SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Neill and Cindy Russell. Neill wrote the most supernatural, wonderful, historical fiction thriller, that reads just like today’s newspaper. It’s so supernatural that I’m amazed at some of the things he put in here. Just between you and me, you have the first female President of the United States. Was she running when you started this book? Did you know that she would be running for President?

NEILL: Had no clue. No one threw their hat into the arena yet. I truly believe that what is in that book was right from God.

SID: Now, listen. Neill was a strong Christian, but really in his head. But in his heart, he wasn’t so sure about this supernatural realm. Yet this book is filled with it, written on two levels: what’s going on in the spirit realm and how it’s affecting the natural realm. You won’t want to put this book down. But Neill really and truly didn’t believe this, and his wife, a year earlier, was given a word from God: You’ll live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord. She didn’t quite understand it, she asked Neill to start praying, she started seeing demonic activity, she actually was attacked one night, and Neill wouldn’t do anything. What changed your mind, Neill?

NEILL: I love her with all my heart. And those of you that have a relationship with 35 years invested, you will do anything for that person.

SID: I mean when you found out, bile duct cancer, no hope of surviving, you came to your senses.

NEILL: We went to every major hospital, same diagnosis. Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, UPMC – less than 6 months to live. No one has ever survived having 80 percent of their liver consumed with cancer.

SID: No one?

NEILL: No one has ever survived. Cindy’s tumor marker, which measures how much cancer you have, was the highest ever recorded. Most people die with a tumor marker of between 300 and 400. Cindy’s was 37,000. So I cried out to God, I called Messianic Vision, I called The 700 Club, I called everybody to pray with my wife. But it wasn’t until one day I called a counselor at The 700 Club, and she revealed to me, even though Cindy was trying to tell me this, that she didn’t believe what Cindy had was natural, but it was supernatural. And it’s like the blinders fell off my eyes, and I realized at that moment… and I’m filled with scriptures, I know the scriptures, but I realized that it was my responsibility as the spiritual head of the household to pray over my wife. And at that moment, I took authority in Jesus’ name, I walked around my house 7 times, the first time casting out all the demons, the second time I prayed angels around my house, and then I started quoting God’s word. I have not stopped from that moment on, Sid. Every day, morning through night.

SID: Cindy, do you believe that made a difference in the fact that you’re even with us today?

CINDY: Oh definitely, because once he started taking authority as head of the household… I was jaundiced, and my jaundice went away, and I was able to start eating at buffets.

SID: God does not have to work through a miracle that we fashion in our mind. God is going to work the way He wants to work, and He directed Neill and Cindy to a doctor in a very supernatural fashion, who came up with new technology. Explain that.

NEILL: Our doctor, Dr. Jerome Kennedy, invented a tool using a light beam that dissolves cancer cells that are wrapped around arteries. You cannot remove cancer from a vein or an artery with a scalpel. He is the only human being who has this patent. He is a Spirit-filled Christian, he gives God all the glory and credit for this. So here we are, searching the world for a doctor. Where did we find one? In the hospital where Cindy was born. Cindy spent all summer of 2007 living at her mother’s house. God had a perfect plan, and Cindy is 100 percent cancer free. No human being has ever survived having 80 percent of their liver removed. In November of 2007…

SID: If you hadn’t prayed Neill…

NEILL: She’d be dead, without a doubt. Cindy would be dead.

SID: I mean that was like a needle in a haystack, to find that doctor.

NEILL: Absolutely. And one thing I can tell you for sure,Satan wanted her dead. Satan did not want me to finish writing that book.

SID: Give me a thumbnail sketch of this book,”Newton’s Riddle”.

NEILL: Sir Isaac Newton died in 1727, and for the last 30 years of his life, he truly felt that God

wanted him to find out when Christ was going to return. And what it shows us is he found out when it was. No other book… All these “Left Behind” books take you to the book of Revelation. He found out that Jesus’ return is now.

SID: Listen, as wonderful as the “Left Behind” series was, it doesn’t hold a candle to the now-ness of this book. Give me again a thumbnail sketch of the book.

NEILL: Satan has a plan. Now we never think, and it’s never taught in church, and no one hears about this, but Satan sits down and strategizes with his demonic princes, and they sit down and plan it out, just like the government does. And what happens in the book is the Academy Awards from hell, in chapter 7, in which they go back and they give each other awards for all the schemes that they’ve done; how they’ve desensitized us to sexual sins, and how they’ve destroyed the families in America. This is all plots that they’ve done for the last 45 years.

SID: And you see this on the two levels.

NEILL: Oh, absolutely.

SID: But the premise is, disease hits the nation, the President doesn’t know what is going to happen, and she has a meeting from one of the stars in your book, and he discusses a scripture with her. What is the scripture?

NEILL: This is the scripture, Genesis 12:3. “God admonishes all nations throughout time. I will bless those who bless the descendants of Abraham, the Jewish people, and I will curse those who curse.” And America, since it’s foundation, has opened it’s arms to the Jews.

SID: And isn’t it amazing that he is from Annapolis, Maryland, where they had a plan to go against Genesis 12:3. God says “I will curse those who curse the Jewish people.” Don’t go away. Don’t leave! This is getting exciting. Be right back.

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