SID:   Hello. Sid Roth here with Michael Hinson. I sure hope you can feel what I can feel, it’s so wonderful to be in the presence of God, there’s no other place I would rather be than right here, there’s no better  place that you could be than watching what  is going on because there is going to be a  demonstration of the power of God. I’ve got Joan Hunter here, she’s the daughter of the Happy Hunter’s, Charles and Frances Hunter, pioneers in the miracle healing ministry, and she was raised in that, that was normal, and Michael Hinson is sort of the adopted son of the Hunters and between the two of you, you have what, fifty, sixty years of seeing some of the greatest miracles on earth. You told me Michael, that your children were raised to pray for the sick and they are seeing miracles.  What about your children?

JOAN:  the same thing with mine, they’re older, and they are in the market place and

SID:  I wish I was raised that way but we Jewish people, you have not been sharing with us.

JOAN:  We’ve been trying the best we can.

SID:  Well you got the way to get our attention, the miracle grabs our attention.

JOAN:  Yes, miracles and signs and wonders, right. And you know people will come in, I have a daughter that’s in retail, people will come in that have, oh they lift up this hanger and whatever; ow, that hurts and carpel tunnel. She prays and carpel tunnel goes away, all the pain goes away people get healed. And oh, they’re checking out and they go, “I’ve got such a headache”, and she just prays in the name of Jesus, I command that pain to go and they go, “the pains gone,” and you know back problems and so forth.  She prays for them in the dressing room, it’s incredible what God does.

SID:  You know, speaking of pain, what I love is the way the two of you minister. You’ve got the power, you’ve got the strategy if you will, and you implement this strategy with the power, your two powers, the two anointings kind of merge with the strategy and the power. I want to see an actual miracle the way the two of you operate, let’s take a look at this man.

JOAN:  Okay. “I have degenerative disease.”

JOAN:  Okay, all of them or primarily the lower?  “All lower, I’ve got three of them.”  

JOAN:  Okay, and you’re always in a lot of pain. ”Unhuh.”

JOAN:  Okay, and what can’t you do besides walk upstairs and sit for very long or walk without pain? “About anything.”

JOAN:  Okay how far down can you bend? I don’t want you to hurt yourself, okay, that’s about it? That’s fine, don’t do anymore. Okay, okay, I know you’re in a lot of pain. I didn’t mean for you to go that far; the chair is right behind you. Say thank you Jesus, how does that feel? “Better.”

JOAN:  Okay, on a scale of one to ten, and ten is how bad it was when you came up here, where is it now? “Probably about a five.”

MICHAEL:  What happened right before you had the car accident? Let me ask you a question; I’ll be direct, did God ask you to do something right before the accident and it didn’t get done? “Yeah.”

MICHAEL:  Okay and what’s happened since then? “Since I didn’t do what I was supposed to do?”

MICHAEL:  Yeah. “It’s been rough.”

MICHAEL:  Okay. Then this is simple, okay.  God will take our doubt and He will deal with it, He will take our unbelief and He will deal with it, He will take even our failures and He will deal with them, He will take our disabilities and He will deal with them, but the thing He will not deal with is us telling Him no. That’s the one thing He will not deal with. Father, I repent, I know what You called me to do. I know what You told me to quit doing, and I did  not do either, and that caused the accident. “Father, I repent. I know what You called me to do; I know what You told me to quit doing, and I did not do either, and that caused the accident.”

MICHAEL:  Is that true? “Pretty much so, because I lost”

MICHAEL:  You don’t have to go into that; that’s fine they don’t need to know – just you and God. So Father, it was rebellion. “So Father, it was rebellion.”

MICHAEL:  Don’t tell me, look up and tell Him. “Father, it was rebellion.”

MICHAEL:  Can you repent now? “And Lord I repent for that and I ask for your forgiveness, in Jesus name. Take this from me and break it off of me, break the sin off of me. I repent for this sin and the sins of my fathers, in Jesus name, amen.”

MICHAEL:  Let it go, amen.

JOAN:   Okay, now walk over there. How does that feel? “It’s good.”

JOAN:  All the pain gone? “Yep.”

JOAN:  How does that feel?  “It feels great: because the pain left when he was praying for me. Amen.” 

SID:  Did you realize that once the root cause was bound, and you know Michael many times we don’t know what sin is going on, but most time people know about sin. That’s what I so love about this book; it states root causes for different diseases. How did you figure out, how did you two figure out what theses root cause were?

JOAN:  It was an experience.

MICHAEL:  They are all in the word, every single one of them is in the word. So we used the word of God for the foundation for everyone of these things, we had tried so many different things, and we found if we go back to the root, and stay in the word, and what the Biblical principles are in it, people get totally healed. When we first started we saw some people getting healed, then we saw more when we moved in the power ministry, then when we put together repentance with the power ministry we got the results that Jesus was getting. See, John the Baptist had already led the people into repentance before Jesus came, so their hearts were ready, but he did no mighty miracles so we bring people to the place of repentance, showing them things in the book that they need to change, they can see the truth of it in their heart, and then when it comes for getting healed it’s instantaneous.

SID:  Give me an example of a particular disease and what you teach in your book on how to be healed.

MICHAEL: Arthritis is quite often caused by unforgiveness.  Unforgiveness is root cause for

SID:  Is it always caused by unforgiveness?

MICHAEL:  It doesn’t have to be your unforgiveness, it can be unforgiveness back from generational curses. If your parents were not Christians serving the Lord, the Bible says the sins of the fathers can carry down to the third and fourth generation. Arthritis quite often is considered a hereditary illness.

SID:  That’s right because parents and grandparents have the same condition.

MICHAEL: And they carry through. We pray for people with arthritis and what we found was if we link them with basic forgiveness, and many people don’t understand basis forgiveness. We’ve been taught as a group that we need to forgive what the person did, but that’s contradictory to the word of God, what w need to forgive is the person, the Bible says that God separates the sin from the people as far as the east is from the west, we don’t forgive the sin, we forgive the sinner, and the sin is separated, it goes to the cross of Jesus Christ. When people get that concept of forgiveness, it literally  changes them, we see them over and over again, people  who can’t get healed get instantly healed, and we get  reports of them being healed months and months and  months later, lives totally changed.

SID:  Now you talk in this book about how important words are, especially when someone says something, judges with their mouth other people, or they are judged.

MICHAEL:  Exactly, again the Bible talks about words and word curses, we are going to be judged for every idle word and really the words are just a picture of what is already in our heart, you get stuck in nasty traffic and things are really going bad, if you squeeze a grape, grape juice comes out, if you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out, when the pressure around you squeezes you, what comes out of your mouth is a reflection of what is in your heart.

SID:  You now you’ve prayed for me, both of you last night, and you didn’t pray anything different than you have written in this book, but I have to tell you I am so convicted by the spirit of God, I would tremble to say something bad about a fellow believer. It’s, I see it now, I mean I knew it intellectually, but I see it right now.

MICHAEL:  That’s what makes this so amazing, this is so simple, it takes the practical things of life, applies them in the simplest of all ways, and people get healed like never before.

SID:  He says it’s simple, guess what, according to the manual, the Bible, it is simple, become like a little child. I think the two of you are like little children. We’ll be right back and watch out for an explosion of miracles. That’s not original; I took it from your parents.

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