SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Danny Steyne, and Danny, we were talking about a man by the name of Surprise who works with the Heidi Baker Ministry in Mozambique, Africa, and the dead coming back to life and how they are understating it and these people are dead, dead. How long do they have to be dead?


DANNY: Four hour.


SID: Okay, and you know they understate it, they say something like 50 have come back from the dead. So Danny was with this fellow, Surprise, and you were, as I understand it, you were looking for a breakthrough or something, and he walks up to you, and you asked him to pray for you, tell me the circumstances.


DANNY: I was in Sacramento, actually at that point, and I needed something at that point, and I just said Surprise, would you pray for me? And he laid hands on me and he said, “Ah, you are going to New Jerusalem.” And immediately there was a release that came on me and I ended up having a wonderful visitation from the Lord.


SID: Stop for a second. You know what’s going on right now? God’s presence has so invaded this studio. Danny, are you feeling what I am feeling?


DANNY: I am.


SID: It’s almost like as you are talking about, you literally left your body, how did this happen you said you were in New Jerusalem?


DANNY: You know, the realm of the spirit, the realm of God is a very real realm and God is looking for people that will become comfortable with his realm.


SID: I love it.


DANNY: Oh, I love it.


SID: I can, and I know you can, I can feel when his realm invades the studio.


DANNY: When you read the pages of the Bible you realize that is such a supernatural reality that they lived in, and we have so easily forgotten that all that we believe is based upon something extremely supernatural, and we have to learn to enter into that place.


SID: Is that why you wrote your book, “These Walk On Water”?


DANNY: Yes I did.


SID: Walking on water, that’s pretty supernatural, but you know what, there is going to be such a separation coming, and I love this book, because this book will allow people to move into that invisible realm. So anyway, you are touched; you find yourself, what is the New Jerusalem?


DANNY: It’s a place, that when I was there it was amazing because as I got closer to it I began realizing that even the buildings themselves were alive, and I began realizing this is what he means that we are living stones, all being built up, and that there is something, they were moving, it was a visible…


SID: They were breathing.


DANNY: Yes, it was an amazing thing, as the Lord showed me that…


SID: You know, everything is life, there is a mixture life and death on this side of heaven, but in the New Jerusalem everything is alive so that makes sense.


DANNY: Absolutely, absolutely, and he took me there and he took me actually to this place that was vast, and I saw warehouse after warehouse after warehouse, just fields and fields of them, and I knew I was to go into this one warehouse, and as I went in there, I looked at a table that was in there and I looked at what appeared to be body parts, I saw a foot and I saw a leg and I saw hands and just body parts, but there was no life in them, it was just, they were the body parts. But then I recognized that the feet I was looking at were mine, but they were much younger, much much younger. And I went, what is this?


SID: that’s a good question, I would have said the same.


DANNY: and I heard, I heard the Father say, “These are your body parts.” And I said well what does that mean? He said, “I’m waiting for you to ask me to release those to you.” Then he said, “I will give life to them but that, you don’t need to wear out, you can continue on.”


SID: You had a dream about how long you will be living. Tell me about it.


DANNY: Actually I had multiple dreams, and I actually went to some friends that I really trust who really hear from God as well, and I asked them about this dream, because it was so odd to me because I’m not, I’m not your normal fit kind of a guy, and I said I had this dream and in the dream I was 118 years old and I was preaching the gospel, and everyone of them said we believe that that is absolutely literal Danny. And I believe that, I believe that’s what the Father was showing me, that I will live to 118, and be preaching the gospel, until that time.


SID: With new body parts, not a 118-year decrepit body, but with the new body parts.


DANNY: No, we can’t live in a body that is constantly braking down, we are going to live from glory to glory, we are going to live in a realm where there is an increase of health that is going to come on us supernaturally. It is God who gives life and it is God who holds our lives in his hands.


SID: Do you – I believe, now this is between you and me, but I believe this, I believe I’m going to get younger. It will be a sign and a wonder on those that are watching the television show, they will begin to see me get younger, you’ve just go to watch all the time. But it’s not just you, it’s not just me, it’s for whosoever I believe.


DANNY: Right, well it’s a piece of the gospel that we have. When I received Jesus, I was born anew, and I was born into something that was eternal not something that was going to be decrepit, and so we are seeing miracles happening in old people every day.


SID: That 85 year old woman, don’t go away, we are going to talk about what happened to this 85 year old woman, we’ll be right back.

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