SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. In 1996, God instructed me through a dream to write a book. He said more Jewish people would come to know Him through that book than anything that I had ever done before. And history proves that this was a dream from God. Over 850,000 of these books have been distributed in multiple languages. It’s ten Jewish people from ten different walks of life: a Jewish Ph.D., Mike Brown, who you just saw, a Jewish mega-millionaire, a Jewish concert pianist. Jewish people from every walk of life from Orthodox Jewish to Reform Jewish, to atheist Jewish. Talking about Orthodox Jewish, I want you to learn Sharon Allen. Sharon Allen was an Orthodox Jew. She moved to Southern California, married a gentile. They personally helped build the synagogue in Southern California, and it was a ready for her husband to convert to Orthodox Judaism. And he found out he had to deny Jesus. He had never brought the subject of Jesus up to his wife. He was so Jewish in everything about him. But he could not deny Jesus. And so his wife said, “Not to worry. I’ll just study the scriptures and absolutely prove to you that Jesus is not the Messiah.” But let’s find out what she found out.

SHARON: I said to Ron, “You know, you’re such a successful businessman. How can you believe in something so pagan and so mythological.” And at this point, I guess business was my husband’s religion actually. But he just said, “Well, I don’t know.” It was just something that was natural to him and he just couldn’t do this. It was a horror for me that morning. But then in a moment I had a calming thought. I’ll just read my Jewish Bible. And I figured it wouldn’t take me long. I’d start at the beginning and I’d start to read, and pretty soon I’d find a scripture that would prove to my husband that that man could never have been the fulfillment of the Jewish Bible. And I began to read. And my husband went off to work and my daughter went off to school, and I sat there reading page after page. And hours later my daughter came home from school and my husband came home from work, and there I was still sitting page after page reading. And then the next morning my husband went off to work, my daughter went off to school. And this went on for days, went on for weeks, went on for months. I couldn’t believe what I was reading in my own Jewish Scriptures. The rabbis say that you cannot read the Hebrew Scriptures without the commentaries. So I bought the Soncino commentaries. I bought the Tanakh Series by Masora Publications. I bought the Rashi commentaries, and I kept reading. And I kept researching and researching. I bought the Takamin. And I kept researching and researching. I bought the Talmud and I kept reading and reading, and reading. And it seemed that the early rabbis, the ancient rabbis, they recognized that there were two pictures of the Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures. They even had names for them: Mashiach ben Josef, Messiah, Son of Joseph, who would come as the suffering servant, and Mashiach ben David, Messiah, Son of David, who would come as the conquering hero king.

SID: And then, I mean, the most amazing thing. Remember now, no one is helping her. She’s doing this search all on her own. And she found a secret code in the Jewish Scriptures. You see, every Hebrew name has an English meaning. So she took the first ten names in the genealogy of the Bible, and guess what she found? Take a look.

SHARON: What the message says, “Mankind turns their faces towards and are appointed mortal, grievance sorrow to lament and to mourn.” Then with the next set of names, it says, “God who is praised comes down to instruct and to consecrate. He is sent forth as a prophet priest to be smitten and scourged, to die, to give rest and security, a quiet attitude of peace.”

SID: Imagine every name in the Bible has a message. And when she strung it together she got the perfect presentation of the Gospel. Now a Jewish atheist in Israel, one of my favorite stories in the book, David, Yaniv, he slipped, had an accident, hurt his back, had surgery on his back, and he was paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors said no hope. You just have to learn to live with it. And he starts watching, of all things in Israel, “The 700 Club”. And there is a word of knowledge that comes forth. Someone is healed from the waist down. Let’s take a look at this healing right now.

DAVID: That same evening around about 10 o’clock, as I was lying in bed, and the only way I can describe it is like an electric shock that ran down from my spine to both my legs.

SID: Were you praying for this to happen that night?

DAVID: Not that night, no?

SID: Were you doing anything spiritual?

DAVID: I was reading a book.

SID: Okay.

DAVID: Reading a book.

SID: And all of a sudden this like electric charge shoots through–

DAVID: And all of a sudden there was this electric shock from my spine to both my legs. My legs started shuddering in a way that I had no control of them. And I didn’t pay attention because a paralyzed person gets these unwanted movements every now and then. So I thought this was one of those and I went to sleep. Yes, it’s a reflex. I went to sleep. The next morning, however, in order to get out of my bed and strap myself into the shoes with the iron calipers and the corset, and, you know, the whole paraphernalia, I had to assist my legs to get out of bed. And as I touched my foot there was feeling. I touched myself everywhere else and there was feeling. And with the catheter, all of a sudden I felt my bladder wants to work. Something which I never felt for seven and a half years.

SID: Who did you tell?

DAVID: So here is my wife next to me in bed. I said, “Sheila, come quickly and see what happened.” And my wife, bless her heart, she’s South African, and this is how she did it. She said, “Rubbish! Close your eyes.” And she took a needle and she says, “Where am I pricking you?” And let me tell you something. I struck her right away before she was going to make a sinner out of me.

SID: You could feel everything?

DAVID: Every prick.

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