SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov. And Alyosha, the Messiah says constantly, “Speak out loud.” And there’s something so powerful about the spoken Word of God. Why is sound so important to God?

ALYOSHA: First of all, God created the whole world with the sound of His voice. But also on the physical realm, the light and music, light and sound is the same physical reality. It just operates on different frequencies. So the scripture says in 1 John, “God is Light.” That means that God is music. God is sound and He penetrates everything that’s in this universe. There’s no place where He is not. So I believe everything is made out of sound, everything.

SID: What about the frequencies and the vibrations. Explain that.

ALYOSHA: Well frequencies began in the second verse of first chapter of Genesis, where it said, “The Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” When you take that word, [Hebrew] and bring it to the root, [Hebrew] at the root level, the meaning of the word is “to shake and vibrate.” So as there was darkness, everything was without form, and the first application to the problem with the work of the spirit, when God set up his frequencies and then God began to speak and He said, “Let there be light.”

SID: What is the highest frequency?

ALYOSHA: I believe the highest frequency is God himself. And God is love, so love is the highest frequency.

SID: And that’s why the Messiah talks so much when miracles happen you read about the compassion of the Messiah, the love being poured out into an individual. Jody, you’ve done research on the Hebrew language, and get this, when you get the Word of God, when you get the Hebrew language together and when you get love together, you’re moving in the highest anointing of Heaven and Earth, and under the earth. It will literally change the molecules. It will literally cause a mountain to move. What have you found out about the Hebrew language? It really is a supernatural language.

JODY: It is totally supernatural, Sid. We discovered a man by the name of Hans Jenny who was a Swiss scientist, and he was doing research back, oh maybe 20, 30 years ago. And he took different languages and he actually developed a machine called the tonoscope. And through this machine he would put different languages and to see how the sound would affect matter from different languages. There were only two languages at that time that he discovered that had an impact on matter, on molecules. He took sand, water, different mediums, and he found that one language that is still in existence today, which is Hebrew, had an impact on that matter. Actually, when the words would be spoken, according to his writings and his research, that actually the [Hebrew] or the valve points would actually be imprinted right into the sand.

SID: That is really supernatural.

JODY: That is supernatural. So we found that, you know, out of all the languages, we really want to use Hebrew more. We want to understand Hebrew. I believe that God spoke the world into existence and He must understand Hebrew. It’s the whole first part of our scriptures are in Hebrew.

SID: Well, you know, many people speculate since Hebrew is one of the purest languages that was ever written, that in Heaven the language that we’ll be speaking will be Hebrew. What do you think about that?

JODY: I think that’s right. We’re gonna start studying now. How’s that?

ALYOSHA: Can I say something? See the very first word that God spoke in Hebrew, which translated, “Let there be light,” in Hebrew he said, [Hebrew] and He would listen to this the sound of breath [Hebrew]. I think he spoke universal existence in Hebrew with Hebrew sounds. That’s my opinion.

SID: Well you’re entitled to your opinion, but it sure makes a lot of sense to me. I want you to hear right now Alyosha. Now he is a master concert pianist. I mean, he studied. He’s paid the price. But he had an experience that we’ll be talking about in the next segment that totally revolutionized his life. He moves in synch in supernatural love as he plays the piano. And when you hear the Word of God and when you hear it in Hebrew, and when you hear that highest frequency of love coming through the piano, get ready to have every molecule in your body change. Alyosha from his CD, “The Lord is My Healer.”

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