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SID: Hello, Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it is natural, supernatural, my guest, Bill Weise, he says he literally went to hell. Now Bill, if I was selecting a candidate to go to hell, and I had such ability, believe it or not, you would be the one that I would select, why do I say that? Because we’ve done research on his background, he is a real estate name, we’ve checked with his pastor, many years of solid citizen in the church, I even got a letter from a former chief of police in his area giving glowing recommendations, I understand you have never taken a drug in your life, you don’t drink, you have never been in the new age or occult?

BILL: No, not at all, I’ve been a Christian for 36 years and

SID: Never had any problems with the police obviously.

BILL: No, no.

SID: So according to my notes on November 23rd, 1998, you went to a prayer meeting, obviously, figures, and it’s what, like three in the morning or so, what happened?

SID: All right we came home from the prayer meeting the night of the 22nd, went to bed, and at 3:00 in the morning the Lord picked me up and dropped me off in a prison cell in hell, I found myself in a prison cell.

SID: Could you feel yourself dropping, like some people feel themselves going up to heaven, I mean we hear a lot of stories about people going into heaven, but I have read a book recently where a lot of doctors say they don’t like to report about it, but when people who are coming close to death they start, they start literally seeing what appears to be hell and they are so fearful, so you literally dropped, then what?

BILL: I dropped, like you said, and found myself in a prison cell with stone, walls and bars, just like you would imagine a cell, and I didn’t realize where I was at that moment, but I noticed immediately heat was, incredible heat, that I should have been incinerated, and died right away, but I was still living through this heat, I looked and I noticed there were these two creatures in the cell, they were reptilish in appearance, huge, about 12 or 13 feet tall, large jaw, big teeth, huge claws, and they were pacing like a caged bull in the cell, they were talking amongst each other, blaspheming God and cursing God, and…

SID: Now, you told me that Jesus had told you later that he took all memory that you were Christian, you went to experience what it was like as a non-Christian in hell.

BILL: He withheld it from my mind that I was a Christian and explained that on the way back, but also, so I was there as an unsaved person would be, just like someone who had not accepted the Lord, so when I saw these creatures I didn’t realized immediately they were demons, but that is what they were, fallen angels or demons, and they had hatred for God and for myself, and they immediately directed their hatred towards me and picked me up and threw me into the wall, I felt my bones break, another one, the other one picked me up and shredded my flesh with his claws, just tore up my flesh, and you know my wife and I like to work out and take care of ourselves and eat right and now none of that mattered, the body was just being destroyed.

SID: Now, what kind of pain were you feeling when this was going on?

BILL: I felt pain, I felt quite a bit of the pain, but again, on the way back the Lord explained that he withheld a lot of the pain from me so that I wouldn’t have to experience the full brunt of it, but enough of it to let people know there is literal pain felt in hell, you will feel pain in the heat, and the torments are tremendous in hell.

SID: Now could you hear anything going on? Bill” I heard screams of millions of people that were coming from outside the cell, and I knew there were people in other spots, in other prison cells, in pits of fire, a large area of fire that I will get to that I saw, but the screams were deafening, overwhelming screams, it was terrible to even endure that but you couldn’t escape it, it was just so loud and piercing, so that was one of the things.

SID: It’s got to be almost like, say a Vietnam veteran, that remembers those things, it is something that you could never forget.

BILL: Right

SID: Those screams.

BILL: You’ll never forget them, I know I won’t, but I managed to move, I noticed I had no strength in my body at all, you have no strength in hell, so I managed to somehow crawl, that is as much energy as I could get to make a move, and apparently they let me, I crawled out of the cell and in one direction it is completely pitch black, a darkness that is beyond any darkness that you feel here on earth and it was a darkness that you could feel, like it talks about in Exodus 10:21, but I looked the other direction and there were flames of fire leaping high in the sky, it was off in the distance, I knew it was about 10 miles away, this huge, raging pit of fire, and it lit up the skyline just enough to see the desolate, barren wasteland, nothing green, no life of any kind, just all barren and desolate, so at that point I was drug back in the cell by the demons, and more torments, but after that I was picked up and taken out of that cell just over near the pit of fire, and it was enormous, about a mile across, raging flames, and I could see outlines of people in this fire, screaming, they were being burned in the fire, and torment, I didn’t want to go in there, it was already hot enough, but I knew I just didn’t want to go in the flames, that’s a terrible thing to have to suffer, and these people were burning, and there were demons all around this cell, pushing the people back in as they tried to claw their way out, they really couldn’t get out anyway, but the demons were just there shoving them back in, I felt so awful for the people, but also for myself, and I looked around and I could see all these demonic creatures all around me lined around the cavern of these walls, they were all different sizes and shapes, there were some huge, some small, there were spiders, there were maggots, worms, big snakes, everything disgusting that you would not want to be around, and they are all there with a hatred for you, you felt this hatred emanating from them.

SID: Did you have any feeling like you could get out of that place eventually, do your penitence and go?

BILL: No, no, you have knowledge, you understand eternity there, I could understand I was there, I would never, ever get out, ever. And the pains that you suffer are really awful there, but the worst thing really is the separation from God and the hopelessness that you will never get out. And that’s why the Lord wanted me to experience that I didn’t know him, to call on him, because he wanted me to experience what they feel, hopelessly lost, that you will never get out, and one of the most tormenting thought for me was, I thought about my wife, we are very close, and I told her if anything ever happens in the world, some tragedy, that I would find a way to get to her, and I couldn’t get to her, I would never get out, I would never see her again.

SID: Did you hear that, I mean that is so horrible, I mean, but it gets worse, and he has a message from God for you

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