SID:   Hello. Sid Roth here with Michael Hinson What happens to a woman whose husband runs off with a secretary, devastation, coupled with a bad back, so she goes to everyone and everyone that “who’s who” that has a healing ministry, and they pray for her, nothing. So this woman comes to one of your meetings. What happened, Michael?

MICHAEL:  Actually, this is one of the first meetings that we ever had, so I had been in the healing ministry for zero amount of time, so everything was new to me, and this woman came, had a severe back, took her a couple of minutes to even get seated in the chair, was in a tremendous amount of pain. Her husband had abandoned her, and this was after multiple affairs and different situations, he just took everything and for three years she was in devastation, a Christian believer who has gone from place to place to place to get healed. So I went to pray for her and in the process of praying for her I heard real clearly that she was hurting here, and so instead of taking time to pray for her back, ministered and led her in forgiveness and in the betrayal and other things, some simple prayers where she released these things, she was saying them so sincerely I was crying, I couldn’t help but cry, I had never seen anybody so open, I was new in the ministry at the time, and I thought you know she looks ten years younger through tears, and she was crying, when I dried my eyes and looked at here, she was ten years younger. She sprung up out of that chair and started jumping up and down, praising God, and God just miraculously touched and healed her when the root cause of this pain was removed from her.

JOAN:  The back was never prayed for, just the root cause

MICHAEL: We could have treated the symptom all day long, along with other people, who prayed for the symptom but not the root cause.

SID:  Joan why do you have such a passion that the sick be healed?

JOAN:  Because I was sick and I’m healed, and I was hurting and I am healed, and my heart was broken and God has restored my heart, my finances were destroyed and God has healed the finances, every area of my like was totally destroyed, I have been healed actually multiple times throughout my life with the doctors giving me no hope. When I was pregnant with my first one, and at this point 29 years ago, they said that we’re going to try to save the baby but there is no hope for her. And I went on to have three more and you know she’s 29 and we’re doing great, and

SID:  Is there any such thing as a hopeless physical condition?

JOAN:  In Jeremiah, it says, God says, “Is there anything too hard for me?” The answer to that question is no.

SID:  Michael, there is a sweet presence of God here right now I want either of you or both of you to pray for the sick as God directs.

MICHAEL:  This is real easy, let me do this, this is simple. I know that you are sitting there somewhat skeptical about what’s going on here, I can relate a hundred percent, and others know exactly what’s happening, but I can tell you that there is some here that if you are hurting in your heart, you can feel the pain and you can feel the pressure you are not broken. God made you so that your heart would hurt to let you know there is a problem there, that it needs attention. It’s the simplest of all things; search your heart even now. If there is anyone in your life that would come sit down beside you right now where you are sitting, and would affect the comfort zone while you are in that room, my question to you is why? Why? Is there anybody from your past, if that is the case then you may need to consider releasing them, forgiving them, releasing the debt that they owe you. Unforgiveness is the poison we drink hoping the other person will get sick. All you have to do is release the debt.’ Jesus told the people that we are like the tax collectors, the tax collectors used to sit outside the city gate and they would collect the taxes, the debt that was owed before the people could go into the temple and worship, before they cold go in the market place and trade, they had to pay the debt that was due before they could get past that wall. Jesus said cancel the debt that these people owe you; open the wall back up to your heart.  I know the fears that you are feeling that you will be hurt again, things will change, it’s not working for you now. Open your heart back up it’s how God originally made you and when you do you will see the life and the fullness and the joy that you have not been experiencing ever since you let that wall go up. So let me just lead you in a simple prayer and just repeat this, Father in the name of Jesus I release, (name the name of the person). What they did to me was sin; take the sin from them and put it on the cross of Jesus Christ.  Father, forgive them and release them of this sin and on the day of judgment I will hold no accusation against them. They will be free of this sin. Father, bless them even now. For those who are doing that you are going to feel a  lightness in your heart, you are going to feel life come back into your body, physically many changes  will take place in you, even now.

SID:  Would you pray Joan?

SID:  Yes, and many of these prayers that we have talked about today are in this book.

SID:  I’ve noticed where you ministered to me, you were just following the book.

JOAN: Unhuh.   

SID:  So anyone could do that.

JOAN:  We wrote the book following us actually, but what  happens is, it’s subtitled ‘Effective prayers for the body, soul and spirit,’ and we teach people the unforgiveness prayer and how to be released and you know, the word curses and generational curses and  so forth, all of those are in here.

MICHAEL:  Ungodly covenants and it goes on and on and on of very simple things the Bible talks about that we can make changes in, and when we do we literally change. See we believe that all sickness has a spiritual root to it, and that when you correct the things in the spirit that everything else lines up, but it’s all tied together. Your marriage changes, your finance changes, your whole life changes and the joy that Jesus talks about just floods your soul and you start to have that life abundant. It’s not something that you have to go run down or hunt down, it is right here, it sis so easy to get it back. That’s the part we get, people, people, we get email after email and letter after letter I didn’t believe you, you said it was so easy, and they call us back, it is so easy.

JOAN:  It is.

MICHAEL: So much so that these people are taking this and now they are going into the market place and into the churches and they are praying for other people and seeing them healed just like we are.

SID:  I noticed that they’re buying multiple ones of these, pray for the people Joan.

JOAN:  I’m going to pray for the heart because there is so much heartache in America and all around the world. We’ve seen it as we have literally the world this year. Father, right now I the name of Jesus, touch their hearts, make their heart whole again. Father, as mine was just run through a meat grinder and you just picked it up and just, you know, symbolically you put it back into my heart and into my chest so I could love again and be whole. Father, right now in the name of Jesus, restore their hearts, restore their life; give them joy. In Jesus name Father, lift that depression from them, lift the oppression from them.  Father, give them hope, hope in Jesus name.

SID:  While Joan was praying God spoke to me, actually it was a little before Joan was praying, that there are people watching right now that know about God but do not know Him, believe in God but have not taken that next step to know Him, it’s not religion that I’m talking about, it’s not tradition, it’s for you, it’s for you, it’s for me, it’s for Michael, it’s for Joan. God’s got enough; I mean you have tried everything this world has to offer and there is nothing there. It’s bankrupt. Now’s your chance, now is your invitation. I’m not saying tomorrow you won’t have one, but this is all you have this moment. You don’t know whether that last breath was your last breath or not. This is your moment, repent of your sins, it’s no big word. Tell God, because you’ve offended Him, that’s who you have offended according to His word; you have offended God, that’s what David said, “Against me, against me,” God says “You’ve offended, you’ve hurt me, God’s too good to hurt, tell Him you’re sorry and ask Him for the power to turn from your sins, you can’t do it by  yourself, but ask Him in Jesus name, believe that your sins are totally washed  away, and then ask Him to live inside of you. See I heard about you, because God knows your name.  I say your ears are open now in Jesus name, ears open in Jesus name. You don’t have to be religious. I had a two-word prayer, “Jesus, help!”, and He showed up! It’s the heart He’s looking for; you broke it, now you can either cause that brokenness to cause meaning to come into your life or just keep feeling bad for yourself. Choose this day whom you shall serve, but as for me and my house, we’re serving the Lord.

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