SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Ana Mendez Ferrell, instantly was given a foreign language which she could not speak before. And she spoke it fluently and was a translator, but it happened as she walked up to translate,she instantly knew this language. She knew English, this has happened with German, with French, with Portuguese. I want to find out more about her, because I can tell you, I struggled in high school when I studied a foreign language. I knew a few words. I can speak a couple of words, that’s all I can remember. But to be a translator, oy vey! Anna, I want to take you back. At age 18, you had an unexpected guest. What happened?

ANA: I was in my room when suddenly Yeshua, the Messiah, appeared before my eyes. And I saw His love and I was impacted with the goodness, the love, the glory of the Lord was all over my room. I fell on my face and was weeping and crying. And He said to me “You are going to be My servant, and you will know Me in due time.” And then He disappeared.

SID: So what did you do with this thing? Here you are in Mexico, I assume you’re catholic. What’d you do?

ANA: Instantly when you have seen the Lord, you fall in love with Him. And every person who has seen such a vision, you have to fall in love with Him. So I started to pursue and try to find this experience again, and I went to very different churches every single day, trying to find Yeshua again. And I couldn’t find it inside of the catholic church, at least He was not there for me. So I started to seek in other places. I became a new age follower, I became a yogi, I was doing meditation, seeking a Christ…

SID: You knew He was real, you knew of His love, and so you’re passionate, but no one was showing you how.

ANA: I didn’t know, I had never heard about a Christian church, no one had ever spoke to me about Jesus, except for what I heard in the catholic church when I was a kid. So I knew there was a reality, there was Jesus, Yeshua, which is a real name, who was real, who was there for me, and was not just a religion, there was a reality that I needed to pursue. So I was everywhere looking for this reality, in the Eastern religions with all the meditation, they all seek for this peace and these avatars.

SID: But you knew better. You knew the real thing. So when you’re looking at the counterfeit, you knew they were counterfeit.

ANA: Yeah, it was void, it was void. They had like tiny little pieces of the truth, but they don’t have the whole truth, and that makes the whole difference, because Yeshua is the truth. The entire truth is not just a tiny piece here that does not satisfy the heart. So after two years being there, and I’m a person that goes deep. When I want to do something, a research or something, I go deep into things. I’m not a light person.

SID: But you heard about a “holy” man, and you went to his home. Tell me about that.

ANA: Yeah, when I totally lost hope to find Him again, someone came to me and said you need an enlightened one. And I said where do I find an enlightened one? And this person said I happen to know one, and she took me to this man, which was a warlock. A major guy in the occult, very seductive in the way he talked. I mean he was very intellectual, he kind of knew the mysteries of the universe, so his conversation was very attractive. So I felt it was the real thing, and he said to me in order to know Jesus, or to enter the kingdom of God, I needed to die in order to be born again. And I said what is that?

SID: He actually used the term born again?

ANA: Absolutely, and he opened the Bible and read John 3, when the Messiah is talking to Nicodemus and He’s speaking about that it’s necessary to be born again in order to see and to enter into the kingdom of God. So when the Bible opened, inside of me I knew it was the truth. Even though I didn’t know how to read it, I was never drawn to it, there’s something about the Bible that tells you it’s a sacred book. Something is real there even though you don’t understand it. So I said yeah, I want to be born again, what do I need to do? And he said we need to give you into the hands of the spirit of death.

SID: Spirit of death?

ANA: Spirit of death. And this is the tricky thing of the enemy, he will use part of the truth, and then he will twist that truth in order to hook your soul. This is why being in all these ways of the occult, divination, new age, it seems so attractive. It seems so seductive, because there’s a wisdom that you and I don’t have, but behind it there’s a hook to grab your soul and take you to the pits of hell. Because entering those paths is not just curiosity.

SID: So you invited a spirit of death inside of you, which resulted in you going into a mental institution.

ANA: Actually there was a whole ceremony for me to be born again and die to this world’s system, and after that ceremony I was totally demon possessed. Because when you play with the occult, and when you play with these things, there are cultic forces that are after you.

SID: Would you have stayed in that mental institution your whole life if something didn’t happen to you?

ANA: Oh yes, because I had totally lost my mind. I could not talk one sentence properly. I would be talking to you, and suddenly my mind would slip up and I’d start seeing spiders and snakes and all kinds of things, and I would switch to another thing. You could not have a conversation with me.

SID: You won’t believe what happened in the mental institution, to her and many of the other patients.

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