so Paul thought that maybe she was running a scam. He said you know what, you know really make sure she’s okay.    I said look at her, she looks like a little angel or something. He says, Nah. I says, Okay, the word prayer worked; let’s pray. He says no, no, I don’t want to pray. I said well whose dope is it?  If we don’t pray you don’t get no more drugs.  He said, okay, lets pray. 

SID:  You’re in control. 

ISAIAH:  Yeah.  Its amazing people will rally around marijuana and cocaine, but they won’t rally around Jesus. So anyway, he submitted to that, and so I hadn’t prayed since I was a young person, a teenager, and I was asking you know one of the prostitutes and another dope dealer, I said, throw in some suggestions, what should I do? And so Paul says, why don’t you close your eyes? I said close my eyes, I’m not going to close my eyes, the last time I closed my eyes I got shot in the head twice. The Bible says watch and pray, you know I’m in a room full of drug addicts. So anyway I said I do remember one thing, we used to hold hands. And so I said let us hold hands. And Paul, he was kind of resistant. He said, hold hands, you mean you got queer on me too. I said if you don’t hold my hand you don’t get no more drugs. So he says okay, and we hold hands. So anyway I don’t have no religious format, I just talked like a pimp, like a drug dealer, so I just began to kick it with the man upstairs. I said check this out home boy, you know Lisa’s down here, she’s tripping, you know. I don’t know what her deal is but you know I’m asking you as you know Jingle Bells time, you know Christmas and that kind of thing. Why don’t you give her a chill pill, so she can chill? And signing off, you know. You’re the man, talk to you later kind of thing. Really nice you know, I mean it had no substance to it as far as I knew. But the Lord answered me back. 

SID:  He spoke to you? 

ISAIAH:  He said Isaiah. And I thought somebody was play a trick on me, so I looked, but I could hear Him, resonating in my heart, Isaiah; and not only just my name, but challenging me. Posing a question; if I had an opportunity to change my life would I take it? Would I stop being a heroin addict for 30 years? Would I, could I, would I take an opportunity to be forgiven for all the blood and violence that I had shed? Could I take an opportunity to be a loving person instead of abusing and destroying young women’s lives? Do I, would I take a chance if it were offered me? And I said this is the hand that I was dealt, can’t nobody deal me another hand, I’ve got to play this hand out. He says, but I’m offering you, would you take it? I said don’t you know I deserve aids, I deserve hepatitis C; I deserve to be a drug addict? He said you won’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. If I give you an opportunity would you change? I told him I can’t change; nobody loves the pimp, the prostitute, the homosexual, the gang member. Nobody loves us. It’s all a lie, and you can’t help them and I can’t myself. Even if I wanted to change I don’t know how to change. I’ve been at this almost 30 years of my life and I said I hope to die a dope fiend. How in the world can you change me? And He said it once again, Isaiah. And the little boy that had been trapped in this wicked, ignorant body wanted to change and I cried out. And I said if there is a light, and you show it to me, I’ll follow You for the rest of my life. And what took me thirty years to be, He cleaned me up in a nanosecond. And everybody in that room got saved.       

SID:  Everybody?    

ISAIAH:  Everybody, that night. 

SID:  Listen, if God could rescue Isaiah based on a mother’s prayer, what could God do in your family? You know coming from Judaism I understand that at the Passover, the premise is, a lamb, not for an individual, a lamb for a mishpochah – for a family. A lamb for a house; and those of you that are watching right now that don’t know the Messiah, you just plain don’t know – would you trade where you are right now for all those millions you were making? 

ISAIAH:  No, I’d die for this.    

SID:  Well you heard that.   He would die for this. Choose this day who you shall serve, but as for me and my house, we’re serving the living God. 

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