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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Tommy Welchel, and I am having so much fun, listen how would you have liked to have been alive a hundred years ago when what was called the Azusa Street Revival broke out? More major creative miracles, I mean teeth materializing, body parts materializing, and I have this book called, “They Told Me Their Stories,” because you see Tommy was a young man and he met some of the people that were in the Azusa Street Revival and they told him their stories and as he reads or even tells these stories outrageous things happen. You were in Yukon, Oklahoma and you started telling the stories in this book and what happened?

TOMMY: Well soon after I told the stores Brother David Rhodes, he and his wife Sharon, a few weeks after I was there, a spot in the middle of the platform, a smoky fiery kind of substance started coming up and he checked to make sure that it wasn’t the young people setting the steamer off, or if it wasn’t a broken air conditioner and it wasn’t and he turned around and said, “How many of you see this stuff?” And they all raised their hands. And he said it began to grow it even grew on over to where the young people were, it filled the whole church,

SID: What was the stuff?

TOMMY: It was the shekinah glory, it was a smoky looking kind of, one woman said kind of an orangey color, and it went on over to the young people and they all fell out in the spirit and hysterical laughter, they just couldn’t stop laughing and four brand new converts came up to Brother David and said Brother David it dawned on them and they had only the baptism a few weeks, they figured out what this stuff is and he kind of laughed and said, “What is this?” They said, “It’s God’s laughing gas.”

SID: Now when you spoke the Shekinah glory of God came in that church in Yukon?


SID: But this is normal, this is the atmosphere of heaven, this is what should always happen. Tell me about the person that had the four fingers restored.

TOMMY: Oh yes, that was the Langford’s, you would have fallen in love with Sister Langford, you would have tolerated, he was very blunt spoken. But he got the evidence done. They had this man come in and on the job his fingers had been cut off, okay, and so Brother Langford grabbed his hand and of course he told the man, “God is going to heal you,” he says, “Lets let it grow back.” And the man says what? And he says God will grow them back. So with the mans permission he got his arm and stuck it up in the air and started praying and Sister Langford was
helping him hold that arm up and the fingers started growing out and before they got fully grown out Sister Langford, she hit the ground, she passed out from seeing suck a miracle and Brother Langford started going around the church, the mission, screaming look at this, hey his fingers wasn’t there and God grew them back, look at this, look at this, and he is screaming this and of course they had a big shouting service.

SID: Tell me about that woman that had difficulty walking to a meeting that was dying.

TOMMY: Yes, that was Sister Laura Lincroft; the lady was about oh fifty, fifty-five years old, and so she came to the meeting, she had lung cancer, she weighed about sixty-five pounds, she was about five foot, six.

SID: She had difficulty I understand even getting to the meeting?

TOMMY: She had this staff she had, she would stick it in front of her and then scoot up, little bitty baby steps up to the staff, stick the staff out in front of her, she had two miles and it took her three hours to get there.

SID: Do you know what I have found, when people sacrifice to come to a meeting where there are miracles, they usually get their miracle.

TOMMY: Absolutely.

SID: There is something that I think God honors their hunger.

TOMMY: Absolutely, I believe the same thing, because that woman, she had met Laura Lincroft, and she looked at her and says this is the woman I want to pray for me. So Sister Laura prayed for her and the pain left her but during the three more hours that she was there the woman gained forty pounds.

SID: Instantly? In three hours?

TOMMY: In three hours she gained forty pounds.

SID: Now I don’t want you to pray that for me.

TOMMY: Pray some of that off of me. But she went back to her doctor the next day, now she knew exactly how much she weighed, she weighed before she started down there and she weighed when she got back home and her doctor didn’t know her, her doctor’s name was Thomas Wyatt, which later on founded the ministry called Wings of Healing. Okay he, they were making her fill out a new clients form, they didn’t recognize her, and wouldn’t believe her.

SID: Was she totally healed?

TOMMY: Yes, completely, they checked her out and says your insides are like new, inside and out, your lungs are like brand new lungs, and he says that’s impossible. She says I know but through my God nothing is impossible. And his only remark was you’re going down to that old warehouse aren’t you? And she was and enough of his people started coming to him totally healed that he went down there and he became a Christian and within months he gave up the medical practice.

SID: And he started a ministry.

TOMMY: Called Wings of Healing, he had miracles galore, all over the world.

SID: Did you hear that? A medical doctor had miracles galore all over the world. Don’t go away; wait until you hear what happens next.

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