SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov. And Alyosha, so you went to this conference because you believed in God, you had intimacy with Yeshua, but God was a million miles away to you.

ALYOSHA: In my mind.

SID: In your mind. And you… It was just far. In the natural, your father died at a young age, so he’s far away. And in the supernatural, in your mind anyway, God seemed far away, even though you knew you were a child of God. So you went to the conference, and what happened?

ALYOSHA: Well first of all, there was wonderful teaching on the fact that Father loves us unconditionally. There is absolutely nothing we did or did not do to deserve His love. He just loves us because He created us.

SID: Well isn’t there something you could do so He could love you more?

ALYOSHA: Absolutely nothing.

SID: Well that must give you a lot of peace.

ALYOSHA: That gives me lots of peace, because I finally understand, “Wait a minute, love is unconditional.” Because if we have to earn love… And see, when we grow up, we don’t feel it. Sometimes we just get praise only when we do well, but when we don’t do well, we don’t get any praise, we just get criticism. So in our mind we think “I have to do something to earn love.” Well, God loves us no matter what. And this teaching really started to penetrate my heart, but then there was an older man, just kind of a father type. He didn’t speak much, but he would go around and he would just come to people and look with this kind smile in your face, and he would give you a hug. And that was uncomfortable, hugging people. I would hug people, but like this. I need my space in between.

JODY: That’s true.

ALYOSHA: And so this man came to me. He didn’t ask me anything, he just put his whole body, and see I’m small and he’s big, and I found myself inside of him, like that.

SID: I understand.

ALYOSHA: At first I tried to get out of it. It was my first natural reaction, and then he said “Father, give him all the love that he did not receive growing up.” And suddenly, it’s like something broke, and the rivers, like Niagara Falls of love started to pour into my heart, and I felt the arms of the Father. There’s a scripture in Deuteronomy that says God is our refuge, but underneath the everlasting arms. Those are the everlasting arms that I now experience. And so now, no longer was God far away on some far away planet, He was just right there next to me.

SID: Alyosha, I understand that for… You’d just never cried before. Why?

ALYOSHA: I just didn’t know how. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but I think there was a lot of, maybe there was wrong impartation from my family. “Men don’t cry”, you know?

SID: Of course. That’s a Jewish thing, but it may not be just a Jewish thing, it may be a universal thing. So Alyosha, what happened with the tears?

ALYOSHA: Well, while I was at… That was actually not a conference, but there was a whole school that I went to for one month, and every single day I would come back to my hotel and I would cry. I’d cry to anything.

SID: Like when you called your wife, could you hear him crying Jody?

JODY: Yes, he would get on the phone and just start to weep at the presence of God that was filling his heart. And we were married for 20 years when this took place. He’s never cried in 20 years of marriage, and he was loving and kind, but emotionally, he couldn’t experience the depths of God’s love for him. He couldn’t even share with other people, on an affection level, God’s love.

So there was a block.

SID: Alyosha, what difference has this made in your playing the piano?

ALYOSHA: Well, I still feel God real close to me, and so I feel His love flowing through me, ¬†and out. Remember what God told Abraham? “Leave your father and your family and come into a land that I will show you, and I will bless you, and then you become a blessing.” And so what God is saying is, “Now that I’m your Father, I can bless you, I can give you all the love you need.

Now it’s going to flow through you and you can give it away.” Our destiny is to receive love and give it away. So it doesn’t matter whether I speak, whether I play the piano, my Father’s with me and He’s putting love into me, and it flows out.

SID: Now Alyosha, I’m curious, why do I see tears in your eyes right now?

ALYOSHA: Because I feel His presence. I fell that the Father is saying to me “I love you. You’re special, you’re precious.” He’s proud of me, He’s proud of you.

SID: You know, just the way Alyosha had this hug and something supernatural transpired between this man and Alyosha, when Alyosha plays the piano, I believe that same impartation is going to happen to you. And I’m going to urge you not to hold back. There’s that tendency. Alyosha, I bet you could’ve tried to hold back, but you were desperate for intimacy with God.


SID: And you’re desperate for intimacy with God. You’re desperate. By His fellowship you were healed. Isaiah said it, First Peter 2:24 said it. Alyosha, I want you to go to the piano, and ¬†unrehearsed, by the Spirit of God, I want you to play the piano and speak to people. And I believe the same impartation that you received, you are going to receive. I proclaim that in Yeshua’s name, in Jesus’ name. Don’t go away. You’re about ready to have a life-transforming circumstance now.

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