SID: I’m here with  Shawn Bolz, and this is phenomenal, an angel came to him and said, in this generation something special is going on, there is a transfer of the call of God on people whose lives were cut short, now I think the ones whose lives were cut short the most would be babies that were aborted. You had, was it a vision, or a visit to heaven? 

SHAWN: I just call it an encounter; because I can’t separate the two, I was all consumed with it whatever it was. And I went into a place that I would call a courtroom type scenario in Heaven, and Jesus was the one who was presiding, the ruler, the chief judge, and there was all of these people there that I would call maybe martyrs, and one segment of those martyrs were people who had been aborted, and I was standing in the midst of the ones who had been aborted in America, from the time that abortion was legalized and they were al crying out for justice at once and it was very overwhelming because you have millions and millions and millions of voices screaming for justice, they were passionate, they were more passionate than we see any church as ever been, because they knew they were promised justice for what had been wronged 

SID: Did it break your heart to hear them? 

SHAWN: Oh, I was devastated, and I was so devastated that I asked god to take me out of there but I knew that He had something to show me because He brought me there. And so when I asked Him to take me out, I said show me something or take me from here please, I can’t take it, it’s too overwhelming. He said look at her, and all of a sudden He pointed at one, and I looked at her, and it was a young girl, maybe eighteen years old, and she, all of their voices were silenced and I could only see her, I could only hear her, and I heard her crying out and she said, “I had a purpose, I had a calling, I had a destiny, but I was aborted, my mother didn’t understand, and she pointed at a young girl on the face of the earth who was about sixteen years old, she said, that’s my sister, she’s walking with you, she knows you, I had a purpose to be a worship leader, to sing, to lead people into the heavens and worship, to lead people into high praise, and it was completely cut short, would you give my destiny, would you give my inheritance to her? And she pointed at this young girl on earth. And everybody in the courtroom in Heaven looked at Jesus to see what is His response going to be, is this even legal, can this happen, can what was available for her be made available for her sister? And Jesus slammed down like a judge’s gavel and said, “It is done.” And all of a sudden there was transference from this young girl in heaven to this young girl on earth. And then when all these ones who had been aborted saw that this was available they began to look for those on earth that they could pray for who were actually qualified to carry forth an extra inheritance, or an extra ability and some of it was, whether it was creative arts or whether it was just for an added life of prayer. 

SID: Give me an example because you see when most people think of ministry inheritance, they would think of a great man or woman of God, to be a pastor or an evangelist, but you are saying it is a new paradigm that’s going on. 

SHAWN: It’s a new paradigm and I will finish this part in saying that the girl that I saw who was sixteen years old, two years later I was at a conference and I shared this story, and there was only five hundred people at the conference, and many women who had abortions were touched because they realized that their children were in Heaven and that they did have a purpose, and so one of them came up to me and she said I know that the girl you saw in Heaven was my daughter and let me introduce you to her sister, and I thought well this woman has really attached to this story, it’s very sweet, and I went over to her and it was the girl that I had seen in the vision, it was that real. And I looked at her and I said what’s happened to you two years ago, because it had happened around two years ago. And she said, “I was in my room praying one day,” and she said, “All I could feel was I have to get over my meekness, I have to get over my timidity, I am called to sing, I am called to lead people into worship.” And she goes, “That night, the next day I went to my youth group and I became the worship leader.” And she said; “Now I lead worship in our church.” 

SID: But it was the exact girl that you saw? 

SHAWN: It was the exact girl two years before that she entered into a worship calling that she was never bold enough to grab hold of herself, and she was crying out to God, how can I serve you, how can I love you, and He deposited that, I believe the same day we couldn’t track it to the date. Now another picture is, I believe when Rosa Parks died, she is a famous Civil rights leader, this gives you more of a secular viewpoint, because in the Bible there is never a word secular, and so I believe that all occupations that Jesus can get glory from are His, that He wants to have influence in those occupations, not just church occupations that we consider spiritual callings but also what about a civil rights leader, so when Rosa Parts died, I had a vision where I saw a new generation of civil rights leaders who were about to emerge, and they were going to be those who didn’t just say I have a dream, but they were going to be those who would live the dream. And what was available on Rosa Parks and other great civil rights leaders, I believe that as soon as she passed on, that, if you want to call it a mantle like Elijah to Elisha, if you want to call it just an inheritance or a calling, a calling was made available that we could actually say that her ceiling is now our floor as a generation, so who is going to rise up and take hold of that agenda that is God’s precious issue, I mean civil rights is precious to the Lord’s heart in America and other nations also, who is going to rise up and be a spiritual voice for our, you know, the whole society? 

SID: Isn’t it interesting that fairly recently a number of civil rights leaders rights leaders have died, a number of, there is almost a passing of a generation going on right now, do you think this has something to do with the timing of this visitation you had? 

SHAWN: I do, because I think I had this visitation in 2001 and I have been consistently seeing now different installments on top of the visitation I originally had, I’ve been seeing visions of different things that are happening and then when you just look at the secular media and what’s happening, I mean we have had major newscasters have passed on, we have had major celebrities pass on, we have had major civil rights leaders pass on, we have had major pastors pass on, and so there is a generational shift right now that is happening 

SID: All right, explain to me now the difference in the paradigm that we had and what God is trying to show us? 

SHAWN: Well I believe that God, there is ever increasing glory, and we learn from the past, but we also forget the old, we forget the weakness, we forget the days behind, we need the lessons they learned, we need their history, but now it’s time to walk into a new place, and so I believe that people have an opportunity right now to literally start where some people left off to be spiritually empowered, I believe that Supreme Court justice right now in America, there could be a complete turnover in some of the major laws just because God is making it available, He is allowing one generation to pass 

SID: What I meant is in your book, Keys to Heaven’s Economy,” these truths that you have in here you said that God is as interested in a businessman and his ministry is business as opposed to just making money to give to someone that is a pastor or an evangelist or a televangelist, explain that. 

SHAWN: Okay, the government of God I believe is unto eternity, that’s unto all of the ages, and so what I saw with this minister of finance experience was I saw businessmen who were sowing in kingdom ways, not just giving their money ways but starting projects where there would be an inheritance like lets talk about the movie, The Passion. And Mel Gibson gives his person estate where this movie could be made and all of a sudden it goes, and it’s shown before, I don’t know how many people it’s been before, last time I saw it was a 770 million people had seen The Passion, and you know that is almost one sixth of the worlds population has seen this movie, and he gives a personal inheritance into it to do this and it’s kingdom and it has eternal fruit, and so when you talk about the government of God, you are not just talking about what the institution of church is right now, you are talking about people who are walking in kingdom mentality who are building unto eternity now, and so that happens in any occupation, that happens whether you are a businessman, a movie star, a teacher, a mother in home, it you are investing into eternity, when I was seeing this, people were being given strategies to actually understand how to cooperate with Heavens agenda, with the eternal agenda, now. 

SID: And you saw these new inventions, and music, and don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this word.

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