On “It’s Supernatural:” they can be the most influential and powerful people you know, our children. To these kids angelic visitations and heavenly visions are normal. See how the younger generation is changing the world by bringing adults and other children into the realm of the supernatural.


Do angels exist? Are human miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural

help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of, “It’s Supernatural.”


SID: Hello Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. Would you believe that young children and teenagers are praying for blind people and they are getting their vision back? Praying for the deaf and they are beginning to hear? Having visitations to heaven, visitations to hell? Going on chariot rides to other parts of the world? I mean supernatural chariot rides. And that is normal. And it sounds outrageous to you because you have been in the sub-normal for so long but you are about ready to find out what is normal. My guests, David and Kathie Walters experience the normal, David, you and Kathie were in a congregation that the Spirit of God had freedom and just flooded the place, tell me some of the things that would happen.


DAVID: it was pretty wild, actually.


SID: Well that’s, I told you that my people understand normal.


DAVID: Well we would have, we would have these meetings after we would come out of more of the traditional religious atmosphere, we came in to this revival, and people, some people would come, we had this place that we used to rent, and about a hundred people or so, 120 would squeeze in there at a push, and sometimes the anointing was so strong that people would not even get into the meeting, they would fall out in the foyer, and you would have to climb over bodies before you got into the meeting.


KATHIE: Or on the pavement.


DAVID: Or on the pavement there.


SID: You mean the Spirit of God would be so strong, that people, it would be stronger than people’s will to walk and they would just be flattened, I mean that really is not your norm, I mean I think that the secular news would carry event like that. So Kathie, you told me that it was normal for people to know other peoples names even.


KATHIE: Yeah, I think the thing that was different about that revival was that it wasn’t platform oriented, God used everybody so it didn’t matter where you sat, wherever you sat the person next to you would probably tell you your name.


SID: That’s what I meant, they wouldn’t know, they would not know the person, like I wouldn’t know this woman’s name and I would say, “Hi Kathie.” I mean that is what she is talking about.

That is normal. David, tell me something else that would happen.


DAVID: Well when people came in they didn’t sit there and talk and wait for the musicians to come, they would start worshipping, they would start singing, and then more people came in and they sang, and more people and they sang, and they sang over and over again, but by the time everybody got there the whole place was like electrified and then people were falling out and the power of God was there, and no one was leading it, it was just totally Spirit-led. And then people would stand up and prophesy and give a word and testimony and then someone would give a teaching and it was so, it was orchestrated, people thought it was organized like, an Anglican minister came one time and said, “How did you do this? You must have rehearsed this for weeks.” And we said no we just did it, and he couldn’t believe it, he said it was amazing because everyone had something, not, I mean not every single person there, but so many had something to share and to give, and even the children would get visions, and they would stand up and give the word of the Lord and the songs would just start up from the congregation, for the people not just the musicians.


SID: I understand what you are saying because when I became a believer in the Messiah I would go to meeting where they would sing in unknown tongues and it would sound like a symphony orchestra, they would sound so magnificent like they had rehearsed for weeks, or years, but they would just sing, as the Spirit would give them. What if someone came into that particular group with sin? Give me an example, what would happen.


DAVID: Sometimes people would come in and then run out, but in one meeting I remember, and we had a lot of visitors on Sunday from people who would come, and we had a young evangelist there and he suddenly stood up and he said, “The Lord has told me that there are six people here that are in immorality, and if you don’t stand up and confess it, I am going to stand right in front of your face until you do.” And boom, boom, boom, boom.


SID: They stood up.


DAVID: They stood up, yes.


KATHIE: Immediately.


DAVID: Immediately, those people.


SID: I understand the teens didn’t do what they normally do at most congregations, and that is do what the world does.


DAVID: Sit back, chew gum, pass notes, mess around and go off and do all kind s of stuff, no they would say that we can’t do that because you don’t have a back, there is not a front and a platform and a back, anybody could suddenly read their mail and this is what freaked them out, the teenagers would freak out because they say you know you come to this church you had better be right because someone is going to stand behind you or next to you and suddenly point out what

you have been doing so it scared people.


SID: Listen that is normal, that is normal, I so crave that, Kathie what are those sparkles on your face?


KATHIE: They just come when the anointing comes on me.


SID: Well, the anointing must b eon you.


KATHIE: Yeah, so they start getting on my hands and…


SID: You told me you were at a meeting and people were smelling different aromas?


KATHIE: Well that has increased actually, you see, because God speaks not just through the word but he speaks through different manifestations and signs. So there is different aromas that are all telling you something, so just last weekend when I was in Florida I think in one meeting, there was an aroma of fresh bread, honey, lilies, roses, and there must have been over the weekend a hundred different perfumes that showed up.


SID: And each perfume has meaning.


KATHIE: Strawberries…


SID: How about roses, what does that mean?


KATHIE: Jesus is the lover. And then lilies come and that is usually to do with intercession, fresh bread because it is a fresh word, and so God is speaking, strawberries, we had strawberries a lot and that is friendship with God.


SID: I love that, I hope we smell some strawberries right now, but David; you had some visions of children that are so wonderful, would you share them right now?


DAVID: I was pastoring at that time and the Lord gave me a vision and I saw Islamic, radical Islamic children being trained to become terrorists, and I saw Marxist children being trained to become radical for their philosophy, this was about 15 years ago, and then I saw, the Lord gave me a vision of church children that the little ones were being babysat and playing with puppets and clowns and the fun things, and the youth were going to pizza parties and going to theme parks and having activities. And then the Lord spoke to me and said, “Satan is preparing his army and my church isn’t training her children.” And he said, “Do something about it.” So I didn’t open, I really didn’t want to do it. If you argue with God and God argues with you, you know he is going to win in the end so I began to blow the trumpet call.


SID: Listen David, I absolutely believe there is going to be a move on children because they haven’t been taught God doesn’t heal today they haven’t been taught that just be normal, well I’m going to tell you normal is really abnormal and if you are saying normal here we are going to be right back, but you are going to find out about some of the most wonderful, supernatural things that children and teenagers are doing right now in God, don’t go away.

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