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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Tommy Welchel, and Tommy, during the commercial break you were telling me some outrageous things, you have seen people that were born with harelips where their lips were split and they have pretty good plastic surgery today, but back the time of Azusa Street Revival they didn’t have pretty good plastic surgery, tell me about people that had harelips.

TOMMY: Well Brother Langford, his main thing he liked to pray for if he seen anybody come in there with the harelip and some of those were growths that, not only would there be a harelip here but some of the gum would be gone, and where the gum was gone there were no teeth there.

SID: I have seen that.

TOMMY: Or teeth were real crooked, when he prayed for them, not only would the lip come back, the gum would come back and teeth would straighten out or teeth would come in there. And I asked Sister Langford about how many of these do you think he prayed for, she says oh not that many, many a hundred a year.

SID: A hundred a year? Now as this instant or gradual?

TOMMY: Instant, no, no these were instant, right now, creative miracles, now. And Brother Langford was quite a man of faith, and I love the stories of teeth with Sister Lucille.

SID: Tell me about that?

TOMMY: She was four foot ten, and just as feisty, like a little bandy hen, she would pray for these teeth, she loved to pray for people with teeth, I cannot tell you all the things she would tell me about the teeth, some of them were pretty bad, but she said she would pray for them and they had a bad…

SID: Well that was before dentists, before people went to dentists on such a regular basis.

TOMMY: Yeah, right, and she would pray for them and they would be filled, and not, they weren’t filled with gold or anything, they were filled with enamel, and then I said well would some of them pray. And she loved; I said well what if there wasn’t a tooth there? And she said well I loved to put my finger on the gum and pray for them and have the new tooth push my finger up. That was a game for her; she enjoyed that.

SID: How would you like to play that game, I would like to play that game.


SID: What about the wheelchair people?

TOMMY: Well now that was mainly Sister Carney, she loved wheelchairs, now a lot of them did this too, but she was kind of the ringleader of them. And Sister Carney would get these people, and she had a rule, you would put the flap up first.

SID: Yeah, the flap is so the foot has a place to stay.


SID: But is the flap is there it would be difficult to walk out of the chair.

TOMMY: To get up? She thought it was a lack of faith if you didn’t put that flap up, so she would put them up, and she prayed for one man that I love, I got to meet the man, his name was Brother Aubrey, she prayed for Brother Aubrey, he had these huge braces on, and she prayed for him and she said, “Get up and walk.” And he said, “I can’t, these braces are too heavy.” So she had the people with him to take off those braces, “Now get up and walk.” This was about 1908, or 09, he got up and walked, and he was healed. And he founded a sky pilot program. A pretty good-sized church there in Los Angeles.

SID: Now did a lot of people get out of wheelchairs?

TOMMY: Oh many, many got up out of wheelchairs, not only when Seymour, you have got to remember Seymour was only one man, he only preached three times a day.

SID: Only three times a day, seven days a week.

TOMMY: Yeah, seven days a week.

SID: And you are feeling sorry for yourself Mr. Pastor. Listen to that, that is normal but go ahead.

TOMMY: Now of course at this time he would have mass healings, Seymour would, he would say, “Everybody here on cots, tonight everybody that’s here on a cot is going to get healed.” The he would say, “I command you in the Name of Jesus to be healed in Jesus Name.” And all on cots got up. And walked away. If he said wheelchairs…

SID: and it is going to be greater a hundred years from 1906.

TOMMY: Yes, 06, it is going to be greater than that of Azusa, and see Parham made identical prophecy but over on the east coast.

SID: Now tell me about the person who was missing a nose.

TOMMY: Oh the one that had the cancer nose?

SID: yes.

TOMMY: That’s a really good one; you could see it was…

SID: that’s not good to have cancer in the nose.

TOMMY: Well it is for what happened.

SID: Okay.

TOMMY: It is a good story. She had this mask, she wore a mask because it was you know, it didn’t look good, and it didn’t smell good either. But they took the mask off and prayed for her and that wasn’t right now, within about maybe twenty seconds it took that to grow back. And it was a brand new nose.

SID: My goodness, could you picture that happening?

TOMMY: Yes, I would get excited with them telling me this by three or four years, I am looking at that person telling me and I am telling them now, let’s go to this because I knew what was coming next.

SID: Tell me one of the more unusual miracles you remember.

TOMMY: Well I, this lady had a hooknose and Sister Mangram said that it was a witch’s nose,
like you see in cartoons.

SID: I can picture that.

TOMMY: Okay, and it had been broken and so she felt sorry for her and prayed for her, and the nose it wasn’t instant, it took maybe thirty or forty minutes, it was healed And she said your nose looks a lot better, and she said but I don’t like it because it has got a point on the end, and she said well lets pray for that. So again she walks around for about thirty, forty minutes, and she comes back and she said, Brother Tommy, that woman had the most beautiful nose I ever saw.

SID: All this instantly?

TOMMY: Well sometimes it took twenty or thirty minutes, or forty, but most of it was right now! The growth or whatever, when William Seymour prayed for that leg, the man had been totally paralyzed in a train accident, working at the train yards. Union Station wasn’t but six blocks from there, and the doctors wanted to amputate, it really was bad. But Seymour, so they did, they had to cut it off, and it was gone, and he came up and Seymour says, “Would you like to be healed of that?” He says yes. And he said would somebody come up and take these pins down and get this mans wooden leg off.

SID: Now that is faith.

TOMMY: He says, “Now how is God going to grow you a new leg?” The man says, “God, God, God, God will grow it.” He says right now. Seymour was a man of faith. And I mean supernatural faith. He didn’t doubt God at all. And so he prayed for this man and this Shekinah glory would be so thick when he would do these things Seymour would be coming through it and he would take his foot and kind of push it aside for a little bit and it would come right back.

SID: You are telling me that that leg that was amputated came back?

TOMMY: He prayed for it and it grew out. Sean says he lost it, when he came to he was at the back of the church, he didn’t know how he got there, but he went berserk.

SID: Well listen, you would go berserk if that happened to you too but the glory invaded the studio and Tommy and I agree in Yeshua’s Name, that’s in Jesus Name that that glory invades your home right now, and I, you know there are people that are so worried, it is time for supernatural peace to invade your body and supernatural peace has a name, his name is Jesus. And if you believe that Jesus died in your place on the cross, and you tell him you are sorry for all of the mistakes that you have made, he is just and faithful to forgive you of all unrighteousness. And his blood washes away every rotten thing you have ever done. This isn’t religion, this is life, this is purpose, this is the real life, you have tried the worldly life, now try the life in God’s atmosphere, say with your mouth, “Jesus I make you my Lord, come live inside of me, fill me with your Spirit.” And someone’s ears are being opened right now, in Jesus Name, and someone is going to hear God, not someone, this is normal, you are going to hear God, there is a presence for you to hear God better than you have ever heard him before. And someone’s back has just been healed and someone’s neck has just been healed. You know in the glory all things are possible.

TOMMY: All things, I see in the spirit a young girl, she is deaf, and God has called her to preach.

SID: Young girl, ears open in Jesus Name.


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