SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Robin Harfouche. Well Robin was groomed from an infant to be a leader of the New Age. They called it a religion, the New Age religion. Sort of like Shirley Maclaine was a spokeswoman, Robin was being groomed by the manager of Shirley Maclaine to be a spokeswoman for the New Age. But when she said no, the spirits tried to kill her and she, on the worst day of her life, after she was confined to a wheelchair and the doctors said there was no hope for her, she went to this church. She had an experience with the Lord, walked in a lifetime cripple. She would spend the rest of her life in that wheelchair, and walked out totally normal. Married the preacher, as she likes to say. And one day after she had been mentored for a while, and discipled and learned the difference between the counterfeit power and the real thing, I like the real McCoy, I like the real thing, she had a vision. Her husband comes into the room. And what did your husband Christian see?

 ROBIN: Well it was like a cloud. You know, it’s like really intense, like a cloud you’d see in the sky if you’re flying an airplane. You couldn’t see through it. He couldn’t see through it. And I was caught up in a vision.

 SID: And he sat down and started just like a scribe writing down what you were reporting.

 ROBIN: Yes.

 SID: Where were you taken?

 ROBIN: Well I was caught up to Heaven and but somehow I was able to speak what I was saying even though I was there. I mean, it was Heaven underneath my feet, Heaven all around me, Heaven in front of me.

 SID: I mean, the experience you have is so amazing. It’s breathtaking, literally. But according to my notes, this was in, what year did this occur?

 ROBIN: I was healed in ’85 and I was taken to Heaven in ’86.

 SID: Okay. You saw something that’s ready to happen now. What did you see?

 ROBIN: Jesus took me to this incredibly gigantic, I would say worship center and I saw people dancing and praising the Lord. And then I saw balconies that went up as high as you could imagine and people praising the Lord. And then when I stood there Jesus said, “I’m tuning you in to the worship and prayer of Heaven,” and he said, “in the last revival, the final move of God because the Lord cares for people to know Him. And the final move of God,” he said, “there will be times where Earth and Heaven will come together so that worship and that prayer that you heard will meet the worship and prayer of Earth. And when it comes together there will people that are in cots that will just get up. There will be people who have amputated limbs that will grow out, that have been born blind, maybe without eyes and he’ll replace their eyes, because,” he said, “Satan, the enemy has been able to counterfeit all of my gifts” or all the things that he gives us that are supernatural up until that move, which will be created. And he said, “You cannot create. That’s the one thing you cannot do.”

 SID: When will this move start?

 ROBIN: I believe we’re in the beginnings of it.

 SID: Listen, I’m seeing some of these happen in your ministry, for instance, the woman with the steel rod and the boy that was born deaf and mute, and the woman with the lump. Let’s take a look at that now.

WOMAN: [crying] Titanium in my back. It’s got six bolts. And so I just can’t move. I can’t move my back at all.

 ROBIN: Every bit of titanium get out of this back! Every bit of battle get out of this ! Every nerve be restored right now! Stay there. You’re good. I want you to lift your hands up. I want you to bend forward.


 ROBIN: Now in the operation what did they do to your back? Tell us about the titanium?

 WOMAN: They put in a six-inch, six-by-two-inch plate curved with three-inch bolts or screws. So I had six screws and a plate, and it’s gone. It’s gone.

[cheers, applause]

 ROBIN: You saw her not able to walk. She didn’t have feeling from her knees down. And now, how do your legs feel?

 WOMAN: This is a little sore on this side.

 ROBIN: A little sore, but you can feel it.

 WOMAN: I can feel it. I can feel it all.


 ROBIN: Say Jesus.

 MAN: Jesus.

[cheers, applause]

 ROBIN: There’s a woman here and you’ve got a lump. I believe it’s on the left side and it’s getting bigger and hurting. Go!

 WOMAN: [screaming]

 ROBIN: Out! Feel. Push hard. Push! I don’t want to make you do this, but some people have never seen a miracle.

 WOMAN: [crying]

 ROBIN: I want you to tell me what just happened, baby.

 WOMAN: [crying] Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh thank God.


[end video]

 SID: I’m just tingling with the Holy Spirit watching those. But Robin, in Heaven, was instructed by Jesus how to get rid of the spirit of pain. Would you pray right now?

 ROBIN: Yes. We have the right in the name of Jesus, which is above every other name, that’s what the Lord told me in Heaven, I bind the spirit of pain right now off of your body and I command it to leave you and be gone in the name of Jesus, which is above every other name. Now what you need to do is you need to begin to move whatever direction you couldn’t move, go that way and you will find out right now that the Holy Spirit is right where you’re at. There’s no distance with the realm of the spirit and Jesus has already healed you. And you need to let us know. You need to speak it out of your mouth.



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