SID: Hello, Sid Roth. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is Rick Joyner, and he’s part of MorningStar. When I think of MorningStar, I think of a number of things, Rick. I think of prophets, people that predict the future, I think about young people, but I also think about music. Where in the world did you get what is known as the MorningStar music from? How was it birthed?

RICK: Well, I gave permission to some musicians to kind of go wild. I guess I should better say go free.

SID: Were they good musicians?

RICK: They’re some of the world’s best. But they felt like in church, they could not use their gift, they were so restrained. They had to be so held back and all. And I said “Well, if you play before the Lord, we want your best licks. We want you to play better than anything you’ve ever done in the world.” And so I kind of set them free.

SID: Why is it that we humans are so stuck in tradition?

RICK: Well, I believe a lot of what we call religion is a religious spirit that is not necessarily true worship. I think there’s nothing more exciting than God, but nothing more boring than religion. And what we’re called to is relationship, not just religious rituals. And there is a religious spirit that I don’t believe is the Holy Spirit that puts a great yoke of restraint on people.

SID: But this music is so different. It’s sort of like… It’s a culture shock for some people,
but the young people like it.

RICK: They absolutely love it, that’s why we draw so many young people.

SID: You were telling me you were on – I’m sorry – a religious television station in England, and they’ve estimated that something like 50% of the audience that listens to this music are nonbelievers in Jesus.

RICK: Well, that was what they estimated, and it’s true. When we do conferences, when they first started that channel in Europe and all, we did conferences there, we were drawing sometimes 50% unbelievers to the conferences. We would have many become believers quickly, but they were drawn because of the music I believe.

SID: Rick, you said there’s a warning on this latest CD of yours. What’s the warning?

RICK: Well, we tell people not to listen to it while they’re driving a car, because so many get speeding tickets. It’s intense. I mean this is pedal to the metal.

SID: Now you know they do have TV in cars right now, so pull over to the side of the road if that’s you. Tell me about this artist that’s featured on here, Leonard Jones.

RICK: Well Leonard Jones is really, I believe, one of the best guitarists in the world, and some of the best guitarists in the world, those who are considered that, believe Leonard is. He is truly remarkable. But he plays every instrument. He could sit first string violin in most symphonies. He’s truly, I believe, a musical genius, and he plays with some of the best. And I believe he’s writing some of the best stuff too.

SID: Ok, speaking of the best stuff, wait till you hear this. It comes from Ecclesiastes: “There is a Time.”

§ Leonard: There is a time, a time for every season of life §
§ Everything that’s under the sun §

§ A time to give away, a time to sow a seed §
§ Time to reap a harvest §
§ Time to give a praise, time to stand in awe §
§ Time to bow in worship §

§ There is a time, a time for every season of life §
§ Everything that’s under the sun §
§ Oh, there’s a time to live, there’s a time to die §
§ Time to live a resurrected life §
§ Time to live in peace, time to stand and fight §
§ Time to give a shout with all your might §
§ Time to give away, time to sow a seed §
§ Time to reap a harvest §
§ Time to give a praise, time to stand in awe §
§ Time to bow in worship §
§ §
E flat
§ §

SID: Listen, that is good! That is good! Now I’m not in that younger generation, even though in my heart I am. I’m not in that, but I like it. How about you, Rick? Do you like it, or are you just…?

RICK: Oh, I love it, I love it. It’s great.

SID: So literally, you said “No holds barred, whatever God shows you, do it.”

RICK: Yeah, do it with all your might, play your best licks, and be free. And I believe where the Spirit of the Lord is, there’s liberty. I also believe we’re serving the Creator who so creatively made every snowflake different, loves diversity, loves creativity. I believe creativity is one of the places where we can most touch the heart of God, and there’s got to be freedom for that creativity.

SID: I love it. There’s a Hebrew word, chophesh, and it’s freedom. And everything that we should do, is when people think of religion, they think of bars. Not bars where you drink, I mean bars of prison! But it shouldn’t be that. It should be… In fact, you wrote a trilogy that they’re about ready to make into a motion picture. What’s the name of that?

RICK: “The Final Quest.”

SID: How many of those sold?

RICK: I have no idea. They estimated two million or more, but it’s translated into so many languages we haven’t really kept up with it.

SID: Now you understand prophecy yourself, you’ve been caught up into the heavens, this best-selling series was literally from a visitation you had, and you understand prophecy. I want to find out what God is showing you as to where we really are in history, whether we’re really in, as the orthodox rabbis say, the footsteps of Messiah. Be right back after this word.

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