SID: Hello Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. And I gravitate to people who speak what God tells them to say and they are called prophets in the Jewish scripture they call these people seers hearing God speaking what he says is better than the best thing you’ve ever seen on television the best football baseball basketball game all put together hearing God but what is better than listening to some one who can hear God is for you to hear God and that’s what so excites me about Ben and Brenda Peters because; you not only hear God but you activate people other people to hear from God also something happen to you Ben I’m going to take you back you where in Bible school you where a nice student you love studying you love Bible school and you went to a prayer meeting and it was the day of reckoning could you tell the truth or could you tell what we call a white lie? What where you asked and what did you respond?

BEN: We were asked by a leader and this is a dorm prayer meeting and 8 of us in the room and one of the upper classman I was a freshmen and one of the upper classman asked who has any burdens tonight. So they could have something to pray for it was an assigned prayer meeting and immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart you don’t have any burdens and I was enjoying Bible school as you said.

SID: But I have to be kind with you an I might of said I might of come up with one and said Africa, you know you know just out of the blue China why didn’t you just do that?

BEN: Well the Holy Spirit was dealing with me and I knew better and I had a option as you say and when it came my turn I said my burden is that I don’t have any and that was the greatest single turning point in my life that I can remember because I expected to get a burden for lost because my family was all save I came from a godly heritage an I was enjoying Bible school and a social life and everything but I didn’t have a burden for other people that much and I knew I should and I knew that God did and so….

SID: But you can’t make this up!

BEN: No, the Holy Spirit had a plan for my life and he couldn’t fulfill it with the present condition of my heart and so he began to wake me up early in the morning and instead of just getting a burden for individual people God gave me a passion for the church and for revival and I began to look through the book of acts over and over again I read about half of it every morning weeping over this book of miracle that I knew was for today I had seen a few miracles.

SID: But why are you weeping right now there are tears in your eyes.

BEN: Um this is the most precious thing that has ever happen in my life is to have God burden to come upon me and realize that he was using me to um for the birth of revival.

SID: Now when you would get up at five did it start out being a effort forcing yourself to or how did it start out.

BEN: No it was just like a call I knew I was being attracted to that place of prayer I  couldn’t wait to get there I wanted to be alone I wanted to be able to pray out loud so I went to a little piano practice from where I use to practice voice lessons and their was just room for me and that piano bench and I would get on my knees where with that piano bench with my Bible in front of me and I just cry over the book of acts and just pray God do it again and I saw the church as being a sleeping giant with incredible potential but not aware that we had this power available to us.

SID: You told me you did a research study of the scripture and how many times was the supernatural use when people came to the Lord.

BEN: There is almost 100 cases of conversion in the scripture and 90 of them its very clear there was a result of something supernatural taking place

SID: But it’s the opposite today in fact its even worse its not 90 percent cerebral I think its 99 percent cerebral and maybe that’s why you have such a burden for people to call themselves Christian.

BEN: Yeah that’s why present we see more revival in third world nation where they haven’t had the higher education and learn to trust in there mind.

SID: Now is it true that you where so hunger for God that God put such a desire for you to pray that you didn’t even care about food classes or I mean what was that like? 

BEN: I really have never practice fastening before and I wasn’t intentionally fastening but there was morning that I had been there for maybe and hours to and hour in a half and the present of God was still so strong in the room that I couldn’t leave the presence of God for breakfast although I could hear it happening In the room uh close by where I was praying but I would just stay and miss breakfast and I would make in time for my first class but that would probably be two hours in the prayer room and that would happen morning after morning.

SID: You are going to find out how Ben and Brenda broke into the prophetic and they have found that the prophetic just demands the attention of those that don’t know God and they have a special presence of God on them that it can be transferred to you because the scripture says that we might all prophesied don’t go away you are about ready to receive some gifts.

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