SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. I’m going to show you something in a moment that is historic. To my knowledge, there had never been so many Jewish people at one meeting in the United States of America coming to know Jesus. I’ve invited my good friend and board member, Warren Marcus, to be with me right now, because he videotaped what occurred. Warren, I’m gonna ask you what affect it had on you in a moment. But this was a life changing experience.

WARREN: It’s amazing, Sid. I mean, I had no idea when we walked in there what would happen. As a matter of fact, I was wondering if anybody would show up because we were in a totally Jewish area.

SID: We had 400 chairs set up and they had to keep pulling chairs. So we had between four and 500 people.

WARREN: And you had said, “Put more chairs out there.” And I’m thinking, Sid is going mashugana or something. There’s something–

SID: Oh by the way, Warren is also a Jewish believer in Jesus.

WARREN: And so I just said, you know, he must a word of knowledge or something, or some idea that something is gonna happen. But when I saw the people show up, that was the first miracle. There were so many Jewish people who didn’t know Yeshua who were there to hear a lecture on the supernatural. No music, no setting, no spiritual thing like that that we’d think at a kind of a setting like a church.

SID: Right.

WARREN: It was just a lecture on the supernatural.

SID: Nothing religious. There was nothing religious in the advertising. There was nothing religious in what I said. But these Jewish people saw God. Let’s take a look at the video footage.

(video) Brighton Beach was established in 1878. Brighton Beach is situated at the world famous Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. Brighton Beach has been dubbed “Little Odessa” because of the influx of Russian Jewish immigrants who have made Brighton Beach their home. Under the roaring sounds of the elevated trains, you can still find the Russian influence by the signs on the stores that are written in both English and Russian. The street vendors sell Russian books and relics from their former homeland. Although there are synagogues, the Russian Jewish people are independent. They are open and curious concerning the supernatural. Sid Roth and Messianic Vision had a burden to reach out to this community with the Gospel. They rented a secular theater. The posters under the marquee advertises Russian movies, comics and events. Sid Roth placed a newspaper ad in a Russian publication with an invitation to attend a lecture on the supernatural. They also ran a TV ad on a Russian cable station and on a electronic billboard advertising the event.
Man (video): [Russian]
(video) A local Messianic congregation handed out flyers outside the theater. As a result, over 400 curious Russian Jews crowded the theater. There was no worship music. Instead, a video was played showing testimonies of people who had an encounter with the supernatural from Sid Roth’s TV program, It’s Supernatural.
(video) [background crowd noise, applause]
(video) Sid Roth began sharing his background.
Sid (video): Every miracle we read about in the Bible I have seen and talked to people that have experienced them.
(video) The woman who had been confined to a wheelchair for over two years rose out of her wheelchair and began to walk.
Woman (video): [Russian]
[background applause]
(video) The atmosphere became charged with faith to believe God for the impossible.
Sid (video): Everyone that wants to know God for themselves.
Woman (video): [Russian]
Sid (video): Stand up right now and remain standing.
Woman (on videotape): [Russian]
Sid (video): Dear God.
Woman (video): [Russian]
Sid (video): I have made many mistakes.
Woman (video): [Russian]
Sid (video): For which I’m so sorry.
Woman (video): [Russian]
Sid (video): I believe.
Woman (video): [Russian]
Sid (video): The blood of Yeshua…
Woman (video): [Russian]
SID: (video): Washes away my bad deeds.

SID: I’ll tell you. I don’t know about you , Warren, but I get shaky when I see that. I get so excited. When that woman got out of the wheelchair and her attendant shared, “I’ve never seen her walk before,” what happened to the spiritual atmosphere in that room?

WARREN: It just cranked up. I mean, you could feel God’s spirit. And you hadn’t even revealed who the healer was yet. You were talking about your journey to find God, to find out the door to the supernatural, the true God, who He was. And I remember that people were getting healed. They didn’t know who the healer was. You said, “God is here. His river is here.” They were seeing the miracles. Miracles were happening. And then when you asked them to receive Yeshua into their lives as you had done and that he was the healer, I believe that’s what brought about that incredible altar call, in essence, people standing and saying unashamedly, Jewish people to say that they wanted their Messiah, the one who came years ago, who was rejected by our religious leaders. And here they were receiving him. And it was like the Bible coming alive, because when Yeshua walked the earth he was healing people. There was miracles happening. And it says that I believe it’s not just the Jews that need to see miracles. I believe the gentiles need to see miracles. I believe the Church needs to see miracles. Those who are living in the Church today don’t’ understand how marvelous our God is because we’ve become just like Israel was when Yeshua came and they denied the supernatural. They denied the power. It says that they had a form of God that denied the power. And when you have a form without power, it’s dead. And that’s what we’re seeing is death. And what I want to tell you is what really moved my heart is my own grandparents, they were Russian Jews. And when I walked that neighborhood and I saw all those people there, I saw my grandparents who died without knowing Yeshua. And these people were like my grandparents. And I saw the faces of these people and they were like–and I started weeping.

SID: That’s the way I feel as you’re speaking right now.

WARREN: And just tears were coming out. And I was trying to film, but the tears just kept flowing.. And even after we left, for days I was wrecked by this thing, because I said, this is what we need to do. We need to share Yeshua because the openness now–

SID: It’s new. It’s now.

WARREN: It’s now.

SID: This is a new day. Forget what’s happened in the past. God did something. I didn’t lead these people to the Lord. God did it and He’s just saying to you if you’ll just open your mouth, He will fill it, and you will be able to, you see, when you got Heaven, you only take one thing with you: souls. He who wins souls is wise. Be wise. This is God’s moment of mercy on Israel. The reason that you are watching is the next Jewish person that crosses your path get ready to open your mouth and pray for a miracle.

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