FRANCIS: Yes, well I believe anything that is incurable is a spirit, and I just started laying hands on people and cursing the seed and the root, cancer has a root, every living thing has a root, so you’ve got to kill the root and somewhere earlier in our ministry I learned to curse the seed and the root and command them to die in the Name of Jesus and I began seeing people healed and if you see something one time and they are healed, then you just go back and do it the second time.

SID: Now how often has this occurred, people being healed of cancer in your ministry?

FRANCIS: Well I would say there are very few services that we have not had somebody healed of cancer.

SID: Well, guess what, I believe we are going to have people healed of cancer, if you have cancer, or you know someone that has cancer, cancer you have been found out, we know your cause, we know how to get rid of you and it’s in the Name of Jesus. I’m going to be back in just a moment and you are going to find out that cancer must bow to Jesus.


SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Francis Hunter, Francis has spent a lifetime understanding healing, and she says if God can use her and her husband, she’s 90, God can use anyone, now Francis, I feel as though an angel has walked on the set, I feel as though a healing angel has walked upon this set, has anyone ever told you that that might happen when you speak?

FRANCIS: Nobody ever told me that before, except many years ago, before I got the baptism of the Holy Spirit, a man walked up to me in a service and he said God has given you a healing ministry, why don’t you use it. And I had no idea what he was talking about at that particular time, I had just been saved.

SID: Tell me someone that was healed of cancer.

FRANCIS: Well, I have several that I would like to tell you about real fast, what happens to be a very good friend of ours, Betty Tapscott, she called me one day and she was very distressed, because they had discovered cancer in both of her breasts, she was being operated on the next Wednesday, and I said Betty don’t you dare go and have a double mastectomy until you come out here and let us pray for you.

SID: Why did you say that?

FRANCIS: Because I didn’t believe God wanted her to have a double mastectomy, I know that God heals cancer, so Betty came out to the auditorium, now you cannot tell when cancer is healed you just have to take it by faith, but I believe when I lay hands on somebody they are healed, or when I speak it over television, they are healed. And so she came out, and we laid hands on her and of course we couldn’t see anything so she went to the hospital the next week, they got her on the operating table, and they began to poke themselves and they said, Mrs. Tapscott, we’ve got a problem, and so they said we’ve got to get the doctors, so they went and got the doctor real fast, and the doctor came and he said Mrs. Tapscott, we’ve got a problem, and of course she thought, oh, they’ve discovered cancer in my whole body, you know, from the top to the bottom, that’s what you would naturally think, and the doctor said Mrs. Tapscott, we have a problem, we cannot find any cancer in your body, what kind of a problem is that? Isn’t it a wonderful problem?

SID: You know if that was the only time it ever happened it would be wonderful, one more, give me one more quick example.

FRANCIS: Okay, can I give you one that we may not, we had a part in spiritual warfare and in the praying.

SID: Okay.

FRANCIS: but a lady, the wife of an evangelist was given a death sentence from MD Anderson, probably the most famous cancer hospital in the world, they told her that she was going to die because she had been to a meeting of ours, we had laid hands on her, but the cancer was back, it was raging, it said, and the doctors said they were out of options, totally and completely, the top melanoma specialist at MD Anderson hospital said there is no hope, there is nothing else we can do, and her husband said, yes, there is, so he sent emails out to everybody they knew, asking us to really double up on our prayers for her and when she went to the doctor this is from July, when she went to the doctor the nurses were all smiling and said the IGA level are normal, and the doctor entry, remember he is the premiere melanoma specialist, and he said we don’t know what’s going on, and so then the evangelist said to him, do you remember what you said the last time we were in here, and he said, you said if her levels ever went down it was a miracle. He said, then he said, remember in your own words you said it’s a miracle, he shook his head, the doctor said I don’t know what’s going on, hallelujah!

SID: Now that is hard for doctors to say, but it was a miracle, but I’m telling you that every time you open your mouth the presence, the healing presence, the deliverance of God gets stronger and stronger, will you pray for people right now? If you have cancer, or even stand in proxy for someone, I tell you this is God’s moment for you, right now Francis,

FRANCIS: I want you to put your hand on that part of your body where you have cancer, if it’s in the brain, oh, one of my biggest healings was a brain cancer of a man that was given two weeks to live thirty-five years ago, thirty-five years ago, he’s till alive and well, we had dinner with him not too long ago, but put your hand where the cancer is, if it’s your brain, if it’s your eye, it’s a breast, wherever it is, put your hand there and believe with me right now, believe with me right now that the power of God is going to go right through this camera right into that cancer and burn it up today. Devil I bind you right now by the Spirit of the Living God in Jesus Name, you foul, stinking spirit of cancer I command you to come out right now in the Name of Jesus. I course the seed and I curse the root of every cancer cell in your body and I command them to die right now in the Name of Jesus, I speak a new system into you as well and I speak a new blood system in you, a blood system that will not accept another cancer cell and ten I command all the electrical and chemical frequencies in every cell in your body to be harmony in balance and not just the bad cells, be healed right now in Jesus Name.

SID: Okay, you tell someone, somewhere, you won’t be able to keep quiet, but I tell you there is such a presence, it’s almost like a laser beam, a laser is going right through this television set right now, when we come back we will talk about 50 people simultaneously being healed from wheel chairs, getting up and walking, don’t go away, right back after this word.

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