SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Kevin Dedmon. And Kevin, you are so filled with the presence of God that your wife is having hives, but, you know, you hear of hives, oh so what. But it was bad.

KEVIN: It really was. She had to get up two, three times in the middle of the night, take a hot bath to get any kind of relief. And we went to every dermatologist we could go to. We had people pray for her. And one night I’m sleeping, and in my sleep, I don’t even remember doing it, but I just reached my hand over and put my hand on her stomach, and a fire just went through her whole body, and she was completely healed that night.

SID: So the secret is whether you know you’re doing it or not, just touching someone and leaking the presence of God-

KEVIN: That’s right.

SID: Is going–And that, I love that you teach you that in your book about leaking. But you can’t leak unless you’re filled and saturated.

KEVIN: Yes, that’s right.

SID: Tell me about the thumb that grew back.

KEVIN: Well I was in a meeting and a guy came up to me after the meeting and he asked if I could go after creative miracles. And I said, “Well sure I can. I’ll go after anything.” And so he holds up his left hand and he’s missing his thumb. He had cut it off with a skill saw. So I just grabbed a hold of it and it was impossible. So I just started laughing, just kind of like Abraham laughed when he heard that he was gonna be a father of a nation. And he’s in the Hall of Faith in Hebrews, Chapter 11, I believe, because he laughed. In fact, they even named their child Laughter.

SID: Yeah, that’s what “Isaac” means in Hebrew, laughter.

KEVIN: Yes, that’s right. And so I just grabbed a hold of his hand, and after about three or four minutes I didn’t feel anything except for just the joy of the Lord and His presence. And I let go of his hand, and there was a brand new thumb. He’s looking at it as though, did I give him the right thumb? He’s looking at both thumbs. And he finally just starts jumping all over the place. “I’ve got a new thumb!” And then I had a few of our team members come over and give him a new thumbnail. He didn’t have a thumbnail.

SID: What do you mean gave him a new thumbnail?

KEVIN: He just laughed over his now newly formed thumb and they laughed, and he got the white part of the thumbnail, and now it’s completely grown out.

SID: But you know what I love? I mean, he talks about things I’ve never seen before. How about singing? Tell me about someone that was healed when you sang over them.

KEVIN: Well it was crazy. I was praying over a woman who had been pretty debilitated. She couldn’t walk more than ten feet at a time, and she had been debilitated for about five years through a surgery procedure that had been botched a little bit. And so I had this song that came into my mind. It’s a secular song that you’d hear on a radio station playing secular music. And I knew I couldn’t sing this song over her, “It’s the end of your world as you know it.” So I just changed the lyrics in my mind because I really felt like the Holy Spirit gave me that song as a prophetic strategy of what God wanted to do to heal this woman. So I changed the lyrics and I sang it over her, and then I had her sing it over herself, and she was completely healed.

SID: That’s interesting. Not only did you sing it over her, but he asked her to sing it over herself. Would you sing that over the audience right now?

KEVIN: Well it’s a pretty simple song. I’m not a vocalist. So this goes to show that anything we do that’s prompted by faith, whether or not we have the talent for it or not, can be totally effective in releasing the Kingdom of God. So here we go. And I want the audience then to know that as I sing this you could take this for yourself. So here we go. [singing] It’s the end of your pain as you know it. It’s the end of your pain as you know it. It’s the end of your pain as you know it and you feel fine. [speaking] And now sing it over yourself.

SID and KEVIN: [singing] It’s the end of my pain as I know it. It’s the end of my pain as I know it. It’s the end of my pain as I know it and I feel fine.

SID: You know, it’s just like the laughter. It’s just like the singing.


SID: It releases the healing presence of God.

KEVIN: It does. As soon as this woman sang this song over herself she was immediately healed. She went home. Her family loaded up in the minivan and followed her as she ran a complete mile at 11:00 at night.

SID: And how long has she not been able to?

KEVIN: Five years, she wasn’t able to do that.

SID: Five years.

KEVIN: She wasn’t able to talk more than ten feet in five years at a time.

SID: And you’re saying to me that you are not special.

KEVIN: No, I’m not. In fact, I released this in a church that I was at, and a woman who had been to a dentist lost her nerves on her cheekbone and in her chin, and the doctor told her that she would probably never get the feeling back. This had been a week. She sang this song over herself, got the feeling back. The next week her brother was in a car accident and was in a coma in another state. She flew to the hospital. Her family was in the room. She thought, “Well I’m gonna sing this song over my brother who is in a coma.” She sings the song, “It’s the end of your pain as you know it. You feel fine.” As soon as she finished the last note he came out of the coma and he was totally healed and left the hospital. Anyone can do this.

SID: I would be remiss if you didn’t agree in faith for people to be so filled with the Spirit and the glory of God that when they sing, when they laugh, it would release that glory.


SID: Pray for them right now.

KEVIN: Well I release confidence that you already have all you need and God has given you everything in His presence to release His Kingdom on yourself and other people around you. I want to encourage you it’s not about a formula. It’s about a relationship. It’s about encountering His presence. It’s about encountering His goodness. So I release the goodness of God over you, His good mood, the laughter of Heaven. He who is enthroned in the heavens laughs. And so I release what is in Heaven into your life here on Earth.

SID: You know Kevin, more important than a thumb growing out, more important than a kidney materializing is what happened to me. I was at a point as a Jewish man that I would have either been dead, in a mental institution or committed suicide if the presence of God had not come into my room and revealed Jesus as Messiah. But not everyone has this type of an experience. It’s a decision and that’s the good news. It would be bad news if it just happened to me or to Kevin. But it’s good news because anyone that makes a decision to get rid of the junk in their life. I mean, you’ve tried the junk. Now try God. You get rid of the junk in your life. You believe that the blood of the Messiah washes away every bad thing, every rotten thing you’ve ever done. That makes you holy in God’s sight. And when you are clean and holy, you say, “Jesus, come and live inside of me. Be my Lord.” You know, it sounds so simple because it is. But it takes a step of faith. You say you don’t have faith? You have the ability to make a decision. Make a decision right now that Jesus is your Lord. Live for God. Make your life count. Have purpose and I tell you that shalom and the peace of God that is waiting for you, that it’s the most wonderful life in the world. Live it now.



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