Sid Roth here with John Paul Jackson

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with John Paul Jackson. And I am so excited to be with you at this moment, and I’m excited to be with you at this moment. I believe that this is, this is a Hebrew word, it’s besharet, it’s destiny, it’s meant to be. Let’s whet their appetite a little bit. Tell me a few things that God showed you before the fact. Let’s go into the Presidential elections. Tell me something He told you about our President, before it happened.

JOHN: He told me that Ronald Regan would become President, and in fact, Ronald Regan came to me in a dream and visited me and told me that he would become President.

SID: My goodness. Tell me something else, maybe with our satellite rocket system.

JOHN: Well, He talked about the things that were going to be happening as far as small nuclear warheads being able to be put onto a very small missile. It was previously thought that it had to be the size of an automobile, a nuclear warhead had to be the size of an automobile. But He told me that the day would come when they would put nuclear warheads on small rockets that would be able to go anywhere from 500 to 1000 miles. It would be a small rocket, but it would still carry a nuclear warhead.

SID: How long ago did He tell you this?

JOHN: That was in 1980. 1980 He began to tell me that.

SID: My goodness. You can get in trouble if you talk about things like this before it’s released to the general public.

JOHN: Oh, I did. I did some programs like this on television, and I had people writing in saying “This is a false prophet, because I have an uncle who’s in the nuclear program, and he tells me it’s the size of an automobile”, and so on. And so yeah, I had a lot of things happen like that, a lot of people said that I was a false prophet because of it. But now we know that it’s come to pass. It’s true.

SID: If you could get the ear of President Bush, what would you tell him, based on what you know?

JOHN: I would tell him to, I would ask him to reconsider the ideas of giving land away in Israel. I would ask him to reconsider how he is going about the Middle East process, and has gone about it; that there is a way to gain what he wants to have happen without all the things that we’re going through right now.

SID: Have you got any insight at all into what’s happening in the land of Israel at this moment, and what’s going to happen in the near future?

JOHN: Things are going to get worse in Israel. There’s going to be… The things that happen right now were basically used to diffuse the attention from Iran and what’s going on with it’s nuclear program there. At the same time, Israel suddenly recognized that this armament that was being built up by the Hezbollah was being put there as an offensive weapon, not a defensive weapon; that Hezbollah was trying to make a name for itself above Al Quaida and above Hamas. And so, there was some jealousy and tension between those three Islamic groups, and that jealousy is going to continue. In fact, it now is continuing, because there’s now infighting among various groups, even Hamas and the new group trying to come up. I would also say that if Israel, in this next Prime Minister – there’s another Prime Minister coming quickly…

SID: Do you know who this Prime Minister is?

JOHN: Um, I’m not supposed to tell yet. I’m not trying to be…

SID: I know who it is.

JOHN: Somebody’s probably supposed to release that, I cannot release that. Again, I’m not supposed to. I’m not trying to be evasive, I’m just trying to be obedient. But with the next Prime Minister, there is an opportunity for Israel to really gain some ground. And I believe that if the people in America will pray, seek God, that He will send divine answers and divine solutions to the enigmas that currently seem to be facing – daunting enigmas – that seem to be facing Israel right now.

SID: Tell me about a dream that you had that came to pass. What it meant and what occurred.

JOHN: Well, one that comes to my mind immediately that was when I left the secular world, the corporate world, and went into more of a religious setting. What happened was I had a dream where I was kicked out of an airplane, and my boss was kicked out of an airplane. And when I was kicked out, my parachute wouldn’t open. I tried to open it, and I tried to pull the ripcord out, I pulled the second ripcord, the emergency chute, pulled them off. And only as you can do in a dream, I left my body, went down to check out where I was going to land, found out that I was going to land on the land, and I knew that I could bend this time/space continuum. Things in dreams are strange, but that’s why they’re metaphorical. You can bend this time/space continuum. If you run fast enough, you can land in the water and not on the land. So, my spirit, so to speak, ran out to the water, my body came down, and I hit the water. And then when I came up out of the water, I thought I was going to drown because I went so deep, I heard a voice, and the voice said to me “When you come up, I’ll have equipped you to minister to various people, and various people groups. And I will open up doors for you, but you’re going to lose your job. And you’re going to try to do two different things. Remember two different chutes: one was the regular chute, one was the emergency chute. You’re going to try to do two different things, but neither one of those are going to work. You’re going to realize that you had to fall into the water. I am that Water. I am that fountain of Living Water.” Remember, metaphorically speaking. “And I will give you life. And when you come up out of this, you will be equipped to minister to people who need to know more about Me.” And that happened three days later. Three days later, my boss made a play to become vice president of the company, he lost that play, he was removed, and 24 hours late I was removed, because I was the man right underneath him in charge of everything.

SID: You know John Paul Jackson, my staff went through your CD on dreams, where you teach people this, and all of a sudden, they started having dreams that are very, very significant. Is this an unusual report, or does this happen often?

JOHN: No, there’s an anointing that happens. Saul, when he met the prophets, he began to prophecy. There’s something that happens with the Lord, He gives gifts to people. When you come into contact with people who have those gifts, then you end up doing the very things that those people do. So if they have a dream gift, then you end up dreaming. If they have a prophetic gift, you end up with prophetic revelation that you didn’t know you were going to have, understanding about things you didn’t know.

SID: You just gave me an idea. Would you pray for impartation of the anointing that’s on you, to be on the people to be able to understand dreams?

JOHN: I would love to.

SID: Do that now.

JOHN: Abba Jehovah, in the name of Yeshua Messiah, I ask You to give understanding and insight and revelation to people who don’t yet have it, or to those who don’t remember it, or to those who You want to move into greater understanding of the way You speak, the eternality – how You are eternal; always have been, always will be, and are at this moment. I ask You, Father, to show them what they need to do in order to walk into the purpose for which they were created. I ask You to open their minds, because Your Word says in Job that You speak in many ways and man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, while men slumber upon their beds, You open the minds of men and seal their instructions. Father, I ask You to open the minds of the people that are listening right now, and seal their instructions, so that they can walk into a greater knowledge of You, and have impact upon the people that You desire them to touch.
For Your great name’s sake I ask it, amen.

SID: I believe there was a transfer of a very special presence of God for you to have dreams, remember dreams, and understand dreams. And then it’s up to you to be obedient. By the way, would you be shocked if the next Prime Minister is Netanyahu in Israel?

JOHN: Probably not.

SID: Uh oh, I think I got something! Anyway, Jeremiah 31:31. You want a word from God? That’s from God. That’s for you. Behold, the day has come, in which I shall make a new covenant, a blood covenant, with the house of Israel and the house of Judah. Not according to the covenant I made with their forefathers, which they violated, but this new covenant will do two things. One, God says “I will remember your sins no more.” You will be clean, and there will be nothing separating you from God. And two, you will know God. Isn’t that what you want? There’s no other name given unto men in which we must have this new covenant but Yeshua – Jesus. Jesus is the way to God. The only way. Jesus is the way to God. The only way.

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