Sid: Sid Roth here with Joshua Mills, Joshua was, you might call, minding his own business and got hit with the power of God to the point he was catapulted out of his seat, he laughed for three hours and then God spoke to him, and what did God tell you about worship?

Joshua: He just began imparting such a desire in me to praise and worship Him and I began to realize that it was praise and worship
that would cause me to enter into the glory.

Sid: And what is the glory?

Joshua: The glory of God is His presence, His nature, His character; the fullness of who He is; He is glory.

Sid: It is like Moses wanted to be in God’s presence,
he wanted to see His face, can we mere mortals
be in His presence all the time?

Joshua: God has given us the ability to come into His
presence, into His glory, through our praise and our
worship; He has given us the ability to go there.

Sid: Now when, for instance, we are featuring this throne Room Encounters, I am so fascinated by this, you were at this congregation and you weren’t doing a record or anything, a recording session, you saw something and you spoke out what you saw, what did you see?

Joshua: I began just sensing such a sense of God’s glory I began to see the angels of God come into the meeting, I began just to see different aspects of His Spirit, it was just a supernatural thing that began to happen in that meeting.

Sid: What happened to the people?

Joshua: People, there were many that began getting healed in their bodies, there were several that were filled with the Holy Ghost that night, and others just it was like they just couldn’t stay in their seats anymore, they got down on the floor and as they just laid before God on the floor, they were carried up into third heaven encounters,
caught away into the Throne Room.

Sid: Now just out of curiosity, I understand, that happened here because I can sense the presence of God just as we are talking right now, however when people just listen to this CD are you getting reports of having third heaven experiences where they are caught up into the heavenlies?

Joshua: We are getting so many reports and testimonies from people, they will even be driving down the road and just feel themselves lifting up out of their body, they have to pull over to the side of the road just to take a break just to enjoy the glories of heaven.

Sid: I think you know, Joshua is a sign and a wonder when he plays the piano, and when he sings but then signs and wonders occur because he ushers us into the glory, but this is outrageous, people actually instantly lose weight, when they move into the glory?

Joshua: Yes we have seen a lot…

Sid: Oh, come on, now Josh don’t josh me.

Joshua: I know it sounds crazy Sid, but people are literally losing weight instantly in the meetings as they come.

Sid: How much?

Joshua: Well the first time I ever saw this it was the most dramatic experience I ever had with the supernatural weight loss, a lady lost
one hundred pounds of weight on her body, she had a…

Sid: How could she be wearing the same clothes if she lost a hundred pounds?

Joshua: Well by the end of the meeting her clothes were absolutely drenched, soaked, and I mean she smelt so bad they sent her to the back room wrapped her in a towel, send her home in a taxi, and she couldn’t wear the same clothes, we have had people in our conferences
the next day bring us garbage bags full of their clothes, saying do you know somebody that can wear these clothes because they don’t fit on us anymore.

Sid: What did you think the first time you saw that?

Joshua: I was absolutely blessed by it because she had come for prayer, she was asking God for, you know, her body to be healed of this water retention, and we prayed for her and you know we didn’t see anything happen right away but as she just continued to rest,
just sit in that glory, that’s when it happened. So the thing I have learned about the glory is that we just need to let God’s glory come and then just stand in the glory, rest in the glory, knowing that He is doing the work.

Sid: What is the best way that someone that has never experienced the manifest presence of God, what is the best way to start?

Joshua: The best way to start is with your praise, the Bible says that we enter into his court with praise, we come in with praise and then we move a little bit further into worship, and we let that worship carry us into His glory.

Sid: So if someone were to take this CD, would that be a good start.

Joshua: It would be a great start.

Sid: Okay, you thought that weight loss was outrageous, wait till you find out about people that have dental work done of all kinds even whitening of their teeth,I mean this sure beats any dentist I know of Joshua.

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