SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Kevin Dedmon and laughing. We’re told, actually scientists have found that when people have deadly diseases like cancer, and they start laughing, they get healed. There is, well I’m reminded of the scripture that says, “A merry heart is good medicine.” My guest, Kevin, laughs over people and people get new body parts. Tell me about that person that got the new kidney. 

KEVIN: Well I was in Miami, Florida doing a healing conference and the first night the ushers brought up a woman and asked, “Well can you pray for her for healing?” So I just asked her what she wanted. And she said, “Well I really want to be healed but I don’t think I can be.” I asked, “Why not?” And she said, “Well I have been suffering from kidney failure for the last two years and I’ve been bedridden for the last three months, and it’s gotten so bad that I finally succumbed and I went down to the kidney transplant center and put my name on the list for a new kidney. And now my relatives who are elders at another church, they’ve told me that I’ve lost all hope for healing now because I put my name on the list, which was a demonstration of my lack of faith.” To which I responded and said, “No way! Your faith is standing right here, right now.” And then I said, “Oh, more than that, I see God smiling over you right now.” And then I saw an added picture and I said, “I see Him dancing around you. And even more than that, He’s smiling over you and He’s dancing around you and He’s laughing over you.” And I put my hand on her head, and she was an African-American woman about five-foot-six, and she looked about 65. I found out later she was 38 years old. I put my hand on her head and I just started laughing and she started laughing. We’re laughing this gut-wrenching laughter over about three or four minutes. And finally she says, “I’m on fire! I’m on fire! Fan me off!” So her husband is behind her fanning her off. And then we go back to laughing, and then she’s yelling out, “Fan me off! I’m on fire!” And finally she says, “It’s in my feet! It’s in my feet! Fan me off!” And her husband is on the floor fanning off her feet and we’re going back and forth laughing. Now this woman couldn’t sit a chair on her own, let alone get up out of a chair on her own. She could barely walk. She had to be helped up to the front. And all of a sudden she does something like Michael Jordan meets Bruce Lee and does this flying kick at the front of the church and she lands and says, “I’m healed! I’m healed!” And she’s running around yelling, “I’m healed!” Jumps into the front row seat, jumps out. Now all of a sudden she looks like she’s 38 years old again. She goes back to the hospital to the transplant center the next Monday and they can’t figure out why she’s already received a brand new kidney. She got a kidney transplant as we just left. I never even got to pray for her. All we did was laugh. 

SID: Now was this something unique, or does this happen often? 

KEVIN: Oh this happens everywhere I go. I just start laughing over people. They start laughing. And in His presence is fullness is fullness of joy. And it’s His presence that heals people. So as we just enjoy His presence as the oil of gladness comes– 

SID: Now do you have to be told to laugh? Do you have to feel like laughing or can you do it as an act of faith? 

KEVIN: Well, you know, everything we do in the Kingdom is a matter of choice that we do by faith. Forgiveness. Who feels like forgiving when you’re offended? You know, it’s like I don’t want to forgive you. I want God’s wrath to come upon you. Well no, you need to forgive because it’s right. But I don’t feel like forgiving. Okay well I’m gonna make a choice by faith because it’s right in the Kingdom to forgive. I forgive you. Oh, the heavens just opened up again. Giving, serving, laughing, tithing. All of these things we do by faith as a result of the choices that we make. So it’s something that’s cultivated. 

SID: If the thing about the kidney surprised you, what about the person with lupus? 

KEVIN: Well that was something that I called out as a word of knowledge originally in a meeting that I was in, and it took five times before somebody actually responded. And it turned out that it was a woman that wasn’t even in the meeting. The head elder at this church, his wife had just been diagnosed with lupus that week. She was so depressed over it and hopeless because of the diagnosis and the prognosis that she couldn’t even come to the meetings. So we got her on the cell phone and I called her at home, and I just began to release the presence of God over the phone, and we started laughing. Both of us started laughing over the phone. I put it on speaker phone. The whole church erupted in laughter.

 SID: Laughter is contagious. 

KEVIN: It is. It really is. In fact, you know, we’re told sociologists tell us that if we laugh in public it will change the environment. And I think that’s how we can actually bring God’s presence into an atmosphere is through the joy of the Lord. And so we all started laughing, and she began to feel heat going through her whole body and all of the pain left until she was completely healed. Her husband, when he got home, saw such a change in his wife. They ended up laughing for two solid hours until about one in the morning. This is on a Saturday night. She comes back Sunday morning, both services, she gets up and shares the testimony how she is now completely healed. I was just back in the church just recently and she sends me little gifts all the time, her and her husband, and she was just so thankful. It’s been about two and a half years since she’s been healed now. Then I shared the testimony in the next church that I went to, and it turned out that a woman came up holding a cell phone saying, “My daughter is on the phone and she has the same name, and she has the same disease. Can you heal her? She’s in Mississippi.” So right there over the cell phone, because of the testimony, this woman gets healed over the cell phone as we laugh over her, and then three other people on cell phones that night get healed of lupus. It’s amazing. 

SID: Kevin, I have to ask you, you walk in an astounding, astounding gift of miracles. But what about me? What about you? Can everyone walk in miracles in your opinion? 

KEVIN: Well listen, if I can do this stuff, anyone can do this stuff. And that’s what I’ve learned. In fact, being at Bethel Church and under Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton, we’ve learned that anyone of us can walk in the Kingdom reality. 

SID: Kevin, there’s a phrase. I don’t have time to go into it. We’ll pick up this funny story about how you reached over in your sleep and touched your wife, and she gets healed. 

KEVIN: Yes, that’s right. 

SID: I mean, don’t go away. We’ll be right back. And also, how about the power of singing? We’re gonna reveal that to you. We’ll be right back.



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