SID: I can’t wait for this, even for myself, and for you. When Alyosha Ryabinov plays the piano, he’s at a whole level higher than he’s ever been before, because he is literally in the presence of God. And that same presence of God’s love and acceptance is going to go right into you. You’ll see what I mean.

§ music §

And the Father will say to you “You’re My son, you’re My daughter.

I have created you before I created this world.

And I brought you forth at the right time and in the right place.

And when you were born, I received you into My arms.

And I want you to know that I love you with a love that’s

unconditional; with a love that does not fail.

And even when other people have failed to love you,

I’ve never failed, for I’m your true Father.

In Me you have awesome inheritance that no one will steal from you.

So open your heart to Me, and let My love flow like the river.

My love flowing into your heart and healing you and restoring

you, and telling you who you really are;

that you have a true Father, the Creator of the world.

I am your Father, and I love you.”

§ music §

SID: I don’t know about you, but I can feel ripples of the presence of God. Such peace, oh.

I just pray in Yeshua’s name that that peace be all over you and all over your family. Alyosha, what change in your attitude occurred in your attitude toward your own family as a result of what was transpired; the Father’s love with you?

ALYOSHA: Well, I realized because there was no freedom of the Father’s love flowing into my life, I couldn’t give it in fullness to my wife and children.

SID: You can’t give what you don’t have.

ALYOSHA: That’s right. So I was spending too much time with my music, and of course it went between me and Jody. And our marriage was good, but when I came back and I realized I was not the husband I should’ve been, I went to Jody and my children, and I repented to them.

SID: You also wrote a poem. Would you read that poem?

ALYOSHA: Yeah, I wrote a poem, and then I brought it to our congregation, and there was not a dry eye when people heard it. This is a poem written to Jody, my wife, and it goes like this: “My dear, beloved Jody, do you remember how, almost nineteen years ago, you came into my life? My Father God has truly planned this, as He has said a long time ago, it’s not good – not good at all – for man to be alone. As God’s most precious gift, you came to be my wife, by His divine provision, for me to learn to love. We were so much in love that, even for one day, we could not stand to be apart from each other’s presence. It was your love that made me feel so inspired, so alive, to know my destiny and purpose. Through you, I know the love of God. But as the time continued, I’m sad to say, it is true, my music and my ministry took precedence over you. So you became neglected, your needs weren’t truly met. Likelier felt uncared for, unloved, whose heart now ached. And even then you loved me, no matter what. You stayed with me to keep the covenant of marriage and to serve our family. You tried to tell me, I didn’t listen. I thought that everything was fine, and did not know that I was in prison until the Lord opened my eyes. He filled my heart with love all over. The Father’s heart has touched my heart. He made me realize, I know, that my priorities weren’t right. I know I love you very deeply, and I would like to ask you now, Jody, please forgive me. I’m too sorry for what I have done. I hope one day I could repay you for all that you’ve done for me, just as Yeshua came to save us, and laid His life to set us free.

I want to tell you how I love you. I’m your beloved, you are mine. I’m so glad my love has found you. Because of you, I came alive. And yes, I know that my Father has poured His love into my heart, so I could give it freely now in fullness to you, my sweetheart.”

SID: Jody, how has your marriage changed?

JODY: Oh, it’s just been amazing. I think from that point on, God began to restore our family.

He restored our marriage to a level that it was not. I mean, like how Alyosha said, we had a good marriage. It wasn’t a bad marriage. But God’s not after the good. God wants so much more than good. He wants supernatural marriages. He wants marriages that are a reflection of His love and union.

SID: Quickly, look into the camera, Jody, and pray for all of those men and women that want what you have.

JODY: You know, you’re listening, and you’ve heard Alyosha’s testimony. I just want to say to you that God doesn’t want you just to have good. Or maybe you don’t even have a marriage. Maybe you can say “We live in the same house, we sleep in the same bed, but we don’t have a marriage.” The way to have a good marriage is to turn your heart first to the Father. Let God come in. Let Yeshua – Jesus – come into your life, and let Him be Lord. Let it start there, and God will begin to restore and rebuild, and maybe make something that was never there. So I pray for you right now, by the Spirit of the Living God, that you would receive His love, right now. Right now in your heart. He forgives you, He loves you, He washes you, He cleans you up. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, where you’ve been. God wants to restore families. God cares about families. God loves families. He loves marriages. And He’s after your heart right now. And I don’t care what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, it doesn’t matter. Turn your heart over to the Lord, and let Him fill you with His Ruach Ha Kodesh, His Holy Spirit. Let Him fill you with love. And let Him restore and make up for the years that have been eaten away in your life. That’s what the word of God says. He wants to heal you right now. Father, in the name of Yeshua, I speak peace to every listener. I speak Your love and restoration to marriages and families, and lives that have been torn apart. Father I pray for families that have been broken up right now.

Children that are way worse father I pray that you would restore the family right now as people surrender.

SID: Jody I tell you God will never love you more than he does right now in Yeshua’s name come to know your father.

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